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Mushroom is a fleshy-fungi,
its a small umbrela like structure.
It has two part,
cap like structure is known as PILEUS,
attached with thread like structure is known as
Mycelia absorb nutrient from soil,
it do not require sun light for their growth.
Examples of edible
Agaricus bisporus
Agaricus bitorquis
Lentinus edodes
Tremella fusiformis
Flammulina velutips
RAw material
Animal excreta
Animal manure
Horse manure
Vegetable waste
Forest litters
Straw from wheat/rice
Wheat bran
cultivation method

1. Garden & field


2. Cave cultivation

3. Indoor cultivation
1. Garden & field
Small ridges made in gardens and fields.
Soil inoculated with spawn is covered with leaf
litter to prevent moisture.
The ridges should be periodically watered
mushroom when appear can be picked.
2. Cave cultivation:
Small tunnels are made in rocky areas and
mushroom farms can be established.
Abandoned mines can be used to develop
mushroom farms.
3.Indoor cultivation:
Mushroom are grow in small rooms of the house.

These rooms may be constructed in such a way that they

will be partly above ground and partly below ground.

In some cases arrangement may be made to maintain

accurate temperature and moisture.

Inside this room mushroom may be cultivated either in

small beds. The room should be properly ventilated but
sunlight should not fall directly on the mushroom-beds.

The room should also have airconditioning facility.

E.g: techniques for cultivation of white button

production of
white- button mushroom

There are 4 stages of mushroom production.

1. Composting
2. Spawning
3. Casting
4. Croping
1. Composting :
There are 2 methods of composting

(a) Long method : require 21 28 days

1 meter height heaps are prepared.
Interval of 2-3 days, heap material is mixed with wooden
Gypsum is added in between 14 - 18 day.
At last dark brown mixture is produced .

(b) Short method : require 12- 15 days

Pasteurization is done by fumigation.
Steaming is done at 52-54c for 2-4 days & rise to 62 c for 4
Rest of process is almost same.
2. Spawning :
In a tray, layer of compost are prepared.
Upon it a layers of spawn is prepared .
News paper is spreaded over it.
Water is sprinkled to maintain humidity 90-95%.
Temperature maintained 20-25 c
Mycelial growth takes about 15-20 days.
Stage called SPAWN RUN stage .
3. CasTing:
After 15-20 days paper is removed.
Mycelial growth covered with 2-5 cm casting

CaCO3 maintains PH 4-5.

Temperature is maintain 15-20 c.
Humidity about 85 90%
4. Croping :
Fruiting body will start to appear after
12- 16 days & will continue for 3-4 month.
After 2-3 days of 1st cropping another
fruiting body will start to appear.
application of
Used in bio-degradation
Medicinal value
Anti HIV, Anti-HBV viruses.
Controlling diabetes & blood pressure
Reducing sugars
1. Cultivation of white button mushroom
Dr.B.Vijay & Dr. Yash Gupta

2. Recent advances in the cultivation

technology of edible mushrooms
Dr.R.N.Verma & B.Vijay