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There are many different vibrations coming from outside that we

are recognizing as our own thoughts, emotions, feelings, sexuality

etc. What we dont understand is that they are not ours and they
entered our system only because we were open to them. External
pressure in form of a particular vibration can enter our system only
if there is same or similar vibration already in us. Our mind will
then associate and recognize that vibration as our own. We can
often feel that something inside is not ours, but in process of
associating, our mind eliminates that possibility and accepts that
vibration as our own, thus starting initial process of identification
with that vibration. Frequent repetition of that process will result in
that vibration eventually become our own", ie. we become
identified with it and we think it is ours. So called energy field
around us, which is in charge of protecting us from influence of
external vibrations, but will not get stronger and be supported as
many think, only by visualizations or all sorts of mantras. I am not
saying that this is impossible, obviously, some people had success,
but we are left with the question; how deep is such protection,
which level of the energy field are they able to secure in such a
There is another way. To create something that is missing , ie.
that there are only traces of it. It is reinforced Consciousness,
clear, which is not permeable by things that dont belong in it, it is
a process of self-observation, witnessing, clear focus, goal, etc.
One of basic steps for strengthening and supporting our energy
field is to bring to consciousness all obstacles we have and that we
normaly take for granted. Another step is to make ourselves a
whole, or to embody our Consciousness in such a strong way that
it becomes our own cell, our body, vibrating energy around us that
protects us from all unwanted vibrations from outside. One of the
last steps is to comprehend the Truth, to know our inner Truth, ie.
what we are. That is strongest and most direct protection . Any
identification with any identity will let in all vibrations that relate
with that identity. When we get to know out true identity, we
become permeable only for that what belongs to vibrations of that
level. But it is foollish to think that there will be no mind, that there
will be no processes in mind, that our personality will cease to
exist. They will be still here, receiving external vibrations according
to their own level of transformation. But the Knowledge that you
are not them, that you are the Truth manifesting in body and mind,
but outside of them at the same time, will not allow identification
with that processes. Then the processes are easily discriminated,
they dont contaminate emotion, while the part which is closest to
the Truth you are reflects you, not the processes. The part of you
in charge of external functioning does its work and lives in a world
of processes, a world of corporeality. (matter)

That what is difficult for an unconscious man is to hold certain

vibrations and thus to change internal and external. To be able to
do so, a long training and a conscious intention, that doesnt give
up a set goal, are needed.

Every vibration entering within us is related to vibration that exit

from us, but is also related with vibration of the entity we are
identified with.

Bringing to Consciousness vibrations that enter our system begin

with bringing to Consciousness all vibrations we already have