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John Luther Adams

Canticles of The Holy Wind

Throughout my life, Ive clung to hope for the future of our species. But amid the gathering
darkness of our own making global warming, terrorism and seemingly unending wars,
widespread social and economic injustice, rampant greed and environmental destruction,
resurgent racism and rising fascism its increasingly difficult to maintain unmitigated faith
in humanity. And I find myself reimagining hope.

I dont look for answers in political ideology, humanistic philosophy, or religious dogma.
Instead I place my faith in the land and the skies, the wind and the birds in what we call
nature. And I take comfort in a larger vision of the earth and the universe, and my own
small place in this beautifully fleeting moment within the endlessly turbulent and sublime
music of creation.
John Luther Adams
Sonoran Desert, Mexico
Recorded at St. Peters in the Great Valley, Malvern, PA, on August 23, 24 and 25, 2016.

Produced, edited and mastered by Nathaniel Reichman

Recorded by Paul Zinman
Assisted by Matt Omahan

01 Sky With Four Suns 4:09

02 The White Wind 4:00
03 Dream of the Hermit Thrush 5:25
04 Sky With Four Moons 3:41
05 The Singing Tree 5:46
06 The Blue Wind 4:09
07 The Hour of the Doves 5:23
08 Sky With Nameless Colors 4:20
09 Cadenza of the Mockingbird 5:21
10 The Yellow Wind 4:02
11 Dream of the Canyon Wren 6:28
12 Sky With Endless Stars 3:44
13 The Hour of the Owls 5:52
14 The Dark Wind 4:06

Canticles of the Holy Wind was commissioned by The Crossing and the Latvian choir Kamer and
premiered in 2013. Published by Taiga Press (BMI) 2013, represented by Chester Music/
Music Sales.

Special thanks to the Robert D. Bielecki Foundation, Anthony B. Creamer III, and The Aaron
Copland Fund for Music for their invaluable contributions, without which this recording could
not have happened.

The Crossing thanks: Doug Perkins and Amy Garapic for percussion instruments, as well as
our staff Steven Gearhart, Maren Montalbano, James Reese, Lauren Kelly, Kevin Krasinski
and Mitchell Bloom.

Nathaniel Reichman thanks: Allison Ryan-Reichman, Alan Houghton and Steven Elliott.

Donald Nally conductor

John Grecia accompanist
Amy Garapic percussion

Katy Avery Barbara Hill Christine Papania

Julie Bishop Steven Hyder Wilbur Pauley
Steven Bradshaw Michael Jones Alexandra Porter
Sharon Byrne Nickolas James Reese
Malcolm Cooper Karageorgiou Kyle Sackett
Micah Dingler Heather Kayan Daniel Schwartz
Hannah Dixon- Heidi Kurtz Rebecca Siler
McConnell Chelsea Lyons Daniel Spratlan
Robert Eisentrout Frank Mitchell Elisa Sutherland
Ryan Fleming Maren Montalbano Daniel Taylor
Joanna Gates Rebecca Myers Jackson Williams
Dimitri German Daniel ODea
Becky Oehlers

Executive producers: Michael Gordon, David Lang, Kenny Savelson and Julia Wolfe
Label manager: Bill Murphy
Cantaloupe sales manager: Adam Cuthbert
Art direction: John Brown @ cloud chamber
Photography: NASA/Reid Wiseman (outside wallet), NASA public domain (booklet & CD label),
ISS Expedition 42 Moonrise video (inside wallet)

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The Crossing
Donald Nally, conductor


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