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Collapse of European Union is just a matter of time.

For the most part of history Europeans were fighting each other, centuries
old rivalry and National pride locked them in constant military conflicts. The fear
of getting attacked or the ambition to conquer reasons were many but the
innovations brought by them in military changed the face of earth.
But during the 2nd world war the center of this innovation shifted
slowly across Atlantic, Europe became more and more dependent on USA for
military equipment as well as protection. NATO was formed on 4 April 1949 and
EU on 1st November 1993.In the second half of 20th century national identities
were fading away in Europe, the trend continued due to increasing globalization.
Connectivity and interaction among the people have virtually eliminated the
mutual distrust among Europeans. But this trend of increasing multiculturalism
have come to a halt as evident from the Brexit result and rising wave of
nationalism across Europe.
This major shift can be directly attributed to policy initiatives of
Brussels. When euro was adopted as common currency everyone saw a new age of
prosperity and economic integration but the design of different fiscal policies and
common monetary policy for member nations was domed from the beginning.
Weaker economies like Greece, Ireland, Portugal, and Spain were also able to
borrow at the same interest rate as Germany and France. There was no cap in place
on the amount that governments can borrow to fund their welfare schemes. This
created an unsustainable spending spree. High fiscal deficit became common in
EU, Now the debts owed by Greece, Ireland and Portugal are of their GDP
respectively. Austerity cuts initiated in Portugal seems to be going smoothly but
same cannot be said about Greece .Greeks are getting increasingly frustrated about
the harsh austerity measures adopted according to the debt restructuring plan
agreed . This conditions are going to continue for years to come, its just a matter
of time Greeks have their own Brexit. The default of Greece can trigger many
more such defaults in eu.
Another major policy gamble by European leaders particularly Angela
Markel was an open door for Syrian refugees. Some experts were of the opinion
that such a policy will be the ultimate remedy for ageing population in Europe and
migrant population will be able to support larger proportion of senior citizens. But
the policy has backfired since the majority of migrants entering in Europe are not
from Syria but economic migrants from countries as diverse as Pakistan and
Nigeria. With no particular skills or even the ability to communicate properly this
new wave of economic migrants are not able to contribute to the economy .The
disproportionate number of young men among refugees and cultural contrasts have
resulted in skyrocketing number of crimes against women in Europe were culprits
are migrants.
Mainstream media have been trying their best to keep such incidents out
of public radar but many alternate news sources reporting or even exaggerating
such incidents have emerged throughout Europe which fuels the anti-migrant
sentiments and ethno-nationalism. Intellectuals and informed citizens are
increasingly becoming euro skeptic. This divide between EU leadership and
common citizens in Europe will inevitably lead to the collapse of EU until and
unless leaders regain connect with the people which seem highly unlikely.