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Evolutionists do not deny the first cause. Their theory begins

with matter or substance already in existence. They believe in
primitive nebulosity and powers possessed by molecules. They
do not try to account for these came to exist, how molecules got
their inherent powers, or how there came be definite laws
governing them so that they could produce, without failure, all
things as we now have them. Their theory does not show why
there is such bitter hatred against the God of the Bible as being
that first cause. It does not consider proved facts, but has
absolute faith in a mere supposition which no fact has ever been
produced to prove. Its teachers seemingly deny God, Bible, and
know facts and continue to rob multiplied thousands of children of
simple faith in God and the Bible without a sting of conscience.
They do multiplied drawings of different kinds of human beings
rising from a molecule through a monkey to the present man, and
add guess upon guess of how life was in each stage of evolution,
but refuse to accept the Bible truth of the origin of all things. They
glibly deny God and His work in creation at the same time pose as
having the only truth on the subject.

Huxley said, it is clear that the doctrine of evolution is

directly antagonistic to that of creation. Evolution, if
consistently accepted, makes it impossible to believe in the
Darwin taught that the more complex organs and instincts
have been perfected by the accumulation of innumerable slight
variation, each good for the individual possessor.

Spencer said that the evolution was purely mechanical and


Earnest Haeckel said, it entirely excludes the supernatural

process, every prearranged and conscious act of personal
character. Nothing will make the full meaning of the theory of
descent clearer than calling it the non-miraculous theory of

Thus the evolution-theory leaders are clear that no true

evolution can be a Christian or a believer in the Bible. There is no
place for God in the evolution, hence no need of belief in sin or a
savior, heaven or hell. Those in church who try harmonize
evolution with the Bible rule God out in spite of themselves and
are enemies of both God and the church.

No one branch of organic evolution has been proved, much less

the main theory. It is bankrupt, speculative, philosophy-not a
scientific fact.

1. The theory that the hair is but elongated scales of

prehistoric animals.
2. The legs of all animals developed from warts on
aboriginal amphibians.
3. Eyes are but accidental development of freckles on blind
amp- amphibians that responded to the sun.
4. Ears came about by the air waves calling to spots on
early reptiles.
5. The theory of natural selection.
6. Man came from monkeys.
7. The vast universes came from a few molecules.
8. Nothing working on nothing by nothing, through nothing,
for nothing begat everything