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Experimental Techniques

Dont get overwhelmed by complicated answers.

I have trouble reading data like gel electrophoresis plates so I need to
practice just reading those.
One thing I dont look carefully at is the control.


Control Meaning Why we would use a control like that

Wild type group A drug is being
that has normal administered and we
function at have one group of
body/cell where people who dont
drug interacts have a problem in
the cells which the
drug affects.
Tells us the function Why not use wild type group? Why do we need
Knockout group to delete a protein? No protein is the result of
that has a of the gene/ protein
that gene being silenced or deleted itself. So we
certain protein as we are comparing are comparing the effect of having the gene and
or cell type individuals w/o thus having the protein vs. not having the gene
knocked out protein to those with and protein. So this will probably tell us the
it. function of the protein. If we used a wild type
(genetically group, we would end up with people who have
deleted) the gene and are expressing the protein. And
then we can compare a mutated protein to the
regular protein. However, with a knockout group
we are comparing no protein and the mutated
RNAi group that RNAi = RNA Silencing a certain protein will help us
has the certain interference. study the function of the protein.
protein silenced The gene is silenced
by destroying the
segment of RNA that
translates the gene.
Mutant group that
has the certain
protein function
Mutant group that
has the certain
protein function
1/2 treated with
drug and 1/2
treated with
placebo =
negative control
1/2 treated with
drug and 1/2
untreated =
positive control
1/2 treated with
altered drug and
1/2 treated with
normal drug =
positive control