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Largest Container Provider in Australasia Extensive Range of Products
G e n e S
5 d Spac Royal Wolf has 24 branches located throughout Royal Wolf has the largest range of sizes &
04-0 Lim i t e Australia & New Zealand. We can offer delivery container types to help you with any project
n s L i q uids from your local branch reducing the cost of whether it be general storage, portable buildings,
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s transport whilst ensuring fast & efficient service. refrigerated storage, hazardous goods storage or
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rd products specifically designed for the needs of
Haza Stock for Hire or Sale the transport, removals, construction, mining or
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Stora lution
s Royal Wolf is able to offer containers for sale or defence industries.
S o hire - the choice is yours. Let us assist you with
Work il the right solution for your needs. Specialist Modifications Team
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08-0 d Royal Wolf has an in-house team of engineers
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16 Years Experience & draftsmen who are dedicated to creating
10-1 Acco
d S torag Royal Wolf commenced operations in 1993. As practical, cost effective designs whilst ensuring
te a result of our dedication to our customers & the their knowledge of the shipping container & its
12 Refri range & quality of our products we now employ strengths are applied for your advantage.

13 ovals over 220 people.

Rem Superior Service

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Competitive Pricing We employ the top people in our industry,
Defe Cam Royal Wolf purchases substantial quantities provide them with quality training & operate
15 Minin ions
of second hand & new build containers both industry leading Customer Service Centres. We

domestically & internationally, & are able to continuously implement the best systems to
16-1 M o d supply at very competitive prices. ensure you receive practical advice & superior
c c e ssori fi catio
ns service.
A p e c i Extensive Stock of Products
20 uct S Supplier of Choice for Top Australian
Royal Wolf holds in excess of $10million stock at
t Det any time so we can be confidant we can provide Companies
Product Catalogue

21-2 Con t a c the solution to your challenge. Our range of Royal Wolf has built long term relationships
stock allows you to choose from new or used with BHP Billiton, Toll, Woolworths, Australian
23 products. Defence Forces, Wridgways & many others
through the ongoing provision of services.
Company Operated
Royal Wolfs 24 branches are all operated by
Royal Wolf employees.
Product Catalogue


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Geraldton WA SA Gold Coast 1300 558 243

Perth (2)
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Central Coast Removals
ACT Sydney North Harbour
Adelaide Bay of Plenty
VIC Wollongong
Hamilton 1300 135 808

Melbourne (2)
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TAS Wellington
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Head Office

02 9482 3466
General Storage

R oyal Wolfs General Storage

containers offer the perfect solution
to most container needs. These
containers are available in two sizes,
6m & 12m, or custom made to suit your
requirements. Customers can choose
from new, used or refurbished containers
available in a variety of grades to suit
individual requirements & budgets.

Constructed to meet the intense

demands of sea travel, Royal Wolfs
shipping containers are strong & secure,
wind, water & vermin proof, ensuring your
items are kept in premium conditions.
Offering a simple & economical storage
solution, Royal Wolf containers are easily
portable allowing for relocation of your
container if ever needed.

Ideal for storing personal effects,

business documents, sporting
equipment, tools & machinery & just
about anything else, Royal Wolf can
provide the answer to all of your static
storage needs.

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General Storage

The Royal Wolf product range includes:

General Purpose - the perfect solution to
most storage problems.
High Cube - with an extra 30cm height,
the High Cube container allows more
room for storage & is ideal for larger
High Cube Pallet Wide - combines the
extra height of a High Cube, with an
extra 6cm width to allow two Australian
standard pallets to sit side by side on the

The High Cube & Pallet Wide products

are of great value to the Australian
domestic transport & removal industries
as they allow a larger storage capacity
without a significant increase to the
external container dimensions.

In addition to our standard storage

containers, Royal Wolf has the ability to
accessorise & modify to your needs.

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Limited Space Storage Solutions

R oyal Wolf offer two Limited Space

Storage Solution products that
provide strong & secure portable storage,
ideal for use as a storeroom, garden shed
or worksite storage, amongst a number of
other applications.

At just 2.3m by 2.3m, Royal Wolfs

Minicube container is less than half the
size of a standard shipping container
enabling it to fit in tight spaces with a
small footprint. It includes vents top &
bottom of side walls & features an internal
emergency door release.

