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Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Sub: DSP (14EC 603) MAKEUP TEST Date: 21.04.2017
Class: 3/4 ECE Max: 30 Marks
1) Answer all the Questions (8x1M=8M)
a) Find the inverse Z- transform of log(1+az-1)
b) Write the ROC of infinite duration Right sided sequence.
c) What is twiddle factor?
d) Write the formula for DFT of a sequence.
e) Difference between IIR and FIR filters.
f) Differentiate Analog and Digital filters
g) Write the formula for Calculating the order of the Chebyshev type I filter.
h) For a Linear Phase FIR filter the value of is ______

2) a) State and Prove the initial value theorem, final Value theorem, Differentiation
Property & Time Shifting Properties of Z-Transorm.
b) A Causal LTI is described by the difference equation when x(n) & y(n) are the input & output
sequences of the system.

y (n) 0.2 y (n 1) 0.08 y (n 2) 2 x(n)

(i) Determine the impulse response h(n) of the system. (4M)

(ii) Determine the step response s(n) of the system. (4M)


3) a) Compute the DFT of x ( n )={1,2,3,1 }

b) Compute the 8 point DFT of x ( n )={1, 1,1, 1 ,2 , 2 } . Using DIF FFT algorithm (10M)

4) Using bilinear transformation, design a digital butterworth filter satisfying the constraints

0.75 H e j 1 0


H e j 0 .2

And convert the above system into Direct Form I structure.



5) Design an ideal FIR filter to meet the following specifications

H d (e jw ) 1 for w
2 2
0 for otherwise

h(n) H (z )
Find the values of for N=11. Find . Plot the magnitude response. (16M)