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The Fashion Elite's Guide To Chic Dressing For Spring

Spring is probably one of our favourite seasons, just as it is for most people around the world. This
in-between phase of warmer days and breezy winds is just the perfect kind of weather that we all
love basking in.

So, the question for the season is: How do the so called fashion elite always look so effortlessly
chic? They may seem fashionably superhuman, but honestly, these women are just well-prepared.
And, we're going to help you get ready too. Take cue ladies, there's a new chic and stylish way to
be the ultimate fashionista.

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Tops For Spring

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New Look, 19.99


Discover chic style all over again as you enter into the world of layering. This spring, opt for
lightweight layers, like this lace top which you can throw on over a bralette, or a white shirt.

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Sir The Label, 77


What sets fashionistas apart from trend followers is their eye for detail. Chic clothes are often
simple with additions of eye-catching details that give a rather minimal garment, maximum allure.

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J.O.A, 56


Chic clothes often fall onto the wearer in a non-conforming fit, and this is where structure comes in.
Interesting cuts and silhouettes that are breathable and fluid make a garment chic.

Dresses For Spring

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SEA, 530

All-White Dresses:

Effortlessly chic is a style that is elegant yet trendy. Whites have become the primary colour in any
chic dresser's wardrobe palette (along with black and grey, of course). However, since it's spring
time, white should be the base colour this season.

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TIBI, 279


It's important to dress right for the weather and occasion. Since spring is around the corner, invest
in lightweight, breathable materials such as cotton and linen.

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SEA, 545


It's the colour and the material that fashionable women love for spring. This particular midi is
statement-worthy with its cold shoulders and neck detailing.

Bottoms For Spring

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Parker, 200


The addition of subtle prints like stripes can take a chic outfit a notch higher. Also, you can't be
more Parisian!

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L.K Bennett, 220


Even if youre not a fan of wearing an array of bright colors, including a hint of color into your outfit
can definitely bring your whole look together, turning a simply cute outfit into something eye-
grabbing and covetable.

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New Look, 27.99


Fashionable women know the importance of basics. For them, it's imperative to own more basics
than over-the-top trendy pieces that will just lay in their closets. They believe in clever mixing of
trendy pieces with basics.

Accessories For Spring

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Furla, 210

Mini Bag:

Less is more, always, and this can't be truer for handbags. Gone are the days of larger than life
totes and satchels; it's time to introduce statement mini bags into your wardrobe.

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Jigsaw, 24


If you can pull off a fedora, you're already half way there to chic-dom. It's cool (literally and
figuratively) and will complete your spring outfit.

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New Look, 19.99


A chic dresser is a smart dresser and what better way to be comfortable than flats. A cute pair like
these ones will up your fashion game and make sure your feet aren't sore.

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New Look Hats

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