Royal Wolfs 10 Pallet Wide container

offers an extra 30cm height & 6cm width
than a standard shipping container, whilst
providing a storage option for those with
limited space. Whilst the height is ideal
for larger items, the extra width provides
just enough room to fit two Australian
standard pallets side by side on the floor.

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Hazardous Goods & Liquids Storage

M anage the risk of severe penalties for not

safely storing hazardous goods & liquids.
Royal Wolfs Hazardous Goods & Liquids Storage
containers are available in three convenient sizes
- 2.3m, 3m & 6m. Easily portable & robust, these
containers are available for hire or purchase & are
the ideal solution to ensure your dangerous goods
are kept safe & secure.

Complying with legislation AS1940-2004, our

Hazardous Goods & Liquids Storage containers
are the ideal storage units for paint, thinners, oils,
diesel, class 3 flammables & any other potentially
dangerous substance. These containers are
equipped with an internal door release, ventilation,
bunded floor & a lockable stainless steel valve in
the bund wall, ensuring safety is the number one

In addition to providing solutions for hazardous

goods & liquids storage, Royal Wolfs containers
are a valuable storage source for non-hazardous
liquids where there are risks associated with spills
& slips.

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Worksite Solutions

R oyal Wolfs Worksite Solutions

range offers a variety of products
that make it easy to satisfy your work
space, amenity & overhead protection
requirements no matter the location.
Portable Buildings - Space efficient
buildings including offices, ablution
blocks, lunch rooms, change rooms &
first aid offices.
Two Storey - Buildings may be stacked
on top of hoardings or other buildings
creating maximum space whilst utilising
minimal land area.
Convenient - Royal Wolfs Worksite
Solutions products are transport industry
compliant to allow delivery at any time
that is convenient for you. The buildings
are easy to manoeuvre & can be situated
on a variety of ground surfaces &
Secure - Constructed from solid steel
& cyclone rated, the Worksite Solutions
range is extremely durable & highly
secure for total peace of mind.

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Worksite Solutions

Hoardings/Gantrys - Ensure overhead

protection from construction
materials, debris & other falling objects
for pedestrians & workers with
B class container hoardings/gantrys.
These products are designed to
compliment Royal Wolfs portable
buildings. Royal Wolfs portable
buildings can be stacked on top of the
hoardings/gantrys to provide a
complete worksite solution.
Site Layout - Royal Wolf engineers can
assist with the planning & layout of the
construction site to ensure a practical
Comfort with Optional Extras - Our
carefully designed buildings ensure you
have everything you need with optional
toiletry consumables.

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Road & Rail

R oyal Wolf strive to create innovative products

for the Road & Rail industry by investing in
product research & development. We ensure the
best selection for transportation companies by
constantly improving product design & creating
innovative new products.

Royal Wolf stock a wide variety of high cube &

pallet wide products that enable two standard
Australian pallets to sit side by side on the floor.
These products are ideal for Australian transport
companies & are available across the Australia-
wide Royal Wolf network.

All containers are 2-palletwide & are available in

both 96 & 910 high configurations.

The Royal Wolf Road & Rail specialised product

range includes:

40 & 48 Hardside Containers

Built to withstand the rigours of travelling via rail,
containers are available with either wood or steel

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Road & Rail

40 & 48 Curtainside Containers

Some designs have mezzanine decks to allow
double stacking of containers with protection
for freight on the lower level. Within the 40
curtainside range there is also a container with a
part-centre-wall which, among other attributes,
negates the requirement for roof supports.
20 Dual Side Door Containers
Available with or without mezzanine decks,
ventilated or non-ventilated doors.
20 Bulk Containers
Loading hatches in the roof, discharge hatches in
the front wall &/or doors. Option of wood or steel
Refrigerated Containers
41 plus & 466 in length. Fitted with your choice
of machinery & load bars for double stacking of

Page 11

S trong, durable & comfortable, Royal Wolf

Accommodation units are available in 6m &
12m or can be combined to create larger buildings
as required. The portability of the container means
that your building can easily be transported to
wherever it is required whilst the classic shape
make the units easily stackable to create
multi-storey solutions. The full steel structure of the
container combined with internal insulation means
that the building will be able to withstand even the
harshest climates & provide the occupant with
quiet, air conditioned comfort.

