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3. Connect items in column A and B in order to build correct statements. Two of them do not apply.

a. Technology is a great lvay to stay entertainedri

b. Technology such as iPods, smart phones and tablets

are useful -l


c. Although the computer can be a great tool, -


d. Technology is so addictive that 7


Activity B

Read the text and do the tasks that follow.


1. because they make our world run at a faster pace.

2. teenagers are neglecting school to spend more time with

their iPods, mobile phones and laptops.

3. while teens are doing their schoolwork.

4. but it is disconnecting teenagers from their familíes.

5. as it affects family relationships,

6. students generally don't use it for educational purposes.

(8 p.)

"We didn't have all that stuff back in my day!" This is my grandmother's usual refrain when she gets fed

up with texting, particularly the 300 texts lcommonly send and receive each day. She and I are allvays arguing

about talking versus texting on the phone. She made me realize that technology today is much more advanced

than it was two generations ago. Since technology has advanced over the years and generations, it has caused

which can be a good and a

teens to think a little bit differently. Some teens rely too heavily on technology -

bad thing.

The technology we have nowadays did not exist two (or even one) generations ago, For example, most teens use contputers for research, because they provide updated information and are more interactive, rather

than reading a book, because books are kind of old and outdated. Ultimately, having the Internet as a resource is a good thing, because you will receive new information more quickly and you will still be reading at the same time.

The way we communicate has changed as well. Generations before us didn't have the technology to text; they had landline phones or they talked in person. Many teens wíth cell phones today choose to text instead

of talk. This can be good and bad. We stay constantly connected; however, while texting, a person may

misunderstand your tone. For example, you may text something and mean it in a nice, funny or ironic way, but

the person may think you mean it in another way. This ultimately could lead to misunderstandings that,

through talking, could be avoided.

Lastly, the way we learn things in school has changed. Advanced graphing calculators have led us teens

to use them to solve simple mathematical equations, rather than to work it out the traditional way, with a

pencil and paper. Like texting, these graphing calculators are helpful because they quickly provide the correct

answer. However, many teens rely on this way of problem solving and forget how to solve problems the

traditional way, which hurts at test time. We need to think about what happens to us if this new technology


Ultimately, our generation has benefited so much from advanced technology, to the point that it has altered the way teens think, obtain information, communicate and solve problems. While it can be fun and

pt'oductive, relying on technology too much is a big issue. If we rely on it too much, what do r,nre do when there is no more technology? lf technology dies out or malfunctions, we will onlV have our brains to depend on for information. If we haven't learned how to solve problems or communicate, we could be in trouble. Learning

those "old school" methods like pencil and paper, talking on the phone, and the significance of reading books,

you will always be ready in case technology



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