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Brandon Lyons

PPE 235
Anatomy and Physiology Lesson
Objective :
1.) SWBAT properly draw and label a diagram of the digestive system starting at the oral
cavity(mouth) and ending at the rectum via a group quiz given.
2.) SWBAT demonstrate via a quiz knowledge of the functions of the digestive system and
how and where the effect the functions of physical activity the most.
3.) SWBAT demonstrate verbal communication about content knowledge via the digestion
system activity described below.
Instruction :
1.) A power point presentation will be given to students by the instructor with a visual
representation via a model to show the anatomy of the digestive system.
2.) Students will show comprehension of the topic being presented via clicker questions as
to evaluate what needs more time.(Attendance points given for a response)
3.) The power point presentation will be used to show students the physiology of the
digestive system and how it pertains to physical activity.
4.) A game where students take the place of certain parts of the digestive system and make
it function properly via verbal communication will also be used for instruction.
5.) Students will be quizzed at end of the lesson on Anatomy and physiology via Quiz
provided below.
Activity Plan :
1.) During presentation student will discuss with class mates about the clicker questions
2.) Game implementation will be used one day to give a visual and physical representation
of the content being learned.
3.) After lesson is given students will take a quiz to asses comprehension of the content.
Assessment Plan :
1.) Quiz Example
Students will be given full class period to take quiz.

Question one : Draw and label the main parts of the digestive system. Label the areas
food is broken down and what type of macro molecule is being digested. Describe the
travel of nutrients once they are absorbed.
Multiple Choice Questions follow the diagram :
ie. Where are Carbohydrates broken down?
a.) the mouth
b.) the stomach
c.) the small intestine
d.) all of the above
e.) a. and b.
f.) b. and c.
2.) Students will play a game setup by instructor where the digestive system is enlarged and
students take the place of organs and make the system work. Balls and other equipment
will be used to represent macro molecules and where they are absorbed or combined
with enzymes. One student will start the verbal cues at the mouth and start the chain of
verbal cues from the other positions. Students will switch roles several times and be able
to cue for each other during the game.