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Smash Tennis Makes Finding Tennis Partners Easy

Smashtech is proud to announce Smash Tennis is now available from the App Store on iPhone and
from Google Play on Android mobile devices. Smash Tennis is a mobile tennis app that helps
players find local hitting partners, track match scores, and compete for rankings. Featuring a
comprehensive player-search by age, skill level, and distance, tennis players will be able to find
local hitting partners with ease, challenge them to matches, and quickly get on the courts.

San Francisco, CA, April 06, 2017 --( In Smash Tennis, users create a profile with their picture
and basic information such as location, age, gender, and experience level. Players can then be discovered
by other tennis players in their city and search for new hitting partners nearby. In Smash, players can
record and track their match scores to rise through the ranks locally and globally. Players can create their
own player groups to chat with friends and stay up-to-date when friends in the group play matches.
Players can also chat with potential hitting partners or individual friends through Smash's messenger
function, as well as instantly schedule matches with one another and later record scores to update their

Currently the tennis world relies on NTRP ratings to match league and tournament players, but there is no
system for matching recreational players. Smash Tennis features a proprietary Smash Rank system that
quickly ranks players of all experience levels after only a few recorded matches. This allows the app to
match users accurately regardless if they have played in a tournament or recreational setting. In addition,
Smash Tennis provides players with detailed head-to-head statistics between its members, including
win-loss ratios, games played, and leaderboard comparisons.

The Smash Tennis app is available for free from the App Store on iPhone at
and from Google Play on Android at

About Smashtech
Smashtech reimagines how tennis players discover, connect, and play with one another. Based in New
York and San Francisco, Smashtech was formed by tennis players, coaches, and industry veterans who
have collectively developed the app to unite the tennis players and communities around the world. For
more information on Smashtech, visit:

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