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Date Time Action Personnel Location Equipment Props Contingency

18/04 5pm-8pm Test shots for CJ, My house Camera, lighting, - Cjs art convention-
film Aidan, Tripod, she is unfamiliar to
Victoria Microphone, the area and so, it
SD card, is hard for her to
Laptop get around.
19/04 5pm-9pm Start shooting Cj, My house Camera, lighting, Cutlery, Gem has dance
for all scenes Aidan, Tripod, coffee which finishes
inside and Victoria, Microphone, mugs, around 3pm and
outside of Judys Gemma, SD card, money so, needs time to
house ------ Laptop rest in between.
20/04 5pm-9pm Finish filming at Cj, Botany Town Camera, lighting, Car, Travelling to
my house and Aidan, Centre, Tripod, parcel, different places-
start shots to Victoria, Cascades Microphone, deposit with equipment
film the Gemma, second hand SD card, box, gun
depositing of ------, store Laptop
the parcel- Jenn
scenes with
Jack, Judy and
21/04 5pm-9pm Finish scene 1 Cj, Botany Town Camera, lighting, Car, We dont have
and 2 of the Aidan, Centre, Tripod, parcel, enough lighting
parcel scenes. Victoria, Street next to Microphone, deposit that is able to
Then begin Gemma, mine, SD card, box, fake make a significant
shots for the ------ Cascades Laptop blood difference and so,
beginning scene second hand we must use
where Judy and store natural lighting
Albert meet. from the street
Then if done, lights.
shoot scene
where Albert is
shot in the
shoulder (very
first scene-
opening scene).
22/04 5pm-8pm Shoot ending of Cj, Botany Town Camera, lighting, Car, Every day, the
the film- Aidan, Centre, Tripod, parcel, gun weather is
Redefine all Victoria, My house, Microphone, unpredictable and
shoots of the Gemma, street next to SD card, therefore- filming is
film, go back to ------ mine Laptop influenced
reshoot or get negatively if its
more angles raining or
keeping in mind extremely windy.
of film noir