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Riya Patel

ePortfolio Assignment Part 3

Currently I am doing an internship at The Christ Hospital and I work at the Atrium Lobby.
My role here is telling incoming people where to go. They usually come in to visit a patient and I
have to look up which room the patient is in and direct them how to get there. Other duties I
have is delivering flowers to patients that visitors bring in. My shifts are four hours long and
since I work on Friday nights, it is not as hectic. One professional skill that I learned while
interning at The Christ Hospital is communicating with visitors and patients in a professional and
welcoming manner. Hospitals are a place where people come in and want to feel comfortable
and welcomed. I always greet patients and visitors in a positive and welcoming way. I also have
to talk professionally with them and my supervisors and other members working in the hospital.
These communications skills will help me throughout my career. I will be interacting with
patients, co-workers, and superiors throughout my whole medical career so, it is very helpful for
me to practice these skills here. Also speaking to people and helping them find their way has
made me a more open person as a whole. I usually am a shy person so this internship has been
benefiting me greatly in both aspects.

Since I work at the front desk and interact with patient visitors majority of the time, I am
not able to apply my science skills (Chemistry and Biology) towards them. One class that I have
taken that correlated with my major is PD 1001. In this class we talked about ethics and social
determinants in the health field. In this class I learned about the HIPAA policy and patient
confidentiality. Since I work at the front desk I have records of all the patients that are in the
hospital and what kind of care they are in and where they are located. I have to be careful with
this information and make sure that it does not get shown to people other than the staff and
volunteers at the hospital.
One project that I worked on is a career project on the field of Dentistry. This project
helped me pick my career to be a dentist. Before I started it, I was not sure if I wanted to be a
MD/DO or a dentist but as I gained more knowledge about dentistry I knew it was what I wanted
to do. In this project I researched all the education, skills, and work that dentists did. This really
helped me become more prepared for the classes and things that I wanted to complete as I
started college last semester. Also I was able to make connections with dentists and complete
shadowing hours too. It was very beneficial learning experience that helped get me started in
my path to be a dentist.
Another project that I completed was my last semester in my PD 1001 class. We did a
photovoice project based on a book that established social determinants of western medicine. In
this project we had to relate our personal experiences that showed how other cultures see
western medicine in a different way. This project helped me view the practice of western
medicine in a different perspective. My family is originally from India and I was able to relate
how my grandparents viewed some of the things that doctors did in the United States as a
negative thing. This project helped me gain the knowledge that other cultures need to be
respected too when it comes to the practice of medicine and that some people might think that
taking medications and other things can hurt the body because it is their temple. Seeing things
like this and keeping an open mind is very important in the field of medicine and this project
helped me realize that.

Over the summer of 2016, I was invited to join the HealthPath and Leadership 2.0 program at the
University of Cincinnati. Upon completion of the seven-week program I was awarded a
certificate and scholarship money. The program was for pre-health profession students. I was a
part of a team where we worked together and supported each other through rigorous courses that
were to help prepare us for our first semester of college. One role that I played in this program
was helping my team with Chemistry and Biology. In high school, I took AP courses and this
really helped me prepare for the science classes I took in the summer and continued on in my
first year of college. I helped tutor some of the students in the program and helped them with
their homework and other assignments. In this program, I was able too learn more in depth about
Chemistry and Biology and how my classes were going to be set up my first semester. Also, we
networked with many health professionals at the University of Cincinnati when we visited the
medical campus. This program helped me open up new opportunities and connections in the
health field. I was able to also connect with professors at the University of Cincinnati, where I
actually met my Biology I Professor Dr. Kinkle. Also the courses I took in the summer helped
me be more prepared for my first semester of college.

Picture of the Summer Bridge Program at our Closing Ceremony.

Another organization that I am involved in is at my temple, The Jain Center of Cincinnati and
Dayton. At my temple I am the Youth Coordinator in which I organize events for the kids that
come to the center. I usually organize games and programs that help enlighten kids on the
religion of Jainism. I try to make the programs creative and fun because it is really hard to talk
about serious things and entertain children at the same time. Through this, I learned better time
management skills and keeping things organized. Planning events on time and making sure I had
everything together for them helped me become a more organized person overall because I had
to have them ready by a certain time and it kept me from procrastinating. This skill is relevant to
my future because as I will need well time management skills as I start taking more rigorous
courses and have to complete certain things in order to get into Dental school. Also, once I
become a dentist I will have to be a very organized and structured person because I hope to own
my own practice one day and that will require a lot of these skills.
Picture of The Jain Center of Cincinnati and Dayton.