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Errata: Canonizing Kannon: The Ninth-Century Esoteric Buddhist Altar at Kanshinji

Source: The Art Bulletin, Vol. 84, No. 3 (Sep., 2002), pp. 549-550
Published by: College Art Association
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In "Canonizing Kannon: The Ninth-Cen-
KATZ, ARIELA, "The Maison du Peuple. Moder- Asian Art

tury Esoteric Buddhist Altar at Kan-nity and Working-Class Identity in French Archi-
QIAN, Z H IJIAN, "Modernism Re-Oriented in
tecture and Urbanism, 1914-1940" (IFA/NYU,
shinji" (March 2002), the Womb World a Chinese Context: Painting of Modernist Artists
J-L. Cohen)
mandala reproduced as Fig. 14, on page in Wartime Chongqing, 1937-1945" (IFA/NYU,
MARTEGANI, MICAELA, "Costantino Nivola's J. Hay)
42, is in the collection of Sylvan Barnet
Public Work: Art, Architecture, and Social Uto-
and William Burto. TSURUYA, MAYU, "Imagery of the Sacred War
pia" (IFA/NYU, R. Lubar, J-L. Cohen)
in Japan, 1937-1945" (Pittsburgh, T. Rimer)
MICHAEL, CORA, "Structuring Sensations:
Due to an editing error, the following
The Question of Form in the Works of Camille Art Criticism and Theory
2001 U.S. Dissertations in Progress Pissarro"
and (IFA/NYU, L. Nochlin)
Dissertations Completed were omitted PRICE, JUSTINE, "Critical Distinctions: Atti-
tudes Towards American Abstraction, 1936-
from the list published in the June 2002
Photography and Film
1952" (Texas, Austin, R. Shiff)
issue of The Art Bulletin.
MURPHY, SHEILA, "Lurking and Looking:
Media Technologies and Cultural Convergences
of Spectatorship, Surveillance, and Voyeurism"
Dissertations in Progress (UC Irvine, A. Friedberg)
Dissertations Completed

Egyptian, Ancient Near Eastern,

Early Christian, Byzantine, and Medieval Art Native American and Pre-Columbian Art
and Classical Art
CARTWRIGHT, SARAH,"Approaching Anti-
BERNATZ, M I C H E L E, "The Concept of Divin-
THOMAS, MICHAEL, "Constructing Dynastic
quity: The Collectio Antiquitatum of Giovanniity in Maya Art: Defining God L" (Texas, Austin,
Marcanova" (IFA/NYU, J. Alexander) Legitimacy: Imperial Building Programs in the
N. Grube, J. Kappelman)
Forum Romanum from Augustus to Diocletian"
ELLIOTT, GILLIAN, "Alsatian Sculpture in CARRASCO, MICHAEL, "Of How They Ap- (Texas, Austin, J. Clarke, P. Davies)
the Aftermath of the Investiture Controversy,peased the Hearts of Their Gods: Art, Ritual,
1130-1190" (Texas, Austin, J. Holladay) and Divinity in Two Classic Maya Polities" Early Christian, Byzantine, and Medieval Art
(Texas, Austin, N. Grube)
GOLD EN, JUDITH, "Patronage and the Saints ABEL-TURBY, MICKEY, "Rhetorical Transla-
in the Devotional Miscellany, British Library ms.
CA S H, C R I S T I N, "Teotihuacan Symbolism in tion, Exegetical Interpretation: The Archivolt as
Egerton 745" (Pittsburgh, A. Stones) Classic Maya Art" (Texas, Austin, N. Grube) a Statement of Philosophy" (Texas, Austin, J.
RUSSAKOFF, ANNA, "Imaging the Miracu- Holladay)
Pre-1945 North and South American Art
lous: Les Miracles de Notre Dame, Paris BnF n. acq.
RANSOM, CAROL LYNN, "Cultivating the Or-
fr. 24541" (IFA/NYU, J. Alexander) B I L L S, E M I LY, "Communications Systemschard:
and A Franciscan Program of Devotion and
the Shaping of Urban Form in the Twentieth Penance
Cen- in the Verger de soulas" (Texas, Austin, J.
Renaissance Art tury: The L.A. Example" (IFA/NYU, J-L. Cohen)
HUMPHREY, LYLE, "Manuscript Painting for
GALLIGAN, GREGORY, "Towards a New Re-
the Confraternities of Venice, Fourteenth 19th- and Early 20th-Century European Art
alism: The Reinterpretation of Cubism by Amer-
ican Abstract Painters, 1928-1942" (IFA/NYU,
through Early Sixteenth Centuries" (IFA/NYU, PISSARRO, JO A C H I M, "Individualism and In-
J. Alexander) R. Lubar)
tersubjectivity in Modernism: Two Case Studies
NERI, JANICE, "Fantastic Observations: Im- RITTER, JONATHAN, "Progressive Ideal:ofArtistic
A Interchanges-Camille Pissarro (1830-
ages of Insects in Early Modern Europe" (UCStudy of the Civic Center Movement in U.S. 1903) and Paul C6zanne (1839-1906); Robert
Irvine, G. Bauer) Cities, 1900-1920" (IFA/NYU, J-L. Cohen) Rauschenberg (1925- ) and Jasper Johns
(1930- )" (Texas, Austin, R. Shiff)

