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Money talks
4.1 Can you talk about your intentions?
1 Expand the questions, then unscramble 3 Write what she is going to do.
the answers.
a Tom, / borrow / toothbrush / ? eat junk food go to bed early
no, / cant / you / ! play computer games take up a sport
Tom, can I borrow your toothbrush?
No, you cant!
b Tom, / lend / your homework / ?
here / you / are / sure, / .
c Tom, / borrow / 50 euros / ? a b
but / yesterday / lent / you / I / 20 / !
d Becky / lend / trainers / ?
sorry, / them / I / but / need / .
______________________________________ c d
e Becky / borrow / handkerchief / ?
Im / got / one / I / afraid / havent / !
a ______________________________________
Shes going to take up a sport.
______________________________________ b ______________________________________
c ______________________________________
2 Match the offers and promises. d ______________________________________
a These bagpipes are really heavy! ___5
b Someone is ringing the doorbell! ___ 4 Expand these sentences about Jills
c The plane leaves really early, we should intentions and promises.
check in at six a.m. ___ a She / not going to / lazy.
d Did you know it was Sarahs birthday on ______________________________________
Shes not going to be lazy.
Friday? ___ b She / going to / homework.
e I really cant understand this Maths ______________________________________
homework! ___ c She / not going to / waste time.
f I cant dance, I dont like people watching ______________________________________
me! ___ d She / not going to / bed late.
1 Dont worry, Ill help you later. ______________________________________
e She / going to / healthy food.
2 Never mind, I wont look!
3 Dont worry, I wont be late!
4 Really? Ill buy her a present on the way 5 Write five intentions for yourself for
home. next month.
5 Ill carry them for you! a ______________________________________
Im going to paint my room.
6 Ill answer it!
b ______________________________________
c ______________________________________
d ______________________________________
e ______________________________________

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Money talks
4.2 Vocabulary
1 Complete the text with the missing 4 Write these words in the gaps.
a I had a delicious plate of ___yst___rs
o e at the
b We have a lovely c___ ___l fire every winter.
c Money is the root of all ___v___l.
d The results of the s___rv___y were very
e She packed her s___ ___tc___s___ yesterday.
f I need a h___ndk___rch___ ___f to blow my nose.
g My mother gives me 50 pence of p___ck___t
m___n___y a week.

2 Match the words with their definitions.

bagpipes coal dresses up Hogmanay
a oysters ___
Hogmanay kilts stranger tartan
b coal ___
traditional year
c pocket money ___
d strangers ___ (a) ____________
Hogmanay is a (b) ____________ Scottish
e mate ___ celebration. It takes place on New Years Eve,
f make-up ___ which is the last day of the (c) _____________.
g con ___ People get together to eat, drink and dance.
1 an informal word for friend The music is played on (d) _____________,
2 seafood that can produce a pearl from a which are traditional Gaelic wind instruments.
grain of sand Everybody (e) _____________ in their best
3 another word for deceive clothes and the men often wear (f) _________,
4 a small amount of money some children which are made from (g) __________. The first
receive weekly person to enter your house after midnight on
5 a black mineral that burns (h) _____________ is called a first-footer. This

6 people who dont know each other person is supposed to be a (i) _____________
7 colours that we put on our faces and they should bring a piece of (j) _________.
This is a symbol of good luck and fortune for
3 Connect the words. the coming year.
a eye-shadow lipstick mascara ___
b 50 pence weekly parents ___ 5 Read the clues and complete the
c Hogmanay kilts bagpipes ___ words.
d handbag necklace scarf ___ a __verag__
a e general rate or amount
e mineral black fire ___ b __moun__ a quantity
f holidays pack clothes ___ c __o__ a way to cheat someone out
g friend pal play ___ of their money
1 pocket money d __tranger__ people who dont know each
2 mate other
3 coal e __il__ the traditional costume worn
4 make-up by the Scots
5 suitcase f __raditio__ a long-established custom
6 accessories g __vi__ the devil represents this
7 Scotland h __onclusio__ another word for the end

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Money talks
4.3 Can you talk about pocket money?
1 Put these words in the right place. 3 Complete the conversation with
these words.
around con conclusions
evil make-up spend money on a lot a lot enough
survey weekly many much some

a Pay for things: ________________.

spend money on JOSH: How (a) _______
much pocket money do
b You find out peoples opinions by asking you get, Maisie?
questions in a _____________________. MAISIE: Well, not very (b) _________! I only
c Another word for the results of a survey: get five euros a week, but I get quite
_____________________. (c) _________ more when I help my

d More or less: _____________________. mum and dad. How about you?

e Every week: _____________________. J: I get ten euros a week.
f What girls or women put on their faces to M: Wow! How (d) __________ jobs do you
look prettier: _____________________. do at home?
g The opposite of good: __________________. J: My mum says I dont do (e) __________!
h Another word for trick: __________________. Actually, I dont do very much work
around the house on school days, but
I do (f) __________ more during the
2 Circle the correct answer. weekends. What about you?
Maisie Josh Luke Matty M: Well, I do (g) ___________ things, and
12 11 13 12 my sister does other things around
the house, but only at the weekend.

