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Standard Four- Goals for professional experience

Note the focus area and standard Note the type of artefact / Describe the artefact / document and indicate the Describe how the artefact / document
descriptor/s the artefact / document document possible impact or result on teaching and/ or meet the standard descriptors you
reflects student learning have identified.

4.1- Support student Professional experience To create these goals, I have reflected on By observing and reflecting on
participation. goals. what I am aiming to improve on strategies used by my mentor
professionally and personally whilst on my teacher to support engagement
Identify strategies to support and inclusion within the
next block of professional experience. The
inclusive student participation classroom, I can develop
goals that I have written are clear, realistic strategies and approaches that
and engagement in classroom
and measurable for me to achieve. suit my personal teaching style
Groundswater-Smith (2015) explains that whilst still supporting student
4.2- Manage classroom teachers need to take effective action to learning needs (APST 4.1)
activities. create a learning environment to support
students learning and social needs. By My aim is to demonstrate clear
Demonstrate the capacity to and explicit instructions to
achieving these goals, with the support of
organise classroom activities students about the lesson. To do
my mentor teacher I will be creating and this I need to know what
and provide clear directions. maintaining safe learning environments for outcomes are to come from this
my students. lesson to ensure my
4.3- Manage challenging
communication is detailed and
behaviour- Demonstrate
states the expectations of
knowledge of practical students in regards to the lesson
approaches to manage (APST 4.2)
challenging behaviour.
By promoting positive behaviour
within my classroom, it will
reinforce to students what they
should be doing rather than
focusing on the negative
behaviour which may influence
students to think about their
actions (APST 4.3).