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Dear President Donald Trump, Feb.

02, 2017

It is a joke that you were elected as president. You are limiting our rights as citizens to

information that affects us. You are an interesting candidate, and your executive orders are a

headache to comprehend. For a democracy, the representation is unequal. You are right, there is

something wrong with the system, but the real question is what are you going to do about it? The

popular vote went to Hillary Clinton, but the Electoral College voted for you. These individuals

are mostly white men; they are more prone to support your platform of White Supremacy. They

aim to benefit themselves--the wealthy--rather than those who are unable to care for themselves.

Furthermore, was the Electorate voting for you, or against the Democratic party? Clinton is the

most qualified presidential candidate we have ever had, yet she didnt win presidency. This can

be attributed toward the fact that many view the economic hardships since 2008 Obamas fault.

This is not necessarily true, Bush caused many of these problems, and Obama was the one left to

pick up the pieces. Similar to Weimar Germany, in the 1920's, many wanted a change, thus voted

against the obvious choice due to associations. Many voted for you, because Hillary Clinton was

the star Democratic candidate, as we saw with President Obama.

Are you aware of the uproar that you have caused with your various initiatives within the

first two weeks of your presidency? The Muslim ban, the immigration ban, and the repeal of the

Affordable Care Act are only some examples of abhorrent new policies. However, the most

astonishing executive order has to be the restriction on government organizations ability to

have social media accounts to educate and inform the public. There are a variety of reasons why

this is a bad idea. First off, there is already an epidemic of individuals unable to distinguish

legitimate news from satire or fake news. By removing the "official" twitter of government

agencies many government agencies have created illegitimate twitter accounts, which leaves a
large potential for misinformation to spread. This country is home to many, and by removing

their ability to know what is going on, you are restricting their right to knowledge. Furthermore,

by removing these government agencies from social media, millions of individuals will not have

the same knowledge that you do about what is going on in their country, thus giving you more

power. Is that your plan? Is that really how you want to preside over a country? Through a sense

of superiority rather than equality? We are all American, but you, as the President, should

represent the ideal American lifestyle.

Many have speculated that this order was to support your views on global warming.

Excuse you, sir. Global warming is a legitimate concern for the Earth. By ignoring the problem,

you are hastening the death of the Earth for future generations. Your job as president is to

improve the future, rather than create a disastrous society. If power is what you seek, limiting

our knowledge is an infringement of our rights as American citizens. As a tax payer, I have the

right to know what is going on, especially in areas that utilize the tax payer dollars I contributed.

President Trump, you are destroying the movement to explore technology.

Government agencies should be able to inform the public of advancements. By restricting these

agencies, many technological advancements may go overlooked. If these agencies, which use

taxpayer money, are not being utilized to benefit the public, what is the point of them? If they

cannot inform the world, the world cannot benefit from it. Additionally, many individuals --

mainly scientists-- will lose their ability to gain recognition for their discoveries. If scientists

know that they will not gain recognition, many may not do their jobs in creating new innovative

technology. This would cause a problem for not only the economy but also the health of many. I

seek to be a scientist, and by limiting the individuals who are aware of my efforts, the appeal to

go that road is less appealing. I am quite sure many others share this view.
Finally, why would you remove the Spanish translation of the White House page?

Because of this, a great percentage of our country can't even look up government information.

How does that assist the various types of ethnic minorities that we allowed into this country

before your initiatives? Many individuals who have either become naturalized, or are first born,

now have their source of information revoked from them. How do you expect them to continue

to maintain their information, to continue to have a shot at the American Dream?

In short, Donald Trump, you are a joke. You have caused many problems, leading to the

lowest popularity rating, within the first 100 days, in all of presidential history. Your attempts to

leave Americans in the dark as to what is occurring in our borders are not only restricting the

future from flourishing, but will lead to an uneducated country. You are not doing your job of

showing the world why America is great, and instead is portraying a comedic government.



P.S. Interestingly, I am almost as liberal as the Nazi party prior to 1921*. If you do not

understand this reference, please open a text book or take a history lesson, both of which could

be greatly beneficial. Don't try to limit access to invaluable sources of information, such as this.

P.P.S. Trump has been struggling with comprehending past and present with his latest

speech involving Fredrick Douglas. He needs to read a history book about the history of America

and governments of the world.

*With the emergence of Neo-Nazis, many need to understand that the Nazi party was originally

socialists (left wing), but once Hitler was the leader, he changed the party of DAP to the

NSDAP, leaning more toward the right.

Statement of Goals and Choices:

I am trying to accomplish voicing my ideals of a government to Trump. He needs to

understand that while he was elected as President, it does not necessarily mean he can go about

ruining lives, making the US look like a joke. I am trying to inform him that he needs to

reevaluate his executive orders, before his 100 days are up. Many individuals dislike him (myself

included), and find him revolting and power hungry.

While there are parallels between him and the rise of Hitler, there are various differences,

but small parallels are alluded to. I referenced Weimar Germany, as well as the NSDAP. This is

logical I used the appeal of beliefs when referencing the American Dream. I evoked emotion

from myself as I placed a personal statement of wanting to become a scientist and how that

aspiration may change. These are all appropriate for my audience and message, as I am

informing them and showing them my perspective. The context is his first 100 days and why I

am disappointed in all he has done thus far, and the problems pertaining to them. The mode of

delivery is inexistent and the genre is informative.

I pursued this plan as it is something that truly angers me. I have a strange infatuation for

the 3rd Reich as well as Weimar Germany (Well just dictatorships in general), and many

compare the rise of Trump to Hitlers. I can see quite a few of parallels, and they are listed above.

I initially wanted to profile him against Hitler, but upon thinking about it, Obama closely

resembled Hitler, but in a non-detrimental way. I then decided that Gov. Agency restriction on

social media affected me more, because I enjoy reading about technological advancements.