Baroque and 18th-Century European Art Post-1945 World Art

Photography and Film
CHVOSTAL, JOHN, "Reinterpreting the Re-
BERKOWITZ, ELLIE, "Innovation through
form: A Study of the Early Careers of Ludovico, L E V I N, P A T R I C I A, "About Turns: Minimalism
Appropriation or an Alternative to Separatism:
Agostino, and Annibale Carracci" (Pittsburgh,The Use of Commercial Imagery by Chicano to Excess in the Films of Yvonne Rainer" (UC
A. Harris) Artists, 1960-1990" (Texas, Austin, A. Mal- Irvine, L. Williams)

DUFFY-ZEBALLOS, LISA, "Murillo's Devo-

agamba, A. Reynolds)
Native American and Pre-Columbian Art
tional Paintings: Art and Religious Practice in
BLOKKER, JOHANNA, "Kirchen in Trummern:
Seventeenth-Century Seville" (IFA/NYU, J.War II and the Reconstruction of the
World VILLELA, KHRISTAAN, "Montezuma's Din-
Brown) ner: Pre-Columbian Art in Nineteenth-Cen-
Church in Cologne, 1945-1963" (IFA/NYU,J-L.
Cohen) tury Mexico, 1821-1876" (Texas, Austin, N.
MCGARRY, RACHEL, "1600-1615: The Artis-
tic Milieu of Rome and the Young Guido Reni"
KURCZYNSKI, KAREN, "Asger Jorn and the
(IFA/NYU, D. Posner) End of Expressionism, 1945-1963" (IFA/NYU,
Pre-1945 North and South American Art
R. Lubar)
19th- and Early 20th-Century European Art RELYEA, LANE, "Model Citizens and Perfect COGDELL, CHRISTINA, "Reconsidering the
Streamline Style: Evolutionary Thought,
Strangers: American Painting and Its Different
CHUNG, YEON SHIM, "Paul Gauguin's Ce-
Modes of Address, 1958-1965" (Texas, Eugenics, and U.S. Industrial Design, 1925-
ramic Sculpture in the 1880s and 1890s" (IFA/
R. Shift) 1940" (Texas, Austin, L. Henderson,J. Meikle)
NYU, L. Nochlin)

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KINKEL, MARIANNE, "Circulating Race: MAYHALL, MARGUERITE, "The Dissolution P I s SARRO , J O A C H I M, "Individualism and In-
Malvina Hoffman and the Field Museum's Races ofof Utopia: Art, Politics, and the City of Caracas tersubjectivity in Modernism: Two Case Studies
Mankind Sculptures" (Texas, Austin, A. Reynolds)in the 1960s" (Texas, Austin, J. Barnitz) of Artistic Interchanges-Camille Pissarro (1830-
1903) and Paul C6zanne (1839-1906); Robert
Post-1945 World Art PETERSEN, STEPHEN, "Space and the Space
' '*~ .r~ ^ A 7 Rauschenberg (1925- ) and Jasper Johns
Age in Postwar European Art: Lucio Fontana,
DE SILVA, RENATO, "The Institutional De-
(1930- )" (Texas, Austin, R. Shift)
Yves Klein, and Their Contemporaries" (Texas, (1930- ) (Texas, Austin, R. Shiff)
bate: A Comparative Study between Neoconcre-
Austin, R Shiff)
tism and Minimalism" (Texas, Austin,J. Barnitz)

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