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Breakfast Bars Ingredients / for one person. 2 cups oats flakes Brown sugar or Maple syrup ‘I medium apple, shredded or chopped * Cinnamon, Vegan margarine 3/4 cup rice or soy milk 1/4 cup raisins (Optional) * Or any other fruit of your choice! (banana, blacberries, blue- berry, dried fruits, etc) In. bowl, mix the oat flakes, sugor, cinnamon, ‘ond fruit. Add rice milk, ond mix. Stir in resins. Transfer mixture to an oiled pan, spread and press the mixture Bake at 350F/180C degrees for approximately 30 minutes, Remove from oven, cut into squares in the pan, cool. Vegan Margarine tcc eat hen a ‘and E numbers from an animal source ( ‘Always check for the vegan loge. oy ~ PURE Soya and Sunflower Spread (available in supermarkets) ~ SUMA Sunflower and Soya Spread (avilable in ‘ary health food store) Fruit Crumble Ingredients / for one person. Half a cup plain unbleached flour half a cup of oat Flakes ‘vegan margarine. Fruit of your choice Sugor (optional) Ina boul, mix flour and oats. ‘Add enough margerine and and rub into the flour with your fingers. Put the fruits ina mould and spoon crumble over fruit Put the mould in the oven and bake for 30min, or until topping is golden brown, Winter Breakfast Ingredients / for one person. =) 1 cup oats Rice / Soy Milk fruit oF your choice Mople syrup (optional) Put the oats in a saucepan, Add ‘enough soy milk to cover the oats cand simmer for « few min, transfer in a bow! with fruit and top with maple saa Scrambled Tofu Ingredients / for one person. 1 bloc of tofu 1 tomato, chopped 1 pepper. chopped 1 clove of garlic, chopped turmeric chopped mushrooms ‘Spring onions, chopped Using a fork or potato masher, ‘crumble the tofu into small pieces ‘and then sauté in oil in a frying pan. After a few minutes, add the remaining ingredients and cook for a few min, What tofu? ‘Made from soya milk, tofu has little flavour on its awn but absorbs other fla- Yours well and is highly versatile. Firm tofu is sold in blocks and can be added \ tory me Softer tofu called Silken totus teed te ake creams end desert Tofu is high in protein, iron, calcium, zinc, 8 vitamins, vitamin E, essential fatty acids, ond fibre, Tr is also low in fat and sodium. Its free from cholesterol, French Toasts Ingredients / for one person. 1 sliced banana 3/4 cup soy milk Cinnamon 4 slices of bread Place bananas, soymilk, cinnamon in a blender or food processor: blend until smooth. Pour mixture into a pie plate. Dip bread into mixture, turning to coat both sides, Remove excess batter. Brush a frying pan lightly with oil. When hot, add the coated bread slices. Cook one side, 2 to 3 minutes. Turn the other side. ‘Add some maple syrup and banana slices on top to sweeten it. Make your own Milt ‘Add « handful of blanched elmonds, hazelnuts or other nut to 500 ml of water and blend rill creamy. To remove the skins: Put the almonds into hot water until the skins wrinkle or puff up. Then, discard the skins. ‘Add maple syrup to sweeten the milk Basic Pancakes Veggie Pancakes Ingredients / for one person. Ingredients / for one person. 150g spelt or wheat flour (White Basic crepes ingredients ‘or wholegrain) ¥ carrot, grated * V2 tsp beking powder 4 courgette, grated * 375ml Soy or rice milk } parnisp, grated * Salt or maple syrup Abit of salt and spices aS Either grate or use a food Mix the dry ingredients and make a well in the 3 ¥ sey milk and whisk, until the batter is very thin, Pe RCIAtEn eae Pour in about 1/4 cup of the batter, tilting the. pan so that the F , eos eB iee Teer ‘Add the grated veggies to the batter and stir the mixture. For each pancake, use about 3T batter. Cook 3 minutes on each Cook until it is browned from underneath and starts to pull away _side until golden brown. from the edge of the pan. Carefully flip it over and brown on the ‘These pancakes are very filling. They can be eaten for lunch. tesla with a salad. Apple Pancakes Chocolate amet crenet renetierta Basic erepes ingredients Pancakes 2 green apples 1 Tosp (or 2 for stronger taste) of vegan cocoa drink powder. . Serer tee 1 tbsp grated orange zest (optional) Put the apples in a food processor. ‘Add chopped apples to the batter and stir the mixture For each pancake, use 6 about 3tbsp of batter. ‘Add cocoa powder and orange zest to the batter and stir ‘the mixture. Grate some chocolate or almonds on top of ‘the pancakes. <