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Introduction of Elixir:

Our body comprises of millions of cell which perform thousands of functions which help our

body to run smoothly. These cells require steady amount of amino acids, vitamin and fats to

perform at optimum level. But in modern world its hard to have perfect diet which comprises of

all required nutrition required by body. Also, factors like stress, anxiety, sleep deprevation break

havoc on human body. Elixir is among first products in supplement market which focuses on

cellular health. This product was conceived by thinking there should be supplement beside

nutrition and exercise which could support overall health of cell in long term.

Composition of Elixir:

Elixir is mainly composed of two ingredient:

1. Niagen
2. Pteostilbene

Niagen is brand name sold by company called Chromadex. This company holds patent for

exclusively selling Nicotinamide Ribosome (NR). buys NR from chromadex

and formulate tablet consisting of 400mg of Niagen. NR is a form of vitamin B3. Studies have

shown that NR can increase expression of NAD+ in human being. NAD+ is the coenzyme used

by mitochondria (aka powerhouse of cell) to produce energy for all basic function of human

body. ATP produced by mitochondria is the most efficient source of energy for cells.

Whereas, Pterostilbene is powerful anti-oxidant. Elixir consist of 60 mg trans-pterostilbene in

each tablet. Pterostilbene is naturally found in plants such as blueberries, grapes and Indian Kino

tree and has been long used to reduce inflammation and blood sugar. Its chemical structure is

similar to that of Resveratrol but it has much more half-life and better abruption than later.
Pterostilbene help in combating the effect of extracellular reactive oxygen species(ROS) which

are primarily responsible for cell damage and inflammation. This powerful polyphenol help cells

to protect itself from both internal and external stress. They also helps activating protein called

sirtuins which regulate expression of genes that regulate body response to stress.

Both of above ingredient work in synergistic ways to improve cellular health. NR helps in

increasing the level of NAD+; coenzyme for mitochondria to produce ATP and Pterostilbene

helps in combating oxidative stress to cells by producing protein (sirtuins). These protein are

again dependent upon NAD+ to get activated and regulate body response to cell damage and


Science behind Elixir:

NAD+ and sirtuins are both essential for good metabolic health of cell. Studies have shown that

NAD+ is an important coenzyme which is used in cells for communication between

mitochondria and cells nucleus. IT signal mitochondria to convert glucose and fatty acids to

produce ATP. But as we ages our cells loses capacity to generate enough NAD+ due to factor like

oxidative stress and nutrition deficient diet. As a result, communication between cells nucleus

and mitochondria is impaired. This loss of communication results in decrease in production of

ATP or energy by cells to carry out various biochemical reaction in our body. Over the period of

time this result in to various physiological condition such as disease, inflammation and

premature aging. Various studies have shown that NAD+ is also used in various biochemical

pathway which are responsible for protecting tissues, DNA repair and increasing life span.

NAD+ is also cofactor for enzymes called sirtuins. These are also known as longevity enzymes.

These enzymes are activated by NAD+ directly and resveratrol indirectly. Protein produced by
these enzymes SIRT1 and SIRT3 are directly responsible for activating genes which tend turns

off genes responsible for promoting age, storage of visceral fat and maintaining bodys blood

sugar level.

Various consequences of decrease in level of NAD+ and sirtuins are :

a. Damage to neuron of brain. This can result in loss of memory and coordinate movement

such as shaking of hands, losing of mobility etc.

b. Inflammation of blood vessels which can result in heart stroke
c. Increase in fat synthesis and deposition around tissue such as belly, hips, face etc.
d. Inability to synthesize glucose into ATP result increase in blood sugar creating metabolic

e. Increased fatigue, lethargy and muscle loss.

To combat these consequences there are two ways of increasing intracellular NAD+ level. First

is calorie restriction. In this method, we take restricted calorie to limit energy production but we

make sure that our food is composed of all the nutrients required by our body. Second is by

administering NAD+ as a form of supplements. It has been found that vitamin B3 can boost

NAD+ production but in its standard form people have complained about side effects such as

irritation, flushing and rash. Whereas patented form of vitamin B3, NR is free of these

consequences and turn off gene responsible for aging, improves endurance and cognitive

function as well.

Another component of Elixir, Pterostilbene helps in balancing blood sugar level and blood lipids.

Studies have shown when then there is high level of glucose in blood, biochemical pathways

produce end product which have adverse effect on body tissue and develops resistance to insulin.

Pterostilbene is shown to metabolize increase blood sugar and helps in maintaining healthy sugar
level in blood. Studies have also shown that it protective effect on part of brain such as

hippocampus by decreasing the level of dopamine protection in response to oxidative stress.


We have decided to have 400 mg of NR and 60 mg of Pterostilbene in our Elixir tablet. This

formulation has based on scientific studies which compared the effect of different dosage of NR

on NAD+ in human bodies. Different dosage of NR 100mg, 300mg and 1000mg were

administered for a week. Their blood work showed that 300mg dose reached maximum NAD+

level at 24 hours. This gave us the benchmark for effective dosage of NR in our product. Another

study was carried out by our competitor Eysium which administered two dosages 250 mg and

500mg of NR to subjects for eight weeks. Results showed that 500 mg dosage showed significant

increase in NAD+ but after 4 weeks NAD+ reached it plateau and then showed decline in their

level. Which gave us fair idea that dosage should be higher than 250 mg but lower than 500 mg.

hence we finally decided have 400mg of NR in our product for most effective dosage.

Pterostlilbene has fixed at 60 mg per tablet which is highest dosage of this compound available

in market. This dosage should give us fair advantage over our competitor.

Health benefits of Elixir:

1. Restoration of muscle activity: Studies on mice have shown that it helps in overcoming

mitochondrial myopathy, a condition where mitochondria in muscle got damaged leading

to muscle weakness. When administered to mice orally it was seen that it delays in

progression of myopathy.
2. Reduces chances of obesity and diabetes: Pterostilobene and NAD+ works

synergistically to help in metabolism of excessive blood sugar and fatty acids and hence

helps in maintaining healthy sugar and lipd level in blood.

3. It promote longevity: NR act as precursor to NAD+, which in turn activate sirtuins.

These enzyme produces protein which activate the turn-off gene responsible for aging.

Pterostilbene prevent cellular damage cause by oxidative stress by acting as antioxidant

and prevent free radical which causes aging.

4. Helps in Neuro protections: It promote healthy neuroprotection by delaying axonal

degeneration and protecting nerve cells by activating metabolic pathway. This help

maintaining the health of neurons.