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March 23, 2017

Cristian Arias
203 Pangle Dr
Charlotte, NC 28208

Graduation Project Review Board Members

Harding University High School
2001 Alleghany St, Charlotte, NC 28208
Phone: (704)-965-3837

Dear Review Board Members:

My name is Cristian Arias and I am a senior at Harding University High

School. For my senior Exit Project, I will be discussing about how important it is to keep
funding NASA. Ive always been a fan of NASA so I decided to base my project on it.
There isnt a lot of people that are aware just how important NASA is. I wasnt myself
when I was younger but over the years Ive learned how big of an impact NASA has
done to our society. So I wanted to spread my knowledge to others informing them to
show just how meaningful and critical NASA is.

My thesis is The United States should continue to fund NASA to see through the
end of the space program because it would provide jobs to the jobless, It will benefit us
in the long run, and give us new knowledge in cosmos. People with Degrees in science
outside of the medical health department will be hard to find a career so thats where
NASA kicks in. It will give them a chance to be employed. To how NASA will benefit us is
throughout my research, Ive learned NASA has conducted a space station that have
created devices that improved the ability to monitor the earth and respond to dangerous
hazards. This is just one of many that NASA has done for us. Another one is the past
couple of decades, NASA has sent satellites into the void of space. There is so much
we have yet to discover in the universe. Perhaps by gaining new knowledge from
exploring, it opens possibilities of using wormholes or new materials that could benefit
us in the distant future.

My product is an extension of my research based paper because I wanted to

show one of NASAs technology that has helped benefit us, the Hubble Telescope. So I
decided to make a model of the Hubble Telescope to show its significances and how it
looked. Throughout the making of the model, I researched on it and learned that the
Hubble is a telescope that was launched into low orbit in the early 1900s. Ive did more
research and learned it has transmitted over thousands of images back to earth,
shedding light to the secrets and mysteries of the universe. The invention itself helped
determine how old the universe is, discovery of new planets and existence of unknown
matter such as dark energy. It made me more aware just how important this

Throughout my senior project, I was able to learn more about my topic. Ive
learned the machinery NASA has made helped made a big impact on medical. Such as
the Canadian robotic system theyve built that help and operate on the International
Space Station. Using it has led to tools that give doctors new ways to detect cancer,
operate on sick children, and perform neurosurgery on patients once considered to be
inoperable. The tools built to make the space laboratory helped give doctors new ways
to detect sickness such as cancer or operate on sick children or perform surgery on
patients. From doing this project it has helped taught me many things NASA has done
for us. I will forever consider NASA as one of my favorite subjects to explore and
discuss about.

Thank you very much for taking the time to meet with me and discuss my topic. I
hope you enjoyed my presentation and helped you learned just how important NASA is
along with what what they have done for us. Thank you once more and have a good


Cristian Arias