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Bandler, A. (2016, July 28). 7 facts on gun crime that show gun control doesn't work. The Daly

wire. Retrieved from

The author of this article has been a part of the daily wire writing about national news as
well as politics since September 2011.he has a Journalism degree as well as an Economics
the article the author gives several facts on why gun control doesnt help reduce crime as many believe it
does, he does so by giving stats on cities as well as countries that have tried this for example Britain and
he even includes a graph showing how the homicide rate went up after the ban of handguns. This helps
my research because it helps show the reader that even though there may be some arguments saying we
need more strict gun laws striping law abiding citizens of them will not reduce crime rates.

Fargo, R. (2015, December 2). Gun control is not the answer: Opposing view. USA

Today. Retrieved from

The author of this article has been writing articles for since February
2010. In the article the reader really shows what side of gun control hes on he lets the
reader know how he really feels and gives good reasons for it although its really biased
this article could help my research by persuading the reader to see that gun control wont
help to stop violent crimes.

Gillespie, N. (2016, June 13). Gun control isnt the answer. The daily Beast. Retrieved from
The author of this article is the editor of and he was also the editor
in chief of Reason magazine from 2000 to 2008 and while under his direction Reason won the 2005
Western Publications Association "Maggie" Award for Best Political Magazine. In the article above
the writer manly talks about one incident the recent shooting that went on in the Orlandos gay
nightclub Pulse he gives a short background on the shooter and tells how people that knew him first
hand would describe him he talks a little about politics and makes the point that putting a gun
ban will not stop a will stop a jihadist bent on a suicide mission. This article also supports my
research because it backs up law abiding citizens on wanting to protect themselves against
unpredictable attacks.
Perez-Pena, R. (2015, October 7). Gun Control Explained. New York Times. Retrieved from
The writer of this article has been a part of The Times since 1992, and has covered a
number of stories in several different topics to include but not limited to education,
politics, government, and even health care. In this article the author gives basic
information to the readers on gun control explaining what it is what law enforcement
authorities stand on the subject and even gives some reasons on why people are for and
against it. This helps my research because it gives a lot of basic information the reader
might want to know if its his or hers first time reading up on the subject.

Wilson, J. Q. (2007, April 20). Gun control isn't the answer. Los Angeles Times. Retrieved from
The author of the article above taught at Harvard University as well as UCLA. He as also
written several books but one of his most knows ones is "Thinking About Crime." In the article
the writer talks about several things he talks about the Virginia tech shooting and mentions how
other countries and how they have made false claims regarding our gun control laws.