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Short-term goals: Identify family Provides baseline for establishing Short-term:

Subjective: Within 4 days of duty, the developmental stage plan of care. After 4 days of duty, the patient NURSING CARE
Pxs family history patient will be able to Observe patterns of Identifies weakness/areas of concern was able to express his feelings PLAN
Patient grew up in a express feelings freely and freely and appropriately and the Nursing Diagnosis:
communication in family. to be addressed as well as strengths
broken family appropriately. goal is met. Interrupted family
Are feelings expressed? that can be used for resolution of
Patient is the only child processes situational
Freely? Who talks to problem.
of the family whom? Who makes Long-term:
Patients mother died decisions? From whom? After 8 days of duty, the patient
when he was 18 y.o Who visits? When? What was able to demonstrate
Patient lives with his is the interaction between individual involvement in problem-
family members?
cousin solving processes directed at
Long-term goals: Acknowledge difficulties Reinforces that some degree of appropriate for the situation or
Within 8 days of duty, the and realities of the conflict is to be expected and can be crisis.
patient will be able to situation. used to promote growth.
Objective: demonstrate individual Encourage expression of Maintains boundaries between nurse
Patient stopped involvement in problem- anger. Avoid taking and family.
socializing with other solving processes directed comments personally as
people at appropriate for the the client is usually angry
situation or crisis. at the situation over
Patient stops
which he has little or no
conversing with other control.
Stress importance of To facilitate ongoing problem-solving
Patient is silent unlike
continuous, open
before dialogue between family
Patient decided to members
donate his organs to Encourage use of stress- To facilitate the occurrence of
charity management techniques depression
Patient sleeps 2-3 Provide educational To assist family members in resolution
hours materials and information of current crisis
Patient does not take a Involve family planning Promotes commitment to
bath because of for future and mutual goal goals/continuation of plan
decreased sleeping setting
Identify community To assess development of patients
agencies (visiting nurse condition and to guide patients
and trauma support progress.
group) for both immediate
and long-term support