4 Complete these sentences with

is or are.
a Homework ______
is a necessary evil!
first get b Clothes ______ an important way of showing
pocket 7 8 7 8
who we are.
c Fast food ______ bad for you.
d Sweets ______ yummy!
pocket 5 euros 10 euros 7 euros 12 euros e Lemonade ______ horrible!
money f PC games _______ expensive.
g Music ______ my life!
sweets, food, food, sweets,
h Fashion ______ for idiots!
make-up, drink, drink, make-up,
spent on
hair sweets, sweets, earrings
things CD PC games 5 Circle the correct option.
a She hasnt got enough / too much money.
a The average age of the children in the survey She cant come.
is ten / twelve / eleven and a half. b Hes got a lot of / too many friends hes
b The average age to start getting pocket lucky!
money is seven / eight / seven and a half. c They have too much / a lot of things to do
c The average amount of pocket money is before they can go home.
6.00 / 7.50 / 8.50 euros. d We havent got enough / many eggs to make
d The boys mostly spend their pocket money a cake.
on things to eat and drink / accessories. e You havent got a lot of / enough clothes, lets
e The girls mostly spend their pocket money go and buy some new ones!
on things to eat and drink / accessories. f I havent got enough / many time to finish this!

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Money talks
4.4 Reading and writing
1 Match the headings to the paragraphs.
Work and war Money makes the world go around!
From stage to screen Problems around the world

a __________________________________________
Problems around the world.
Cabaret is a famous film which is set in Berlin during the Great
Depression in the 1930s, a period when there was poverty and
financial difficulties all around the world. It was during this time that
Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany, because he promised the
people he could solve their problems.
b __________________________________________
In the end, instead of helping the German people, his actions
contributed to the beginning of the Second World War. One of the
reasons for this was that he employed lots of people in the factories
to build weapons. That meant that people in Germany had work, but
other countries in Europe became afraid of what Hitler was going to
do. They were right to be afraid. During the 1930s Hitler broke lots
of promises and began to invade countries around Germany.
c __________________________________________
The story of Cabaret was written by a man who had lived in Berlin during the 1920s. It takes place
at the beginning of the 1930s, when Hitlers Nazi party was becoming very strong. Before being
made into a film, Cabaret was a novel and then a musical for the stage. It was written during the
1960s and was a great success.
d __________________________________________
It was even more successful when it was turned into a film
in the 1970s starring the famous actress and singer Liza
Minelli. One of the most famous songs from the film it
is not in the original musical is called Money, Money. This
song tells us that money is the most important thing in the
world for many people.
Certainly, when people have not got money, it can cause
many problems.

2 Write true (T) or false (F).

a Cabaret is a film about a man from Berlin. _____
b Adolf Hitler became the leader of Germany because he said he would help people. _____
c Hitler spent lots of money making military machinery and weapons. _____
d Hitlers Nazi party was popular in the 1920s. _____
e Cabaret was a success first in the 1970s. _____
f The song Money, Money is from the original show. _____

3 Write sentences using this information.

a Cabaret / film / 1930s ___________________________________________________________________
Cabaret is a famous film, set in the 1930s
b Hitler / promised / problems ______________________________________________________________
c countries / Europe / afraid / Hitler _________________________________________________________
d Cabaret / novel / musical / film ____________________________________________________________
e Money, Money / famous / important _______________________________________________________

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Money talks
4.5 Culture
Brand names
1 Which companies do you associate with these words?
a drink software fast food jeans sportswear
a Nike __ b Pepsi __ c Levis __ d McDonalds __ e Microsoft __

2 How do you say these words in your language?

a brand name _______________ d advertising ______________
b sponsorship ________________ e promotion ______________
c advertisement _______________ f logo _______________

3 Read the article and write the missing words. Use the picture clues to help you.

Nowadays there is a lot of advertising on (a) _________

television Some (b) _________

say there is far too much advertising. In any case, with all the competition, brand names must look for new

ways to get into our (c) ______________ . A recent survey found that the average

(d) _________ encounters 1,500 examples of brand promotion every day.

Corporate sponsorship in the (e) _____________ has gone up by 700% in the past fifteen years.

We see it at all public events. Here are just two examples of extreme sponsorship:

One of the most fashionable (f) __________ in Toronto was painted silver for a whole

(g) __________ by Levis to promote its Silver Tab (h) __________ . NASA

has said that it is going to accept advertisements on all future (i) _____________ flights.

By the way, we already know that Pepsi wants to project the Pepsi logo onto the (j) ________ !

4 Write true (T) or false (F). Correct the false sentences.

a Nobody complains about the number of advertisements.
F - Some people say there is too much advertising.
b Advertisers must try harder now to make their products memorable.
c Nobody uses advertising at public events.
d Soon we will see advertising on spaceships.
e Pepsi wants to sell their drink to people living on the moon.

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