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Jeanette Silvia IMB SS Lesson Plan

Student Teaching edTPA Lesson Plan

Subject: Needs and Wants Central Focus: Students will be able to determine the difference
between a need and a want.
Essential Standard/Common Core Objective:
K.E.1.1 Explain how families have needs and wants. Date submitted: 5/2/17 Date taught: 3/22/17

Daily Lesson Objective: Students will be able to determine whether an item is a need or a want by getting 4/5 points.
21st Century Skills:

Creativity and Innovation: Students need to find a Academic Language Demand (Language Function and
way to buy all of the items that they want with only Vocabulary):
5 dollars. Budget, job, price, money, spend, limit, costs

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving: Students

need to manage their $5 budget and determine
whether the items they buy are a need or a want.

Prior Knowledge: Students need to have some understanding of what money is and what it is used for and know what a
need or a want is.

Activity Description of Activities and Setting Time

Okay class we are going to continue with learning about needs and wants 5 mins
that you learned about yesterday with Ms. Pagano. Can someone remind me
what they remember? Ask the class if they remember what a need and a want
1. Focus and Review are from the previous day. If some students do not remember remind them that
a need is something that they cannot live without and that a want is something
that they are able to live without and would just like.

Today I am going to teach you about using money to decide what to buy. 1 min
2. Statement of Objective This relates to needs and wants because you need to decide what you feel is
for Student important enough to buy. We will learn the budget vocabulary and then do a
budget activity. You will then determine whether you bought needs or wants.
Teach the class key words that will help with the spending activity later on in 10 mins
the lesson. These words include budget, spending, limit, price, money, and
job. Okay class I am going to teach you some words that go along with
wanting and needing things. These words have to do with money and how you
use it. Money is something that you earn. Many people earn money from a
working at a job. Do you know some job that your parents or others do?
Another word we will need to know is spending. Spending means to use
3. Teacher Input
money. A word that goes along with spending is a budget. A budget is how
much money you are able to spend. Price is another word that is important to
money. Price is how much something costs, or how much money something
is. Another word is limit. Limit is how much of something that you able to
use. Does anyone have any questions about these words? Does anyone know
any other words that have to do with money?

4. Guided Practice After the student are familiar with the budget words there are able to start the 10-15
activity. They will all be given $5 to spend on anything they want from the list mins
that I give them. After the $5 dollars is gone they are not longer able to buy
anything. Okay class now we are going to do a activity with spending. I am
going to give each of you $5 (not real) to spend on anything that you want on
the list that I was also give you. Keep in mind some of the items are needs and
some of them are wants. Knowing this you can still spend your money on
anything that you would like. After you use all of your $5 you cannot buy
anything else.

Students will be asked to cut out which items they chose to buy with their 10 mins
$5 from the given list. They then need to categorize which of their items are
5. Independent Practice
needs and which of their items are wants and which ones are needs by gluing
them in the categories on a t-chart that will be provided for the students.
Formative: Teacher will check for understanding by observations during the lesson.

6. Assessment Methods of Summative: The worksheet in independent practice will be collected for assessment.
all objectives/skills: The worksheet will be worth 5 points. (Full credit for sorting the items in the correct
columns, 3 points for having one for two items in the wrong column, and 1 point for having
more than 2 items in the wrong column).
After the students complete the worksheets the class will review the lesson 5 mins
going over needs and wants. If students still have questions needs and wants
will be reviewed and if they want to share what they buy and why they can if
7. Closure
time permits.

13 out of 15 students met mastery of the lesson.

8. Assessment Results of
all objectives/skills:
Targeted Students Modifications/Accommodations Student/Small Group Modifications/Accommodations

Students who require reading accommodations will be Students that struggle will the budget activity will be able to
provided with technology to see the handouts and be decide their budget in a small group instead of independently.
able to sort them on an iPad instead of on paper.
Students that are more advanced will be able to increase their
Students who struggle with fine motor skills will have budget, or only be able to buy one want.
precut budget worksheets.

White board
Doc cam/projector
Dollar bills for each student
Items list for each student
Need and wants t-chart for each student
Reflection on lesson:

On weebly

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