Combining the security of a shipping container with

the aesthetics of home, Royal Wolf can create a
variety of accommodation options which are ideal
for short or long term use. The Accommodation
units can provide solutions for needs including
single person accommodation, 3 bedroom
housing solutions, student, mining & construction
site accommodation & cabins for holiday parks.
Designs can be adjusted to include bedrooms,
bathroom, kitchen, wardrobe, lounge area, dining
room, study & balcony.

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Refrigerated Storage

R oyal Wolf has a range of Refrigerated

containers available to fulfill all of
your cold storage needs. Available for
hire or purchase, all of our containers
are maintained to the highest standards
& can be fully installed by a qualified
refrigeration mechanic, to ensure
convenience & safety.

All Refrigerated units are inspected prior

to delivery with a 24/7 breakdown service
available in metro areas (approximately
50km). Our containers are robust, safe
& secure offering food grade quality in a
thermostatically controlled environment.

Refrigerated containers can be modified

to suit your requirements with options
including alarms, digital displays & an Ezi
Enta door which enables easy access
to goods, eliminating the time & effort
involved in opening double doors.

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R oyal Wolf is the leading container supplier

to the Australian removals industry. With our
years of experience & product innovations, we
assist the specific needs of removalists.

Royal Wolf offers an unrivalled capacity to allow the

transfer of containers & associated costs between
branches & agents, & facilitate one way hire &
interstate repositioning. This is made possible
by our web-based Container Tracking System,
powered by software developed by Moveware.

The strategic positioning of Royal Wolfs depots

& agents enables us to provide quality containers
throughout Australia for short term & long term hire,
modifications & sales.

By purchasing thousands of new containers

especially for the removals industry, Royal Wolf has
developed a fleet replacement program to ensure
we have the youngest fleet in the container hire

Page 14

A s an approved Defence supplier,

Royal Wolf designs, engineers &
manufactures purpose built containers to
meet the exacting standards of the ADF,
with several designs leading the market.

The product range includes command

posts, IT units, ablution & laundry units,
bi-cons, tri-cons, air cargo pallets,
workshops, bin pack/q-store units, 8
man personnel carrier, stores & ammo
units & explosive magazines. Full
ventilation systems for temperature
control in extreme conditions, recessed
door bar ladder systems for accessing
the rooftops & full drop down sides
to increase surface area by up to 180
percent can be included.

All modified containers stay within ISO

shipping & transport configurations, to
maintain ease of transportation. Prompt
& reliable delivery across Australia is
available through Royal Wolfs national
network of supply centres.

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Mining & Camps

R oyal Wolf have established strong working

relationships with key players in the mining
industry, allowing the development of products that
Mining Accommodation solutions offer
maximum comfort to ensure a good
nights rest. Configurations include:
are specifically built for the needs of the industry.
6m & 12m single person unit with
We recognise the time & budget restraints that or without ensuite
are placed on mining companies & are able to 6m & 12m two person unit with or
offer a range of products as affordable & practical without ensuite
6m & 12m four person unit with or
solutions. without ensuite
6m & 12m eight person unit
without ensuite
With a range of products available for hire or sale, 6m & 12m twelve person unit
Royal Wolf are committed to high quality customer without ensuite
service & will listen to your requirements to ensure
that custom designs are tailor made to suit your
specific needs.
Choose between a 6m or 12m high
The mining range includes: volume Kitchen with stainless steel tops,
Accommodation serving areas, bain-marie, wash areas,
extraction fans, OHS standard floor
Kitchen coverings, stainless steel splashbacks,
Recreation Room shelving, cupboard space, hot water boil
unit, fridge, freezer & choice of gas or
Laundry electric oven.
Crib Room
Kitchen configurations include:
Explosive Magazine 6m high volume Kitchen
12m high volume Kitchen with
Workshop freezer & chill room
Blast Resistant Buildings 6m & 12m low volume Kitchen &
dining room
6m lunchroom with Kitchenette

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Mining & Camps
Recreation Room
These units are the ideal place for
relaxation & socialising. Complete with
Explosive Magazine
lounges, ensuite, hot water system,
Meeting the requirements of AS
coffee table, chairs & entertainment wall
2187.1-1998, these transportable
unit, the Recreation Room also comes
Magazines offer ventilated storage,
with the option of a first aid room or
the security of 5mm thick steel walls
that are fully insulated & timber lined,
& a 10mm thick door with key &
manual locking devices. The all steel
external construction offers impact &
cyclonic protection. Royal Wolf offers
Laundry support in certification, footing design
Available in 6m & 12m these units come & detail to assist in installation. The
complete with washers, dryers, hot water Magazines are fully ISO compliant for
system, laundry tub & bench. easy transport.

