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Table 1: School Profile

Name of school: New World American Location: UAE Sharjah

Principal: Ms. Najwa

Tel: 06-5527443 Fax: 06-5527445

Address: Algarayen, Sharjah PO Box: 45683

Teachers Starting Time: 7:15 Finishing Time: 3:00

Students Starting Time: 7:30 Finishing Time: 1:30

Total Number of Classroom Teachers in the school Department: (Kg1 & Kg2) (KG1 3) ( KG2 4) total

Total Number of Children in the Preschool Section: 161

Teacher / student ratio: 7/161

Number of Classrooms:

Facilities available to student teachers:

Computer room
Play ground
Swimming pool

for this Practicum: KG1

Mentoring Classroom Teacher: Ms. Rawan

Classroom Teaching Assistant: Ms. Evana

Number of children in this class: 23

Number of children identified as having SEN in this class: 2 students ( Ebrahim, Hasan ) Autism

Additional information: e.g. English, Arabic, Islamic Studies teachers

Ms. Rawan teach English, math and science

Ms. Doaa teach Arabic and Islamic

School Nurse: Ms. Sherin Abdelghafar School TP Coordinator: Jasmine

Librarian: Ms. Marwa

Resource Room Manager: Mister Depu and Rose

Table 2: Map of indoor learning
Table 3: Reframing Classroom Rules

Discuss classroom rules with your MST. Identify any other rules which need to be
made explicit. Frame all rules using positive language. Identify how these rules are
being reinforced during the school day and note opportunities to teach these rules
Construct your own means of recording this. E.g. Table 3 below.

Table 3: Example Reframing Classroom Reframing Rules Record Sheet

Classroom rules Reframe using Opportuinities to teach these
positive language rules
(both observed and ideas of your own)
1. Dont leave your Try to keep your place Role, playing the ruleas.
place dirty. clean and nice.
The teacher ask the student to
demonstrate the behaviour.

2. Dont talk when Listen carfully to your Every week the teacher will choose how
the teacher is teacher. follow ther rule to give his/her a gift or to be
talking. a star of the week.

3. Dont hit you Be kind to your fried and Picture signs on display.
friends. play together. The teacher give the student a smiley face
if they be kind with their friend and a sad
face if the hit them.

4. Dont forget your Try to bring all school Before the student going home, the teacher
school supplies. supplies daily. remind the student to bring their supplies
everday and dont forget it.

Discuss visual means of representing these rules with your MST to be developed
and introduced to the children over the next three weeks for example.