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by Vahag Davtyan
Theistic Satanism and black metal go hand in hand. Like peanut
butter and gravy, chocolate milk and salt, and grannies in lingerie.
The reason why they do is simple. Black metal, like original punk,
is a rage against machinery. Where punk is the rage against po-
litical machinery, black metal is a rage against the machinery of
creation. Theistic Satanism makes for a much more believable and
relatable rage, so writing with a true faith in this true god makes
for better music, better writing, better period. Bands that hoist sig-
ils in the name of atheism are as hardcore as bands that claim
anarchy but encourage you to vote to get it. Black metals history
evaluated from start to present, reveals a story that is reminiscent
of Chaucers famous Canons Yeomans Tale. A tale of a scam art-
ist and his servant. They were what Nietzsche would call poison
mixers, and who are the best modern day poison mixers? Occult-
ists, politicians, self help gurus, and last but not least: black met-
al musicians who fill all of those roles. Except unlike those other
preachers, black metal musicians either hide or flat out tell you
they sell poison. But, they make it appealing.
For those of you unfamiliar with Chaucers
tale, dont be ashamed, Ill break it down
for you. The story is about a Canon who is
traveling with his Yeoman or servant, going
from town to town scamming naive people
on the way. The story starts with the Yeo-
man rushing to a group of pilgrims, begging
them to slow their pace and sit for a while
for some merry talk. The servant tells the pil-
grims how gifted his master is. Claiming that
his master is a man of great character who
is well versed in esoteric knowledge. This
knowledge, the Yeoman continues, makes
him an excellent alchemist. For those of you
that havent had the chance to read manu-
scripts from the middle ages (I dont blame
you), alchemists in the middle ages prom-
ised their dupes that with proper funding
they would turn turds to gold.

