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ARREST WARRANT Warrant # \A\G1 THE STATE OF TEXAS ) COUNTY OF TARRANT ) ‘TO ANY PEACE OFFICER OF THE STATE OF TEXAS, GREETINGS ‘The undersigned Magistrate having heretofore found that probable cause exists for the issuance of this Warrant YOU ARE HEREBY COMMANDED TO ARREST Keith Cornell Haynes a black male with the date of birth February 28, 1990, hereinafter referred to as the “Suspect,” and bring the said suspect before a Magistrate in and for Tarrant, County, Texas, instanter, then and there to answer the State of Texas for an offense against the laws of said State, to-wit: Capital Murder, a Felony, of which offense the said suspect is accused by the written affidavit, under oath of C. Blank, a police officer/investigator with the Arlington, Texas, Police Department, filed before me anterior to the issuance of this Warrant and incorporated herein. Said Keith Cornell Haynes a black male with the date of birth February 28, 1990, is hereby committed to the appropriate jail for custody. HEREIN FAIL NOT, and due return make hereof to me at the place hereinafter named. Witness my signature, this the |_day of Age il_20 BOND AMOUNTS JSO,000 in and for Tarrant County, Texas / 708 9 Erin L Jackson : Printed Name of Magistrate Municipal Court Judge City of Artington Municipal Court of Record 101 S. Mesquite Street, Arlington, Texas 76010 ‘Came to hand on this the __day of and executed on the day of BY: ‘Name of peace officer Description of office ARREST WARRANT AFFIDAVIT Warrant # Q\- \1 - 10 ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS ¥ COUNTY OF TARRANT } BEFORE ME, the undersigned authority on this day personally appeared C. Blank (“Affiant”), a police officer/investigator with the Arlington, Texas, Police Department, who after being duly sworn on oath deposes and says that AFFIANT HAS GOOD REASON TO BELIEVE AND DOES BELIEVE THAT: On or about April 14, 2017, in the City of Arlington, Tarrant County, Texas, Keith Cornell Haynes a black male with the date of birth February 28, 1990, (“Suspect”) did then and there commit the offense of Capital Murder, a Felony, in that the suspect, did then and there intentionally cause the death of an individual, Kenishia Walker by discharging a firearm at Walker and causing a projectile to enter her person and did then and there intentionally cause the death of an individual, Unborn Baby Walker, by discharging a firearm at Kenishia Walker who was currently pregnant with Unborn Baby Walker and causing a projectile to enter Kenishia Walker's person, which caused the death of Unborn Baby Walker and both murders ‘were committed during the same criminal transaction. MY BELIEF AS AFORESAID IS BASED UPON THE FOLLOWING FACTS AND CIRCUMSTANCES: On or about Friday, April 14, 2017, at 2254 Ridge Run in Arlington, Tarrant County, Texas, the pregnant victim was shot by the suspect thus causing the victim's death as well as the subsequent death to her still unborn child. Said offense was reported to the Arlington Police Department as Offense No.2017-01040248. At approximately 10:27 hours, Officers Dillon #2090, Watson #2082, Henry #2633, Crocker #3407, and Cpl. Gary #2554 of the Arlington Police Department were dispatched (o an unknown violent situation call located at the address of 2254 Ridge Run, The Heather Glen Townhomes. The call text advised that the caller is a neighbor for the 2254 Ridge Run address, and that the neighbor's son came over claiming that his mother is dead. Officers responded to the location and observed Arlington Fire Department and EMS personnel entering into the home through the front door. Officers Dillon and Henry entered with the Fire Department and EMS personnel while Officer Watson stayed outside with a small child, presumably the neighbor's son. Upon entering the master bedroom to the townhome, Officer Dillon observed a black female lying in the bed facing away from the doorway with a comforter pulled up to the base of her neck, As Officer Dillon looked closer at the female, he observed blood covering her person from an apparent gunshot wound. The female also appeared to be pregnant. Officer Dillon located a ‘Texas driver's license inside a purse which identified the female as Kenishia Walker B/F 05-06- 91. Walker was pronounced deceased by EMS personnel. Officer Dillon then secured the crime scene. Officer Watson made contact with the adult complainant, who advised she had been approached by the neighbor's son and told his mother was