Blast Resistant Buildings

Royal Wolf offers an extensive range
of blast resistant modular buildings
that are cost effective & provide
complete flexibility. The containerised
blast resistant rooms enhance
worker safety within hazardous
environments commonly associated
with the petro chemical industry. The
Crib Room & Diner range of modular steel blast resistant
The perfect place for staff to enjoy buildings are designed, engineered &
their meals, the Crib Room & Diner are manufactured by Royal Wolf. These
designed to seat 18-30 people & are buildings provide a safe zone for
available with two separate toilets, a employees & equipment within the
store room &/or a locker room within the process areas in the event of leaked
same unit. vapour ignition.

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A t Royal Wolf, a container is not just a module
that has four sides, a base & a roof - it is
considered as a frame, & what can be added to
that frame depends on the application.
Royal Wolfs ability to adopt innovative design
techniques, coupled with our willingness to
adapt current designs, allow your container to be
transformed into nearly anything. We have modified
containers to provide solutions including:
Careflight Helicopter Training Facility
Industrial Kitchen
Mobile Activity Centre
Mobile Bar & Lounge
Possum Sanctuary
Quality Control Station
Switch Room
Training Complex
Water Treatment Unit
With an in-house team of engineers & draftsmen,
Royal Wolf can create a solution designed
specifically for your needs. Our highly experienced
staff have coordinated thousands of modification
jobs & always look forward to the challenge of new
work. Let us make your idea a reality today.

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R oyal Wolf offer a large range of

accessories to transform a container
to suit your specific requirements.

Accessories can include padlocks &

lockboxes for increased security, ramps
for easier access, windows with optional
security bars to allow natural light,
power & lighting, customised shelving
to suit your needs, painting to suit your
environment, sign writing for promotional
units, ventilation including whirly birds &
air conditioners, double & single doors
including roller doors to ease entry &

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Product Specifications
Product Type Length Width Height Length Width Height Tare Weight Capacity
Type 1 Mining 6.06m 2.44m 2.90m 5.71m 2.29m 2.59m 2600kg N/A
Type 4 Unit 6.06m 2.44m 2.90m 5.91m 2.29m 2.59m 2900kg N/A
Type 11 Unit 12.19m 2.44m 2.90m 12.04m 2.29m 2.59m 5350kg N/A
Building & Construction
20 Ablution Block 6.06m 2.44m 2.90m 5.90m 2.27m 2.60m 3280kg N/A
20 Change Room 6.06m 2.44m 2.90m 5.90m 2.27m 2.60m 2660kg N/A
20 Ablution & Change Room Combo 6.06m 2.44m 2.90m 5.83m 2.20m 2.60m 2860kg N/A
20 Lunch Room 6.06m 2.44m 2.90m 5.90m 2.27m 2.60m 2300kg N/A
40 Lunch Room 12.19m 2.44m 2.90m 11.96m 2.23m 2.58m - N/A
20 Office 6.06m 2.44m 2.90m 5.90m 2.27m 2.60m 2600kg 38.6m
40 Office 12.19m 2.44m 2.90m 12.14m 2.37m 2.71m 3960kg 78.0m
20 Platform (Lightweight) 6.06m 2.44m 0.24m N/A N/A N/A 1600kg N/A
40 Platform (Lightweight) 12.23m 2.50m 0.26m N/A N/A N/A 3160kg N/A
Hazardous Goods & Liquids Storage
8 2.30m 2.30m 2.25m 2.14m 2.14m 1.81m 1059kg 3690L
10 2.99m 2.44m 2.90m 2.58m 2.38m 2.42m 1627kg 6560L
20 6.06m 2.44m 2.59m 5.49m 2.34m 2.36m 2530kg 10000L
Refrigerated Storage
20 6.06m 2.44m 2.59m 5.45m 2.29m 2.27m 2820kg 28.4m
20 High Cube Pallet Wide 6.06m 2.50m 2.90m 5.45m 2.41m 2.57m 3350kg 33.7m
40 12.19m 2.44m 2.59m 11.59m 2.29m 2.25m 4370kg 59.8m
40 High Cube 12.19m 2.44m 2.90m 11.59m 2.29m 2.55m 4600kg 67.9m
46 14.10m 2.50m 3.00m 13.30m 2.40m 2.70m 7350kg 64.0m
Relocatable Explosive Magazine (REM)
Explosive Magazine 6.14m 2.62m 2.59m 5.55m 2.08m 2.31m 5005kg 26.7m

