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1. What is a stakeholder?
A person or organization that is actively involved in the project, or whose interests
may be positively or negatively affected by execution or completion of the project.

2. Which answer includes the five project management process groups?

Initiating process group, planning process group, executing process group,
monitoring and controlling process group, and the closing process group

3. A project charter
Formally authorizes the existence of a project.

4. WBS is an acronym for

Work breakdown structure.

5. Which subsidiary plan is not a part of the project management plan?

Baseline management plan

6. When does a project reach its end?

When the project objectives have been achieved.
When the project is terminated because its objectives will not or cannot be met.
When the need for the project no longer exists.
For any of the reasons above. *

7. Which of the following is not a project constraint?

Stakeholder *

8. Organizational project management is a strategy execution framework

that utilizes which of the following?

Project management
Program management
Portfolio management
All of the above *

9. Which answer best describes the PMBOK Guide?

It contains the standard for managing most projects most of the time across many
types of industries.

10. In the classic functional organization, the project managers authority

Little or none.

11. Which of the following best describe organizational process assets?

Plans, processes, policies, procedures, and knowledge bases specific to and used by
the performing organization

12. Project management offices (PMO) often serve which function?

They provide project management support functions.

13. A directive PMO

Takes control of the projects by directly managing them. Their degree of control is

14. Which answer includes examples of operational stakeholders?

Project managers and program managers
Sales persons and help desk staff *
Both of the above
Neither of the above

15. Rather than relying on a functional approach, a particular

organization conducts the majority of their work as projects.
This organization is referred to as a
Project-Based Organization (PBO)

16. The role of the project manager includes

Leading the team that is responsible for achieving the project objectives

17. Which of the following is an organizational influence thats likely to

affect a project?
An organizations risk tolerance.
An organizations motivation and reward systems.
An organizations values and beliefs.
All of the above *

18. If the organizational structure is projectized, who will most-likely

manage the project budget?
The project manager

19. When the organizational structure is projectized, the project

managers authority is
High to almost total

20. Which of the following is not an enterprise environmental factor?

Project work activities

21. Select the correct statement.

Stakeholder identification should be completed prior to constructing the project
Stakeholder identification should be performed at the beginning of each project
Where a project begins pursuant to a contract, stakeholder identification is not
Stakeholder identification is a continuous process that should be performed
throughout the entire project life cycle *

22. A project to expand a manufacturing park will force Joes Hamburger

Shack to relocate. Joe does not wish to relocate. His interests are best
served if the project never begins. Joe is a
Negative stakeholder.

23. A project life cycle

Provides the basic framework for managing the project.

Is the series of project phases that a project passes through from its initiation to its
Can be documented with a methodology.
All of the above*

24. The initiating process group includes

Those processes performed to define a new project or a new phase of an existing
project by obtaining authorization to start the project or phase
25. Which of the following is not an input to developing the project
Risk management plan

26. The business case

Describes the necessary information to determine whether or not the project is
worth the investment.
Typically contains the business need and a cost-benefit analysis.
Both A and B*

27. Which subsidiary plans are part of the project management plan?
Scope management plan, cost management plan, quality management plan,
communication management plan

28. An approved change request

Is an output of the Perform Integrated Change Control process.
May be a corrective action, a preventative action, or a defect repair.
Can modify the project budget and schedule.
All of the above*

29. When the project manager reviews all change requests, submits each
one for approval and then manages the changes to the deliverables and
the project management plan, she is performing
Integrated change control.

30. Regarding change control, which of the following is correct?

Only approved changes are incorporated into a revised baseline
31. The Change Control Board (CCB) is responsible for
Reviewing change requests and approving, rejecting or otherwise disposing of them

32. The scope baseline for the project is

The approved version of the project scope statement, work breakdown structure
(WBS) and the WBS dictionary.

33. To create the Work Breakdown Structure, a project manager

Subdivides project deliverables and project work into smaller, more manageable

34. A baseline is
Compared to actual performance to determine if performance is within acceptable
variance thresholds.

35. The Scope Management Plan

Documents how the project scope will be defined, validated, and controlled.

36. A requirements traceability matrix

Links requirements from their origin to the deliverables that satisfy them

37. Which of the following is not a tool or technique for collecting

Preparing a Gantt chart

38. Joint application design/development (JAD) sessions

Refer to a type of facilitated workshop used in the software development industry.
Bring business subject matter experts and the development team together to
improve the software development process.
Both A and B*

39. A user story is

A short, textual description of required functionality.
Often developed during a requirements workshop.
Often used with agile methods.
All of the above *

40. Storyboarding
Is a prototyping technique that illustrates the sequence of or navigation through a
series of images or illustrations?

41. Before being baselined, requirements should be

Unambiguous (measurable and testable), traceable, complete, consistent, and
acceptable to key stakeholders.

42. Benchmarking involves

Comparing actual or planned practices, such as processes and operation, to those of
comparable organizations to identify best practices, generate ideas for
improvement, and provide a basis for measuring performance.
43. Alternatives generation is a technique that can be used to help define
project scope. It involves developing as many potential options as possible
in order to identify different approaches to execute the work of the
project. Which of the following is a general management technique that
can be used to generate alternatives?

44. A ground excavation project is expected to last for a period of four

months. All project work must cease on rainy days. When preparing the
project scope, the rain should be cited as
A constraint.

45. A ground excavation project is expected to last for a period of four

months. All project work must cease on rainy days. Based on prior weather
patterns, the project manager suspects it will rain a total of twelve days.
This means, there may be twelve days where work cannot be performed.
When preparing the project scope, the prediction of twelve days of rain
should be cited as
An assumption

46. ________ is the work defined at the lowest level of the WBS for which
cost and duration can be estimated and managed.
The work package

47. its not always possible to decompose a deliverable that will be

accomplished far into the future. Sometimes, a work item may remain to
be agreed upon or all information may not be known. Therefore, items in
the very near future are planned in detail and work far into the future is
planned at a high level of the WBS. When more information is known, that
work becomes planned at greater detail. This technique is referred to as
Rolling wave planning.

48. The WBS is finalized by assigning each work package to

A control account

49. By controlling the project scope, the project manager ensures all
requested changes and recommendations for corrective or preventative
actions are processed through the
Integrated change control process

50. Which of the following is the definition of a project?

A temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result.