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Liceul Pedagogic Gheorghe Sincai

Profesor: Kiss Kinga

Data: 14.11. 2014

Class: IX D
General theme: Domeniul personal
Title of the lesson: - The Proposal- Friends
Type of the lesson: acquiring new vocabulary
Competente specifice:
Objective: -to acquire proposal related vocabulary.
-to become more aware of vocabulary, fluency, rhythm and intonation.

Interaction: group work, pair work, frontal work.

Material: handouts, Internet resources, snapshots
Methods: - brainstorming
- predicting
- debate
-role play

Time: 5
Aim: to increase motivation and engage SS. into predicting and speaking warm up activities.
Competente specifice: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 2.3, 3.1
Method: exchange of opinions.
Material: picture and a ring
Interaction: S-S-S
Description: T. asks SS. to have a look at the picture and the object and predict/guess what the lesson is going to
be about.

Follow-up activity:
As soon as the SS. see the picture of a knelt down man and the ring probably they will associate it with the
event of proposal and thus the key word of the lesson goes on the WB: PROPOSAL.

Activity 1
Time: 7
Aim: to engage SS. into predicting and speaking activity.
Competente specifica:
Method: prediction.
Material: Snapshots from the sitcom.
Interaction: groups of 3, frontal work.
Description: SS. walk around the class and based on the snapshots posted all over the class try to predict the
storyline of the episode they are about to watch.

Follow-up activity: From each group of three one leader will present their storyline version and if needed
further exploitation can be done, should this be needed.

Liceul Pedagogic Gheorghe Sincai
Profesor: Kiss Kinga
Data: 14.11. 2014

Activity 2
Time: 15
Aim: to generate relevant vocabulary
Competente specifica:
Material: Youtube video
Interaction: S-S, S-T
Description: SS. watch two excerpts with the sound off and then are asked to give several lines that they believe
could be said by the actors.

Follow-up activity: SS. watch again these two episodes and get the chance to confront their lines with the lines
uttered in the sitcom.

Activity 3
Time: 8
Aim: to generate relevant vocabulary
Competente specifica:
Method: script reading and character clash.
Material: handout.
Interaction: individual, pair work,in groups of 4, 2, OCFB.
Description: T. presents SS. the variety of character coupling available in the dialogues and they choose the
character they want to personalise and start reading silently the script and then they need to find a partner whom
to act out the dialogue in their own intimacy.

Follow up activity: 5
SS. are asked to read out 2, 3 lines they believe are either good at or they believe they have got the right attitude
to act it out.

Activity 4:
Time: 10
Aim: to practice native like fluency, intonation.
Competenta specifica: 1.3, 1.4.
Method: monologue, dialogue.
Material: handout
Interaction: pair and groups of three.
Description: After having done the dubbing activity and more preparation, SS. are asked to perform in front of
the class and must grade each others performance and finally decide which group has been the best.

Liceul Pedagogic Gheorghe Sincai
Profesor: Kiss Kinga
Data: 14.11. 2014