The specifications provided above are indicative & individual units may have varying specifications
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Product Specifications
Product Type Length Width Height Length Width Height Tare Weight Capacity
Tricon Explosive Magazine 2.53m 2.13m 2.44m 2.01m 1.61m 2.14m 2100kg 1500kg
Minicube 2.30m 2.30m 2.25m 2.14m 2.14m 2.07m 950kg 9.83m
10 Pallet Wide 2.99m 2.44m 2.90m 2.84m 2.39m 2.71m 1600kg 18.4m
20 General Purpose 6.06m 2.44m 2.59m 5.90m 2.35m 2.39m 2220kg 33.2m
20 High Cube 6.06m 2.44m 2.90m 5.90m 2.35m 2.70m 2410kg 37.4m
20 High Cube Pallet Wide 6.06m 2.50m 2.90m 5.90m 2.41m 2.70m 2560kg 38.4m
40 General Purpose 12.19m 2.44m 2.59m 12.03m 2.35m 2.39m 3660kg 67.7m
40 High Cube 12.19m 2.44m 2.90m 12.03m 2.35m 2.70m 3890kg 76.4m
40 High Cube Pallet Wide 12.19m 2.50m 2.90m 12.05m 2.41m 2.69m 4180kg 78.4m
20 High Cube Pallet Wide Smooth Wall Bulk 6.06m 2.50m 2.90m 5.86m 2.42m 2.69m 3630kg 38.1m
20 High Cube Bulk 6.06m 2.44m 2.90m 5.85m 2.35m 2.71m 2670kg 37.3m
40 Curtainside 12.19m 2.50m 3.00m 11.90m 2.44m 2.60m 5400kg 75.8m
48 Curtainside 14.63m 2.50m 3.00m 14.52m 2.44m 2.62m 8550kg 92.9m
48 Curtainside With Decks 14.63m 2.50m 3.00m 14.46m 2.45m 2.63m 9900kg 93.3m
48 Curtainside With End Doors 14.63m 2.50m 3.00m 14.39m 2.44m 2.62m 9300kg 92.2m
20 Seacell Bulk 6.06m 2.48m 2.90m 5.90m 2.43m 2.69m 2830kg 38.5m
20 High Cube Seacell 6.06m 2.48m 2.90m 5.90m 2.43m 2.70m 2530kg 38.6m
40 High Cube Seacell 12.19m 2.48m 2.90m 12.10m 2.43m 2.70m 4150kg 79.1m
General Purpose - 40 High Cube x 3m Wide 12.19m 3.00m 2.90m 11.98m 2.91m 2.65m 4500kg 93.8m
General Purpose - 48 High Cube 14.63m 2.50m 3.00m 14.47m 2.42m 2.80m 5350kg 98.2m
Half Height Bin 6.06m 2.44m 1.75m 5.84m 2.23m 1.47m 2920kg 19.0m
Collapsible Flat Rack 6.06m 2.44m 2.59m 5.61m 2.43m 2.21m 2750kg N/A
Collapsible Flat Rack 12.19m 2.44m 2.59m 11.77m 2.37m 1.96m 4900kg N/A

The specifications provided above are indicative & individual units may have varying specifications
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Contact Details

Adelaide Gold Coast Perth South

160 Churchill Rd North, Cavan SA 5094 180 Heslop Rd, Gaven QLD 4211 30 Miguel Rd, Bibra Lake WA 6163
Ph: (08) 8262 2422 Fax: (08) 8260 3188 Ph: (07) 5502 9950 Fax: (07) 5502 6218 Ph: (08) 9418 1800 Fax: (08) 9418 1820

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Hire, Sales & Modifications 1300 651 700 Mining & Defence 1300 558 243 Removals 1300 135 808 Road & Rail 1300 135 808

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Hire, Sales & Modifications 1300 651 700

Road & Rail 1300 135 808

Removals 1300 135 808

Head Office 02 9482 3466

Mining & Defence 1300 558 243