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Latest Revision July 2016 Reviewer: H&S Mgr.

Next Revision July 2017

Compliance Health and Safety at Work Act (1974)

RIDDOR & Accident Reporting Policy

Accident Investigation Policy
Associated Policies
H&S Risk Assessment Policy
Incident Notifications Policy & Procedures

Contents 1. Introduction 1

2. What constitutes a near miss 2

3. Implementation 2

4. Monitor, Audit & Review 2

1. Introduction

A near miss is an event or situation that could have resulted in an injury, damage or loss but did not do so
due to chance, corrective action and / or timely intervention.

1.1 Purpose

The company requires near miss information in order to be pro active in improving health & safety
rather then merely reactive, in order to prevent or minimise the injury or harm to all persons affected by
the daily undertakings of the company.

1.2 Scope

This policy applies to all Options employees, staff involvement in near miss reporting is an excellent way
to identify hazards and improve general safety within the company for all groups. It is important that all
staff feel encouraged to report a near miss and so not feel threatened by possible disciplinary action.

2. What Constitutes a Near Miss

Anything that had the potential to cause harm, but didnt. Harm can be considered as;

would have resulted in the injured person not being able to continue with their normal working
duties, or
would have resulted in a statutory notification

Most importantly we must consider the persons who are in our care as we have a legal extra duty of care
towards these people.

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Examples include:

Slips, trips & falls wet surfaces, loose man hole covers, no hand rail etc
Faulty electrical equipment fire or electric shock
Small fires
Faulty or illegal tire tread on a company vehicle, lights not working etc
Near car accident or light crash
People working without recommended PPE
Unguarded tools or machinery
Faulty hot water blending valves with potential to scald service users

3. Implementation

All managers must actively encourage the reporting of any near miss that staff witness, by implementing
local procedures that record:

Details of near miss

identified action necessary and by who
persons required to be informed
date completed
managers signature

Accident, Incident and Near Miss Forms are readily available at all centres and satellite homes, where
they should be completed providing detailed information. Forms can be obtained from the Resources
Portal under Downloadable Resources, Health and Safety, Al1 Accident & Near Miss Report Form.

When appropriate Managers should refer to the following policy and procedures;
Incident Investigation & Action Plan (HS 1.20)
Risk Assessment (HS1.5)
Incident Notifications Policy & Procedure (CG3.4)

There are existing systems for the recording and investigation of a near miss relating to our service user
group. Where the items have been identified and actioned through a management system, compliance
with the ethos of this policy will be met.

4. Monitoring Audit & Review

The ongoing implementation of the Near Miss Policy will be monitored through the supervision process.

Where appropriate, Near Miss will be a regular agenda item for team meetings.

This policy will be reviewed as part of the regular cycle of reviews, unless changing circumstances require
an earlier review.

Copyright Options Group, 2004. All rights reserved. 2