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Implementation of Study Now Pay Later


of Republic Act No. 8545
In accordance with the pertinent provisions of
Republic Act No. 7722, otherwise known as the Higher Government Center, Sevilla, Cor. Real Street and Calanipawan Road,
Sagkahan, Tacloban City
City of San Fernando, La Union
Education Act of 1994 and in consonance with Section TelNo +63(072)242-0238/5017; 700-2569 TelNo +63(053)523-7437
TeleFax +63(053)523-4034
10 (c) of Republic Act No. 8545, also known as the TeleFax +63(02)242-2750

Expanded Government Assistance to Students and

Teachers in Private Education (GASTPE) Act that
Any loan granted under the Section shall be paid Regional Devt Center, Carig, Polytechnic Compound,
Tuguegarao City, Cagayan Baliwasan Chico, Zamboanga City
by the student-debtor after he has finished the TelNo +63(078)844-4872; 846-3635 TelNo +63(062)991-7648; 991-8974, 991-7080
course or profession for which the proceeds of the TeleFax +63(078)846-4887 FaxNo +63(062)991-7649

loan was expended, but only after a period of two CHEDRO 3 CHEDRO 10

(2) years from the time he has acquired an Regional Devt Center, Maimpis, Archbishop Hayes St., Cagayan de Oro City
City of San Fernando, Pampanga (Beside Xavier University)
employment: provided, however, that interest at the TelNo +63(045)455-1662; 436-1846 to 47 TelNo +63(08822)71-1231;
rate of not more than six percent (6) per annum TeleFax +63(08822)72-4180

shall accrue to the balance thereof, hereunder is CHEDRO 4A CHEDRO 11

the interpretation of the above subject by CHED Legal

2nd Floor, HEDC Bldg., CP Garcia Ave, Diliman, QC
TelNo +63(02)332-4734; 332-3943

Loyola St. Obrero, Davao City
TelNo +63(082)295-3418 local 108


LATER-PLAN 1. The student is a debtor to CHED for the amount

of loan that he or she availed of under the
2nd Floor, HEDC Bldg., CP Garcia Ave, Diliman, QC
TelNo +63(02)386-4781
Carpenter Hills, Koronadal City
TeleFax +63(083)520-1011

SNPLP Program.
The loan should have been spent to enroll in a

CHEDRO Bldg, EMS Barrio South, 2nd

CHED National Capital Region

Floor, HEDC Bldg., CP Garcia Ave, Diliman, QC

Brgy2, Legaspi City TelNo +63(02)468-0213; 441-1224 / 0453;
degree program or profession. TelNo +63(052)481-5096; 820-4813 441-0879 / 0985

3. The student should have graduated from the FaxNo +63(052)481-5095

CHEDRO 6 CHED Cordillera Administrative Region

degree program enrolled in.
4. The student-debtor is obliged to pay CHED the 12 Washington St., Jaro, Iloilo
TelNo +63(033)508-8852
BSU Compound, La Trinidad, Benguet
TelNo +63(074)422-2415,FaxNo +63(074)422-2418
amount of loan availed of only two (2) years after TeleFax +63(033)320-6976; 329-5955

acquiring an employment. If he/she has not CHEDRO 7 CHEDRO CARAGA

acquired gainful employment, then the period of National Government Center, Sudlon, CSU, Ampayon, Butuan City
two (2) years does not even begin to run. Lahug, Cebu City TelNo +63(085)342-5253; 815-2429
Commission on Higher Education 5. The interest shall accrue only after the
TelNo +63(032)414-9194 to 95 TeleFax +63(085)815-0831

OFFICE OF STUDENT SERVICES conditions mentioned in Nos. 1 to 4 above have


2/F DILG 12 Bldg., ARMM Compound, Cotabato City

been met, or actually exist. In this case, the TelNo +63(064)421-9575
3rd Floor HEDC Bldg., C.P. Garcia Avenue, Diliman, Q.C.
TeleFax No. (02) 988-0001 period of repayment will actually commence Ver08.29.2013

TelNos. (02) 382-5473, 441-1220 even if the student is subsequently not able to
Trunkline Nos. 441-1404/441-1257/441-1149/441-1261/ sustain that job and becomes unemployed
441-1260/441-1258/441-0927 again.
Email address: 6. The student-debtor may pay directly to any
CHED Regional Offices or to the CHED Central
Office through the Office of Student Services