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July 2020:
o Questions for the questionnaires, as well as an overall meeting agenda
template will be created to submit to 2-3 other faculty members in
conjunction with the assessment and study.

o Once further input has been placed by the faculty members then I will
send the questionaries and meeting agenda template to
administration for final approval before the school year begins the next
month. (August 2020)

August 2020:
o On the second week of school I would draft a parental informational
letter informing the parents that their students will be taking part in
several survey studies.
o Begin bi-weekly administrative/educator meeting to discuss the
student experience updates.

o The end of the month the first survey will be given to students to begin
the assessment process.
o Surveys evaluated and analyzed.
o Notice will be sent out informing parents of the first bi-monthly
meeting at the end of September.

September 2020:
o Beginning of the month any additional information will be added to the
meeting template in lieu of the information that was analyzed from the
first questionnaire distribution.

o The first bi-monthly meeting (focus group) will be conducted.

o Minutes and feedback will be documented to be analyzed and
discussed by members in conjunction with the assessment as well
as with administration. This will allow them to begin seeing what is
working in the classroom early on in the semester.
o Students selected to participate in the bi-monthly meeting will
change each time so that we are able to get as many student
opinions as possible.
o Second survey distributed to students.
o Students selected by the survey will alternate each time to
increase the chance to achieve variation in the in the
information submitted.
o We will continue this same system for the remainder of the
o Before we break for the Christmas holidays, the committee
will meet together to access all of the information brought
forward throughout the semester to see if any modifications
can be made before the start of the next semester.
January 2021:
o We will reconvene the assessment process again any changes
that have been made thus far and continue analyzing students
and educators receiving their views.
o Survey distribution
o First administrator/educator bi-weekly meeting

May 2021:
o Information will be collected and analyzed based all the surveys
that were brought for the entire school year. We will then analyze
the information and notify all educators of a weekend conference
in June to discuss our findings and next steps.

o We will have the educator weekend retreat to give an overall

overview of the year assessment and what our next step should
be as far as making further changes to benefit the school,
educator and student experience.

A direct focus would be placed on the overarching issues

that were most prominent in the updates during the bi-
weekly administrator/educator meetings.

o We will then post our findings and begin reaching out to other
schools to implement this system into their schools as well.