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Turning Weaknesses into Strengths

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Bringing inUsing scriptures, scholarly criticism, and personal experiences, Dr. Hickman creates a
richly formulated yet beautifully simple message to all learners.

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In a his BYU devotional titled Weaknesses into Strength in Our Search for
KnowledgeWeakness into Strength in Our Search for Knowledge,
Trenton L. Hickman, an associate chair and professor in the Department of English at BYU,
provides insights into how people can turn weaknesses into strengths. He asserts that the most
successful learnersreaders, writers, and speakersfind their success through Atonement of
Jesus Christthe Atonement. He also explains that the scriptures give a pattern for these successful
learners: weaknesses become strengths when the learner employs humility and faith.
Dr. Hickman points out that in the Book of Mormon, the historian MoroniMoroni, like most
learners, experiences writers block when h, e is overcome by the fearfearing that his weak and
insufficient words will be mocked by readers. But Tthe Spirit teaches Moroni that his weakness
can become a strength through the Atonement of Jesus Chris, because the Saviors Atonement
brings him the opportunity "to choose humility . . . [as well as] to exert faith and to learn." When
. Dr. Hickman describes how Moroni humbles himself and places his faith in the Lord,. This
theallows the Lord is finally able to use Moroni as an instrument and give him the words he
needs to create the scriptural record.
Dr. Hickman also shares personal experiences of how following this pattern of weakness,
humility, and faith allowed the Spirit to help him become a better writer and speaker. For
example, when faced with the challenges of publishing in academia, Dr. Hickman knew he could
not achieve his goals on his own. Turning to the Lord in humility, he found success. Similarly,
when he found himself and his religion ridiculed by an unlikely source, Dr. Hickman did not
know what to say. As he prayed to the Lord in faith and humility, and the Spirit provided him
with the right words to neutralize the tension and clearly express the truth in a Christlike manner.
Some people view humility and faith as liabilities, but Dr. Hickman assures readers that
both are assets. He declares that "faith is not a set of blinders but an eye-opening experience,
and that the gift of the Holy Ghost is not a cowards crutch but a courageous revelator of the
truth of all things." Dr. Hickman reminds all learners that weakness is natural, but that Hhumility
and faith in the Lord will transform learners, allowing the Spirit to make better readers, writers,
and speakers of every person who comes unto Christ.

Read Trenton L Hickman's full BYU devotional address Weaknesses into Strength in Our
Search for Knowledge.
Read the full BYU devotional Weakness into Strength in Our Search for Knowledge
Source: BYU Speeches

Jill Hacking, Mormon Insights

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