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1. ORIENTATION - It is the process of giving information to student teachers regarding

the work they will perform, the teachers, the students, the subject to be taught, the
course requirements, the school as a whole and even the community.

2. OBSERVATION is a chance given to student teachers learn by watching and

nothing down important points regarding the students, the teachers and the school.

3. PARTICIPATION is the opportunity given to student teachers to work with students

and teachers as real teachers but under close supervision.

4. STUDENT TEACHING is the training required of every education student to

practice their profession under close supervision with the guidance of their cooperating
teachers in actual classroom situation.

5. STUDENT TEACHER is an education student who is engaged in acquiring actual

classroom teaching experience under the guidance of an experience teacher. Other
terms are practice teacher, intern teacher, apprentice teacher.

6. COOPERATING TEACHER is the classroom experience teacher who guides the

student teachers.

7. ON-CAMPUS TEACHING is the practice teaching done inside the mother school

8. OFF-CAMPUS TEACHING the practice teaching done outside the mother school
usually in a cooperating school.

9. PRACTICE TEACHING is the training required of every BSED student to practice

the teaching profession in actual setting under the guidance of the cooperating teacher.

10. COOPERATING SCHOOLS is a school where student teachers are assigned for
their off- campus teaching.

11. LABORATORY SCHOOL is a training section within the mother school where
student teachers have their on-campus teaching.

12. COLLEGE SUPERVISOR a member of a college stuff who takes charge of

coordinating with the different cooperating schools.

13. SEMINAR a conference of student teachers where problems of mutual interest

are discussed.

14. NARRATIVE REPORT a written report of student teacher regarding their

experience in their practice teaching.
15. DEMONSTRATION TEACHING is a prepared teaching observed by a group of
observes in actual classroom setting.

16. MOTHER SCHOOL is a school where the student teachers are enrolled.