Ring any bells? Sound like every shit black

metal song youve heard in the past ten
dedicated to gods and thoughts that most
years? Sound like some of the candy coated
people wont explore. For an example look at
greats? Dimmu Borgir? Cradle of Filth? That
Watains Hymn To Qayin, and try to figure
last album by Children of Bodom, I Warship
out whether it is a love song to Satan or a
ships or whatever that obscene pile of shit
love song to Cain of the bible. Watain sin-
was called? These bands scream into your
cerely believes what they preach and not
ears with impotent rage. They arent living
only that but they live what they preach.
their words. They take your money like a
They also sincerely dont give a fuck if their
self help guru, and promise their music will
fans understand them, or are willing to dig
put you on the burning left hand path. The
deeper. To Watain and Shining, the fans are
only thing that burns after listening to these
only a means to an ends. They would be
guys are your ears. The gold is the con-
writing and performing in a garage if they
templative thought that good satanic mu-
didnt have them. It just so happens that
sic inspires, but with these bands, there is
the poisonous gold they sell happens to
no contemplative thought; only head bang-
attract so many wolves like them. Well
ing. This is what Children of Bodom should
start with Watain. Are they poets, warriors,
be doing. Their album flat out promises a
or both?
chaotic love album for Satan but delivers
shit. For some true black metal alchemists,
Watain is by all accounts a Theistic Satanic
look no further than the men of Watain, and
band. What separates them from the Can-
the lone wolf terrorist Niklas Kvarforth.
ons of the black metal scene is an obvi-
ous sincerity in the midst of obvious mys-
The main problem with medieval alchemy
tery. Obvious yet mysterious? In the words
is that it was based on deceitful promis-
of one of the greatest living men Ive ever
es. Watain and Niklas make their listeners
met, Nicola Masciandaro; Watain is a walk-
zero promises. They dont go around direct-
ing talking paradox. Watain has never point
ly labeling their albums with HAIL SATAN,
blank spoken about their spiritual beliefs
they avoid speaking about their religion al-
with transparency (I challenge you reader,
together. This is what separates sincerity
go and look it up.Good luck). They have
from non-sincerity, humility from shame,
never made promises, only hints. If one of
pride from pseudo religion. The proof is
their listeners follows their breadcrumbs,
in the lyrics. The lyrics are poems, poems
they may or may not stumble on to some-
thing. Obviously mysterious. Get it? And all that is holy, holy shall be,
In interviews with Erik Danielsson there
have been mentions of his specific occult Let the light bless and,
belief system. By mentions I mean sly little Let these words proclaim the
drops here and there. The lyrics are pure oc-
cult, Im pretty sure I know which grimoires blessing.
cover most of their songs. You wont get it Let the seal be broken and let the
out of me though. If they dont say it them-
selves, why should I? Whereas Dissection light prevail,
flat out told you what they do in their super Let the earth be scorched and let the
secret spare time, Danielsson would rather
not. Now let me show you how Danielsson light prevail;
is obviously mysterious. In an interview by Let the wrath cleanse the world from
David Stag, Danielsson is asked a series of
questions about his spiritual beliefs. Lets opposition...,
see how far he gets. ...And let heaven spew brimstone on
The title of the interview is The Devils Mis- sin!
sionary, (very appropriate). He might as well
have titled it The Devils Canon. Daniels-
son is primed for the interview by being
told that he will not be asked any hostile
Now these lyrics are about the light him-
questions. The interviewer starts things off
self, about god and the angels of heaven
by asking him what he thinks the differenc-
who shed the blood of men. These lyrics
es are between his unnamed faith system
put into the mouth of Erik Danielsson cre-
and Christianity. Danielsson responds thus:
ate something much more powerful. They
Some people call it the Devil. Some Ca-
are the same lyrics sung by Morbid Angel,
naan... But when people truly realize and get
but placed within the hands of this band
confronted with itthey think that maybe
they become a weapon. This song inspires
this is not something I should be a part of.
the headbangers that wear watain shirts
Danielsson continues on by claiming that
to contemplate, and the christians to re-
this feeling of fear or repulsion that people
member that faith IS a war.
face when they come to terms with what
Watain is all about isnt something negative.
To know your enemy in and out is the best
Fear or repulsion doesnt have to be nega-
way to go about war, and the last track high-
tive. It just reminds the person the reality of
lights what that war is, and who the true
things, which is one of the bands goals. To
christian enemy is. Christianity according to
remind them that there is a duality in things,
Danielsson has become a happy go lucky
the good and the bad must go hand in hand.
lie. True faith is a war, one must do battle
with his or her psyche for true faith. This
My favorite track by Watain is actually a
isnt the same as going to church once a
cover of a Morbid Angel song. Ironically, a
week folks or, even worse, not at all. It seems
band that appears to wear pentagrams
that a lot of people never go to church, they
only for the sake of wearing them. Lets take
pick up the title of Christian from their par-
a look at a few lyrics:
ents. Faith is not a title thats passed down
from generation to generation. Faith is a
practice. Faith is a ritual. Faith,is war. What
separates a true priest or Canon from a
false Canon is faith. The Canon of Chau-
cers tale never made gold. Never period.
view with Joseph Shaffer we see ludicrous,
in your face attempts at bringing the chaos

Shaffers interview is titled There are No

Safe Spaces. Niklas proves this. Shaffer
opens up the article by writing an analysis
of Niklas character. He writes : This isnt
to excuse or damn Kvarforth for anything he
said. Rather, I want to illustrate a conviction I
have about him: that he has few convictions
grounded in what most people would call
a social reality. Conviction is key here Mr.
Shaffer. The reason this man bothers you
so much, is because he has no conviction
in YOUR REALITY. However what Mr.Shaffer
does not understand is that, in true alche-
my, there is no character, only reality.

Shaffer asks a simple question: Why did

it take you 20 years to come to the United
States? Kvarforth answers; Im a criminal.
Watain and Shining have been called the
The interviewer responds by making a refer-
underbelly of black metal. The dark side of
ence to the United States current political
black metal. The scum of black metal. This
climate to which Niklas responds sarcasti-
darkness that repulses that repulses the
cally and angrily: Your country? Shit, but,
other Canons of the scene is where the
we have so much potential for future serial
gold is made. The gold is in each and every
killers, future mass murderers, future rap-
corrupted listener. The listener has to let
ists, that we can build out of Shining. Next
Shining and Watain teach them how to mine
question. Look into my eyes when you ask.
that gold. Dont just listen. To quote some
Playing the interviewers obvious liberality
Lifelover lyrics do hard drugs, be a free spir-
against him by asking is it really your coun-
it / become enlightened, become criminally
try? Didnt you steal it?, Niklas continues to
insane / You need me, and I need you to be
mine gold from our misinformed interviewer.
like me / Were the scum of the earth with
You like Tupac? he asks.
nothing to lose. These direct instructions
from Lifelover, are the key to understanding
Watain and Shinings alchemy.

