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Name: Jennifer Thornton

Date: March 27, 2016

Lesson Number: 1 2 3
Grade Level: K 1 2 3 4 5 6

Objectives (Learning Goals)

Arizona Art Standards
AZ Visual Art Standards: Strand 1: Create, Concept 4: Meanings or Purposes: PO
201. Explain purposeful use of subject matter, symbols, and/or themes in his or
her own artwork.
AZ Visual Art Standards: Strand 1: Create, Concept 4: Meanings or Purposes: PO
302. Create artwork that communicate substantive meanings or achieve intended
purposes (e.g., cultural, political, personal, spiritual, and commercial).

Other Arizona Standards (Interdisciplinary)

Arizona Social Studies (Geography) Standards
Human Systems PO4. Describe elements of culture (e.g., food, clothing, housing,
customs, beliefs) in a community of areas studied

Arizona Language Arts Standards

Write informative/explanatory texts in which students introduce a topic, use facts
and definitions to develop points, and provide a concluding statement or section

Required Background Information (What should they know before they begin?)
Students will have read Celebrating the Lantern Festival by Sanmu Tang before
this lesson.
Students will have been studying the Chinese New Year and understand that 2016
is The Year of the Monkey.

Materials and Supplies

Paintbrushes Paper Towels
Paint (in a variety of colors) Scissors
Paper Plate (to put paint on) Newspaper (to cover work space)
White paper (to practice painting on) Tape, stapler, or glue
Construction paper Water cups/water

Introduction (Hook/ Bell Work)

Students will use the paintbrushes and paint in the center of their table to practice
painting their white paper using different strokes and techniques. (Teacher will
demonstrate various brush strokesstippling, lines, adding water before painting, etc.).

Success Criteria (SWBAT) Based on Objectives in "kid-friendly" language

SWBAT explain symbols in their artwork and how those symbols relate to a culture other
than their own.
SWBAT create a piece of artwork that represents a Chinese lantern.
SWBAT describe the Chinese Lantern Festival and state the Festivals importance to the
Chinese culture.
SWBAT write a five-sentence informational paragraph that tells what the Chinese
Lantern Festival is and why it is important to the Chinese.

Culture Community
Lantern Tradition
Symbol Brush stroke

Explaining and Modeling:

Instruction (I Do)
Teacher will explain to students that there are many different ways people
communicate with each other.
Teacher will show examples of Chinese symbols and their corresponding
meanings to students (teacher may paint Chinese symbols on separate pieces of
construction paper to demonstrate to their students the following symbols and
their meaning):

Teacher will then refresh their students understanding of the symbols and
elements the Chinese include on their lanterns for the Chinese Lantern Festival
while reminding students of the importance of these symbols.
Teacher will then show various pictures of lanterns at the Lantern Festival.

Practice (We Do)

Teacher will pass out materials and guide students through the process of making
their own lantern.
Teacher will model and have the students paint or draw a Chinese animal on their
construction paper (suggestions: a monkey for the 2016 Year of the Monkey, or
the animal that corresponds to their birth yearlearned during a previous lesson)
Teacher will display Chinese symbols again and have students paint symbols
around their animal.
Teacher will then model the next step and ensure that all students are focused and
listening to directions.
Teacher will talk students through the process of making the lantern:
o Fold the paper in half lengthwise
o On folded edge, and perpendicular to fold (use kid-friendly language when
giving these directions), cut slits in the paper, unfold the paper
o Glue the two small sides of the paper together and separate the slits to
create a lantern effect
o Once students have made their lantern, they can cut a strip of construction
paper and glue a handle on their lantern.

Independent Practice, Assessment, and Feedback:

Independent Work (You Do)
Students will work independently to construct their lanterns.
Students will then write three to five sentences about the significance of their
lanternwhat symbols they used, the animal they drew, etc.
As students finish, they may read one of the class books on the Chinese New Year.

Conclusion (Wrap Up/ Exit Ticket)

Students will present their lanterns to the class and read their description on the
significance of their Chinese lantern.
o During their presentation, students will talk about the different brush
strokes/paintbrushes they used to paint symbols and Chinese animals on their
If time allows, students will be able to ask each student up to two questions on their
lantern, and give up to two comments.

Notes to Self:
Go over scissor safety with students
Use kid friendly language when modeling to students how they will turn their paper into
a lantern
The making of the lantern and the making of the handle may need to be broken up into
two parts if students struggle with remembering large chunks of information at a time.
Teacher can also cut handles prior to lesson and have them ready for the students to
If time allows for it, consider having a classroom Chinese Lantern Festival.

Please consider:
Remind students to be respectful of other students and cultures
Remind students to work on longer, more descriptive sentences

Common misconceptions students might have

Students may need to be reminded that each Chinese Year has a different animal that
corresponds with the year.
Students may need to be encouraged that their symbols do not need to look exactly like
the symbols displayed on the board.
Students may not fully understand how people communicate in different languages. Be
prepared for an extension on that.

How you will gather evidence of learning?

Students will present their lanterns and demonstrate understanding of why certain
symbols and animals are important to the Chinese and displayed on their lanterns.
Students will demonstrate their understanding that different brush strokes/paint brushes
are used to create different textures/shapes and have the potential to make your artwork
look completely different.

What interdisciplinary activities will be embedded in your lesson?

Students will be using art techniques (specifically painting that focuses on different brush
strokes) and their understanding of symbols to create and describe a Chinese lantern.
They will be using art to accomplish Language Arts and Social Studies Standards that
relate to the understanding of and the appreciation for various cultures and traditions.