either injured or deceased. Officer Watson spoke with the juvenile son who has been fully identified and can be brought before the court to testify ARREST WARRANT AFFIDAVIT Warrant # _Q4-\\-107 asneeded. The son told Officer Watson that last night, he was home alone with his mother when he went to sleep at around 2100 hours. At around 0200 hours, the child awoke due to feeling ill and went to his mother's bedroom. When he entered the bedroom, he saw his mother lying in the bed with another black male. His mother identified this male in bed with her as "Moosie". The son didn't know "Moosie's” real name, but knew "Moosie" was a longtime friend of his mother's. The son had seen "Moosie" previously, but couldn’ tell if it was "Moosie" in bed with his mother. The son sat on a chaise lounge chair in the bedroom and noticed a blue backpack sitting ‘on the chair that did not belong to either he or his mother. The son spoke with his mother for a short time before returning to his own bedroom where he fell back asleep. When the son awoke in the morning, he returned to his mother's bedroom and noticed his mother in the aforementioned condition. "Moosie" was no longer at the home and the blue backpack was now missing. At 10:53 hours, your Affiant, who is currently a Homicide Detective for the Arlington Police Department was contacted by Homicide Sgt. B. Jones #2627 in reference this investigation and briefed on what was known thus far. Affiant responded to the location and confirmed the information known thus far with Officers Dillon and Watson. Affiant was provided a copy of the lease agreement for townhome #2254 which listed Walker as the loan resident. Affiant located an emergency contact for Walker listed on this agreement as her mother, Alleshia Bagley. Affiant contacted Bagley via the telephone and learned "Moosie's" real name as Keith Haynes. Bagley advised Walker and Haynes had previously been in a relationship together, but Bagley was unaware of any relationships her daughter was currently in, Affiant requested members of our Tactical Intelligence Unit to research Haynes through various computerized databases. Affiant was later provided with Haynes full identity of Keith Cornell Haynes B/M 2-28-90. Affiant viewed the crime scene and noted there was no forced entry into the home. Furthermore, the only item missing or moved from the home was the victim's cell phone which was not present. Numerous other valuables were still left undisturbed throughout the home. Homicide Detective B. Stewart #1362 spoke with an adult female friend of Walker's, identified as V. Turner. Turner was told by Walker that her unborn child was fathered by Haynes. Turner also knew Haynes by the nickname "Moosie". Turner was told Haynes was currently in a relationship with another woman who was also pregnant with Haynes' child. Turner called a ‘mutual adult friend of "Moosie's” and hers and was provided a current phone number for "Moosie" of 972-876-9910. During Turner's conversation with Detective Stewart, she was texted by Haynes. Turner called Haynes who advised he was driving to the Police Station to clear his name, At 15:55 hours, Affiant and Detective Stewart interviewed Haynes who confirmed his nickname of "Moosic". Haynes has known Walker since high school as the two had been in a relationship: at that time, Recently, the two reconnected and Haynes was told by Walker he was possibly the father to her unborn child. Haynes confirmed he is currently in a relationship with another woman who is unaware of Walker or her pregnancy with his child. Haynes said he last saw Walker at Walker's home on the evening of Wednesday, April 12, 2017, when the two discussed daycare issues for the unborn child. Haynes said he left the home and returned to his home in Plano, Texas. Haynes said he did not leave his home after his return for any purposes until his trip to the Police Department. Haynes had not spoken with Walker since Wednesday, but A se ARREST WARRANT AFFIDAVIT Warrant #_04-171-\07 admitted to texting her yesterday. Haynes did not know the exact time for these text messages because he had deleted them from his phone, but believed it was in the evening. Haynes denied telling Walker either over the phone or in a text message that he would be visiting her Thursday night or Friday morning. Haynes further denied killing Walker. Haynes identified his current cell phone number as 972-552-0768. Haynes told Affiant he changes his cell phone number often and provided the 972-876-9910 