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CCDE Lab Preparation?
The Cisco CCDE Practical Exam is an 8-
hour, scenario-based design exam that will Only candidates that have a passing score
assess your ability to analyze design on the CCDE Written Exam may register
requirements, develop network designs, for the CCDE Practical Exam. The topics
justify design decisions, and validate and that are covered in the CCDE Practical
optimize a network design. The exam will Exam are located within the exam topics.
assess your ability to apply your specific The exam scenarios may change in each
body of knowledge into current business instance that the exam is delivered;
problems of technical network design. however, the topics will remain the same.
Product-specific knowledge including
version of code, implementation and
operations specific concepts is not tested
on the CCDE exam
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Here we present CCDE Questions by
Question No 1:

Which technology can provide direct connectivity optimally

(without going through BMS) for communications between the
remote BMS properties?

C. IP-in-IP
Question No 2:

Which two additional pieces of information do you need to

create the optimal design that meets the requirements? (Choose

A. BGP Topology/Architecture
C. IGP Routing
D. Billing
E. IP Addressing Bandwidth
Question No 3:

Which is the most important missing information when designing

the BGP based solution to integrate BMS and IMC backbones?

A. BGP AS number allocation for the core, data center, and

customers within IMC
B. Route targets used in IMC
C. Route distinguishers used in IMC
D. BGP peering topology deployed in IMC
Question No 4:

Which three questions would you additional information that is necessary for
you to make sure that the BMS network can support the new services offered
by IMC? (Choose three)
What are routing convergence times in case of a link or node failure with the
ISP could?

A. What is the routing convergence times in case of a failure of a DS3 WAN,

backbone router link, or node?
B. What is the latency and jitter from backbone router to backbone router?
C. Which network management tools and protocols are in use?
D. What is the latency and jitter for packets from edge router to WAN router?
Question No 5:

Why should BMS replace the existing billing system for IMC?
Because IMC uses a billing system that will not integrate with
the provisioning system used by BMS

A. Because IMC uses a billing system that is subscription-

B. Because IMC uses a billing system that will not scale with
the number of BMS subscribers
C. Because IMC uses a billing system built on proprietary
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