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Hi Mam,

Please find below the necessary changes has to be made,

1.Some water mark in the forms to identify whether the form is User or ccaf or c
2.Need provision for the deleting the uploaded files (only by the user who has u
ploaded the file)
3.The files in the storage can be downloaded by any authorised user who recieves
the key in mail.
4.File Requested user should be displayed in the ccaf page.
5.CSP > Login Request form,
Change the link caption Allow to Enable (we can remove the colum heading De-Ac
6.CSP > View Users form,
Change the link caption De-activate to Disable (we can remove the colum headin
g De-Active)
7.User > Upload form
User Name and Master key is in editable textbox (it has to be changed to a lab
el or just only displayed not editable)
8. User > View File
Change the values for Status i.e the De-Active to "Upload Pending" or "Upload
ed" which ever is appropriate.
9. User > View File
Once the link "send" is clicked it should get disabled so that by mistake it
cannot be clicked again by the same user.
10. User > Upload
"File uploaded" response should be as "File Upload request sent to CCAF"
11. CCAF > Upload Request > layer 2

Remove the 2 line message "the

12. CCAF > Upload Request > layer 3
Replace the :Convergent Key Encryption Completed..." as Convergent Encryptio
n Completed...
After convergent key encryption where the 5 files stored
13. User > Download
Files should also be displayed in Download form and from there only the reque
st has to be sent. In the download coulmn you can put the status as "Download "
once clicked it can show as "Download requested"
14. CCAF > Download Request >

10. CCAF > Upload Request > layer 3

The files displayed in in the web page is not the actual files in the folder "C:
\files\enc\ccaf" it is showing some random text.

I think the algorithm for downloading files i.e combinig the 5 files and converg
ent decryption is not taking place, you are directly calling the initial text fi
le which in image encoded to text file. Please find the error message below C:\files\enc\best-dp.txt (The system cannot find
the file specified)
If the algorithm is working fine, the following has to take placethe d
1. The files in folder C:\files\enc\ccaf - has to be decrypted using con
vergent decryption
2. The downloading user has to be authenticated
3. The decrypted 5 files has to be combined to a single file.
4. The combined single file has to be then decrypted for DEs with the ke
y sent in the mail.

I find that you have not even decoded the text file to image file. C:\files\best-dp.jpg (The system cannot find the
file specified)
Your are just saving the file and calling back the file again, this is not our a
im of the project.
I feel so disappointed with the work done.
Nagarajan RV