Whereas Watains alchemy is occulting and

mysterious, yet with obvious breadcrumbs
lying around, Shining shoves Satan down
peoples throats. In a Youtube interview
Niklas Kvarforth, the frontman and the only
man of Shining, point blank states the hid-
den key to his cult. As he has mentioned in
many interviews before this one. The oth-
er band members arent there for the spir-
ituality, they are there for the drugs and
whores He claims he is a true Satanist and
name drops the Azerate, a Satanic book
of belief which spans the worship of 11 An-
ticosmic gods. The goal of the practitioner
is to bring chaos into this world. In an inter-
No. This hostility continues, until the alchemist
strikes gold and inspires chaos in our in-
Kvarforth: You have bad musical taste, in other terviewer. Because what our interview-
words. er doesnt realize is that Niklas wants the
anger to come out, wants the violence.
I like hip hop, but I dont like Tupac. The behavior that he views as socially un-
acceptable is in reality an obvious and
Kvarforth: You wanna get beaten? almost ridiculous weapon. The writer is
so uptight about things, and so filled with
No. what he believes is righteous that he leaves
himself open to abuse, to gold, to chaos, to
Kvarforth: You will, if you say you like hip hop the Devil. Paradoxically, this interviewer is
and dont like Tupac. a black metal interviewer; shouldnt he al-
ready know what he is in for?
I never took you for a Tupac fan.
Niklas asks Shaffer: How much did you
Kvarforth: I never took you for hip hop. Do you pay for college?
like 50?
I didnt pay.
50 Cent? Not really.
Kvarforth: Like you owe the state? For college?
Kvarforth: You dont like the commercial stuff
because youre a big avant garde, and special. Nope.

Alright, youve got my number. Kvarforth: So youre home free.

Kvarforth: I dont have your number, thats re- Im free.

ally faggoty, like. Theres always two niggers
in the front, two niggers in the back. Which Kvarforth: When was the first time you got
means four niggers strapped in Grandpas Ca- raped?
dillac (50 CENT LYRICS). You know, hip hop
should be introduced to the metal scene. Not Im not answering that question.
just painting your faces, but go out with fuck-
ing weapons, and have fucking Bloods and Kvarforth: Seven? Eight? Your uncle?
Crips fight each other instead of mosh pit.
Let me tell you what. Fuck that.
I think thatd be a very American idea.
Kvarforth: I hit a sour spot. I like that.
Kvarforth: No, not really, because America
America, youre all gonna die. Because of one I hit a sour spot. I like that, embodies this
simple fact: you have two options what youre musicians quest for his gold. Whether you
gonna do with your life. Its Donald Trump, or support Trump or you supported Hillary
its Hillary. doesnt matter to him. He wants anarchy,
he wants anger, violence, emotional and
I dont particularly like either of them. physical abuse. In these things he believes
his god is found. If Niklas was in a room with
Kvarforth: Yeah. Do you think they like you? Trump, hed probably get Trump to the point
of strangling him with ceaseless tiny peck-
No, not at all. er jokes. Niklas doesnt care whether youre
a democrat or a republican. He only cares
Kvarforth: Exactly. Then whats the point? that he can hurt you, or inspire you to hurt
others. Thats how he gets his alchemical gold. His life goal, and
his dream.

Here we see the methods of two true Canons. If the metaphori-
cal gold is anger, disgust and chaos, they have struck and they
have struck hard. Niklas does it upfront with his music, lyrics, and
obscene interviews, while Watain does it with dropping bread-
crumbs in their lyrics. Niklas pushes fans and interviewers to sui-
cide. Watain pushes them to homicide. However, both of these
musicians are not false Canons. They offer the gold thats there,
and believe me its true emotional gold. Now me? ME? Im just the
fucking Yeoman.