phone number as his previous number from several months ago. Haynes said this "9910" phone number was the original phone number for his current iPhone prior to his changing it. Haynes provided Affiant ‘consent to search his phone including an extraction of deleted data currently on the phone. Detective R. Jablon #1890 conducted this data extraction while we completed our interview with Haynes. Haynes said he first heard of Walker's death from a longtime friend. He then began receiving other phone calls from other people in Mississippi telling him the rumor in Mississippi was that he was responsible for killing Walker. This is when he spoke to Turner and decided to come to the Police Department to clear his name. Haynes said he hasn't recently had any argument with anyone and does not know why people would think he would kill Walker. Haynes again denied involvement in Walker's death. After speaking with Haynes, Affiant obtained a copy of recent phone records for Walker's current cell phone account. These records showed a series of text messages from the phone number 972-876-9910 starting on Wednesday, April 12, 2017, at 3:20 PM. These text messages indicated that the sender was planning on visiting Walker the following day. The conversation continued on Thursday, April 13, 2017, starting at 5:18 PM. The last text message Walker received on that day was from the "9910" number at 10:43 PM indicating the sender would be there in 40 minutes and asked Walker to unlock the door for them. On Monday, April 17, 2017, Affiant was provided a report for the extracted data from Haynes! phone. This extraction confirmed Haynes had deleted all of his prior contacis with Walker including text messages, iMessages, and phone logs. However, this report also provided that the phone number associated with the previously observed messages from Walker's phone records were coming from Haynes' phone which was associated with the "9910" number at the time they were sent. identified as Affiant was also contacted by an adult friend of Walker's who lives in Missis said she and Walker are longtime friends and talk daily. knew about Walker's past relationship with Haynes and was told Haynes was the father to Walker's unborn child. was told Haynes wanted to rekindle their past relationship, but Walker only wanted to co-parent. {J said she had never been told about any violence between the two, but was told Haynes repeatedly lied to Walker about various issues. These lies apparently were the reason for Walker to not want to continue a romantic relationship with Haynes. (EBB said she had been sent screen shots of text message and iMessage conversations between Walker and Haynes from Walker's cell phone for the past several months. On March 30, 2017, Walker texted [EJ that she believed Haynes was trying to kill her and "If | ever come up dead please show the police this and the other screenshots". Walker would not provide why she felt this way to [IEE and [J at the time didn't know if she was joking. IEEE provided A ARREST WARRANT AFFIDAVIT Warrant #_OQ4 = (1-10 Affiant with the most recent screen shots of conversations between Walker and Haynes as sent to her by Walker on the evening of Thursday, April 13, 2017. The last of these screen shots were sent t0 I at 8:28 PM. This screen shot further confirmed the conversations as observed on both Walker's phone records and Haynes cell phone report up to 8:28 PM. Affiant read these messages which appeared to be an argument between Haynes and Walker over their relationship. Affiant believes the suspect (i. Keith Haynes) did intentionally cause the death of the victim (ie. Walker) by discharging a firearm causing a projectile to enter her body which further caused the death of her unborn child during the same criminal episode. Haynes is further described as a black male, 5' 11" in height, 180 pounds in weight, with black hair and brown eyes. Haynes has been issued FBI #700749KC3, MS ID #MS08185778, and Texas driver's license #37126789. WHEREFORE, | request that an arrest warrant be issued for the suspect hereinafter designated according to the laws of this State. aK Witness my signature, this the at ny of, Ay! 20) . Z Z ZA es Affiant SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN TO BEFORE ME, this [day of A » Zo at GQ'\% o'clock Om. BOND AMOUNT $ ASOD and for Tarrant County, Texas LJackson Printed Name of Magistrate Municipal Court Judge City of Arlington Municipal Court of Record 101 S. Mesquite Street, Arlington, Texas 76010