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Student Teaching edTPA Lesson Plan Template

Subject: Reading Central Focus: Comprehension

Essential Standard/Common Core Objective:

Date submitted: Date taught: March 8, 2017

Daily Lesson Objective:

Performance- The students will read an article and be able to answer questions relating to the article.
Conditions- The students will work independently
Criteria- In order to meet the objective the students needs to score 80% on the reading comprehension question.
21st Century Skills: Critical Thinking Academic Language Demand (Language Function and
Vocabulary): Comprehend, apply comprehension strategy
taught to answering questions about the text

Prior Knowledge: Students needs to have knowledge of reading fluency, and some strategy to help with
thinking about what they are reading

Activity Description of Activities and Setting Time

Today class we are going to be focusing on understanding what we are 3-5
reading. This is a very important skill we need to have. The main goal minute
of reading is to find meaning. Without comprehension (understanding
1. Focus and Review what we are reading) we are simply just looking at words, and
sounding them out. When reading good readers are always questioning
what they are reading. These questions help us to become active
2. Statement of 1 minute
Students will be able to read an article, and comprehend what the article
is about.
for Student
Today we are going to do a think aloud. We are going to read an article minute
called Kids who fought for Change Just by looking at the article what
do you think the story might be about? It is important to make
predictions before we read because it gets our brain thinking about the
topic before we even start reading. The students will have the article in
front of them. While reading I will stop, and make comments about
3. Teacher Input what I am reading. I will show the students what it looks like to be
thinking out aloud about what the text is saying. I will read the first
paragraph aloud. I will stop after I finish it and say I wonder why
nobody would serve them just because they were African American I
will do this after every paragraph. After we finish reading the whole
article I will ask the students for the main idea. We will then go through
and answer all the guided practice questions.

4. Guided Practice For Guided Practice, I have 5 questions that we will answer as a class. 10
These questions are close reading questions about the article. I will read minutes
each question out loud and give the students a few seconds to go back
into the article to find the answer and support. The questions include,
1. Why did Ayanna and her friends go into the Katz Drug Store
2. Which details from the article support the idea that life in the 1950s
was different for black people in the north than it was in the south?
3. How did the first day of the sit in differ from the second day?
4.What does Ayanna mean when she says it was a slam dunk to be
able to sit there and have a hamburger and coke?
5. Based on her quotes in the article, what can you infer about Ayanna
feels about kid power

For independent practice the students will be responsible for answering 10

3 questions about the article like we did for our guided practice. This minutes
5. Independent Practice time the questions are multiple choice.

6. Assessment Methods Students will be given 3 questions to answer about the text we read. They will be
of able to use the article to go back and look for their answers. For them to meet the
all objectives/skills: objective the students will need to score at least 80%
In closure I will collect each independent practice as they finish once 5 minutes
everyone is done we will go over the answers as a class to review. I will
ask the students to show me where they found the answers in the text. I
7. Closure will ask students to remind me why it is important to understand what
we read.

There were 18 students who took the assessment. 9 students scored perfect, and
8. Assessment Results of seven students got 2 out of 3 questions correct, and two students got 1 out of 3
all objectives/skills: correct.

Targeted Students Student/Small Group Modifications/Accommodations

Modifications/Accommodations: I would pull a group to the back table if they are
For student who may struggle more with reading struggling. We will go through the questions together
they are pulled out first thing in the morning by the pointing about key points, and looking for the answers to
reading teacher so they will be missing my lesson. the questions. When we find them we will underline them.
If they were present though when we got into We will also read questions before we read the article.
independent work I would work more with them.

Materials/Technology: Scholastic Issue Edition 4, Chromebooks, worksheet, pencil

Reflection on lesson: This was my first lesson taught, and I was a little worried because I was not yet familiar
with the class. It went better than I expected, and the teacher provided with great feedback that I could use on
my lessons later in the week .
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