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Wordly Astonishment

Alan White

Wordly Astonishment

T his is a new idea for the use of Card Sharks Pheonix

Double Decker cards. It was inspired by two effects,
Deep Astonishment by Paul Harris and The Name Matrix
(from The Magic of Alan Wakeling, Jim Steinmeyer, page
213) by Alan Wakeling.

The performer has four cards, one of each suit, freely
selected face up by a spectator. The cards are spread
face down showing that each card has a letter printed on
the back. It is explained that the red cards are lettered
from A to M and the black cards from N to Z. The
performer shows a few cards back and front to show the
random nature of the card value/lettering. The spectator
is now asked to turn the cards over and try to form the
longest word he can from the four. The spectator does
this and let us assume he forms the word MIST. The
performer now points to a small black envelope that has
been in full view from the start and has not been touched
by anyone. On opening the envelope the spectator takes
out a card and written on it is the word MIST. A moment
of Wordly Astonishment.

Pack of Red backed Double Decker deck of cards.
Black Sharpie pen
Small Black envelope with a piece of white card inside with
the word MIST written on it.
Roughing Fluid (Science Friction?)

Wordly Astonishment

Set Up
Separate the two decks of the Double Decker pack and
arrange each deck into suit order face up with the Kings
on the top. Take one deck and using the Sharpie write the
letter M on the back of all the Hearts, I on the Diamonds,
S on the Spades and T on the Clubs. Rough the backs of
these cards, easier with the Rough & Smooth Spray Grid.
Now take the other deck and write the letters A to M on
the backs of the Hearts and Diamonds in such a way that
the letters and cards have no link between them (i.e. AH
is not lettered A, 2H is not B etc.). This will mean that
both the Hearts and Diamonds will be separately lettered
A to M but neither should have the letters I & M, instead
use extra letters L so they are on the backs of the Aces,
Sevens and Kings. Do the same for the Spades and Clubs
using letter U instead of L and leaving out the S,s and
T,s. Rough this deck on the faces. Stack the both decks,
face up, Spades, Hearts, Clubs and Diamonds and then move
the Ace of Spades from the bottom to the top of the stack
on the Letter deck. Now form one stack of 104 cards by
taking alternate cards from the two decks starting with
the Ace of Spades on the Letter deck followed by the
King of Diamonds from the MIST deck then the King of
Diamonds from the Letter deck and so on until all the
cards are formed into one pile with the Ace of Spades
from the MIST deck as the top card.
Pop the MIST prediction card into the envelope and you
are ready to go.

Wordly Astonishment

Show the envelope and place it down to one side in full view
of the audience and well away from yourself. Take the
cards from their box face up and ribbon spread them to
show the faces in new stack order. Collect them up and
ask a spectator to name one card from each suit. As he
names the cards spread the deck between your hands and
cut the chosen card to the top. Have him confirm this is
his chosen card(s) and deal it face up on the table. At this
stage you deal off the top card separating it from its
roughed neighbour. Repeat until you have four cards of
differing suits on the table. Now turn the deck over and
ribbon spread them showing and stating that all the cards
have a different letter written on the back. Collect the
cards up and turn them face up. Spread the cards and cut
random cards to the top, turn them over and show the
letter on the backs by turning the roughed pairs together.
Be careful that you do not show the duplicate letters on
the Aces, Sevens and Kings. If you show the back of an
Ace, for instance, then move onto the five and possibly 9
or 10 then move to the next suit start with 4 then move
to 7 then to the Queen etc.. I am sure you get the idea
and the duplicates are unlikely to be seen in the spread
due to their positioning. Ask the spectator to pick up his
cards and turn them over. Ask him if he can make a word
from all the cards. In this case the only sensible English
word is MIST and he should spell this out with the cards
and announce it. Ask him to open the envelope and read the
prediction for a successful climax.

Wordly Astonishment

You are of course not restricted to your force word but
some important points should be noted.
1. Ensure the letters cannot be arranged into another
word i.e TONE, NOTE, ETON
2. You can force the four letters but only make a three
letter word i.e LIT + Z
3. When you are deciding on your duplicate letters for
the Letter cards use letters that are not too curved
or bold. Suitable letters are: I, U, V, T & L.
4. Two letters in your word should be from A to M and
two from N to Z.

Here are few suitable words. I am sure you can find many
MIST, FAST, QUAD, LAZY, WAVE and three letters,

Wordly Astonishment