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To Kill a Mockingbird E-Scrapbook Project

Essential Questions:
1) What is the novels point of view regarding the impact of
racism on society, and how do you know what this point
of view is?

2) Has the attitude of Canadian and American society

changed with regard to racism since the publication of To
Kill a Mockingbird?

3) Is racism still a major issue in todays society?

Assignment: Create an electronic scrapbook that responds to the

essential questions. You can use PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi or a
similar program.

This assignment is to be completed individually (not with a

partner or as part of a group).

There is not a public presentation aspect to this project; instead,

there will be opportunities for feedback from other students (of
your choice), and when finished, the final product will be handed
in to the teacher.

Students should not look at this assignment as a regular

PowerPoint presentationstudents can write as much as they
think is necessary, and can use as many slides as they
want to provide the best work possible. In other words, do not
limit your writing because this project is not in a typical word-
processing format.

Your e-scrapbook must contain writing and visuals that represent the

1. The novels depiction of racism in Alabama. (depiction

means how it is described) Please refer to at least three specific
events that occur in the novel, and provide direct quotations from the
novel to support your answer.

2. A paragraph-long description of a character from the novel who

embodies either racist or anti-racist beliefs. The description should
focus on physical and mental traits, and may refer to direct quotes
from the novel.

3. A timeline that summarizes the history of race relations in both the

United States and Canada. The timeline must refer to at least 10
points in time.

4. Five examples of race conflict in the last 100 years. At least two
of these examples must be from the 21st century. Aspects to include

Where and when the conflict occurred;

What is the history of (and what are the reasons for) the conflict?

The current situationdoes conflict still exist? Has the situation


5. A description of current laws that exist in Canada and the United

States that are designed to address possible racism.

6. Answer the essential questions from the beginning of this

assignment. Write a response of at least one paragraph for each of the
three questions. Your answers to these questions will be your opinions,
which to be convincing must be supported by evidence, such as the
research you have done for this project.

7. Provide a complete listing of the sources you used for this

assignment (including the novel itself, articles, any visuals you
imported, etc.)

How well is the novel examined? /10

How in-depth is the research? /10
How effective is the visual aspect of the project? /10
How convincing is the answer to the essential question? /10
Writing and mechanics /10
Total: /50