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PathogenDx, Inc.

Launches Disruptive Environmental Screening Technology for

Growers and Cultivators in the Legalized Cannabis Sector

PathogenDx, an Arizona based biotechnology company, which has developed a disruptive,

game-changing pathogen detection screening platform recently completed the development of its
second product as an entre into the legalized cannabis sector. The PDx-Es technology for
Environmental Screening will provide growers and cultivators information on detection of pathogen
contamination for up to 30 organisms within less than a days turnaround of the test.

Scottsdale, AZ, April 19, 2017 --( PathogenDx is pleased to announce that it has developed an
Ultra-Rapid Environmental Screening test for the Cannabis Sector. This is the second product offering
from the company after the launch of its PDx-C technology for regulated microbial testing within the
medical and recreational cannabis sector. The product to be branded as PDx-Es for Environmental
Screening, will specifically target growers and cultivators who are at major risk of contamination during
their grow cycles. The testing services offered with this product would be available either through
partnering labs carrying the PathogenDx technology, or growers directly interested in acquiring the
capability. The PDx-Es technology is extremely simple and easy to administer. Swabs of working
surfaces, ancillary equipment, and mechanicals are taken, and then sent to a local lab for testing. Within
48 hours of receipt, results of detection of human pathogen will be available. The value of the rapidity
and frequency of this data will allow growers to identify contamination levels within the surroundings of
the cultivation, and know where to sterilize and clean those areas and take preventive action from

The PDx technology provides the only DNA based test that can detect for multiple pathogens
simultaneously. Milan Patel, CEO of PathogenDx, commented that the application is easy and simple,
with one swab being able to provide the contamination information for up to 30 pathogens. Current
environmental screening methods used today takes days for results, and growers would have to apply up
to 30 different swabs for the same number of pathogens. The PDx-Es test is ground breaking in that it will
be the only test available where results can be delivered within a day's shift after swabs have been

Damon Nutt, owner and Master Grower of Arizona Cannabis Society, commented that PDx Technology
will put his patients at ease because it allows for rapid determination of contamination but also allows
him to know his facilities are clean and if there is an issue, he will know within one day! We have used
this test with soil, water, air filters and swabs and we know for sure what we are introducing into our
plant's environment.

Dr. Carl Yamashiro, the company's VP of Product Development, stated that this is the second of a
number of products to be released by PathogenDx, which will be coming to the market during 2017.
Products include testing for pathogens in food, agriculture and water, see Because
PathogenDx uses its proprietary low cost and flexible microarray technology, PDx can keep up with the
ever changing microbial testing requirements with few or no adjustments. With this product, the company
has focused in simplifying the sample collection process without the need to do overnight enrichment or

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incubation. Specialized or custom pathogen or microbial panels for environmental testing can be
developed in a matter of a few months or less by PathogenDx.

About: Established in Nov. 2014, PathogenDxs' mission is to deliver disruptive testing technology and
solutions to the botanical, food and agricultural testing markets that provide breakthrough simplicity, and
cost-effectiveness, at an adaptable scale for both large and small testing facilities. The technology offers
growers, processors, producers, consumers and ancillary services within the botanical, food and
agricultural markets real-time data/information pertaining to the quality of their product. For more
information go to

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