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October 3, 2106

I have known Miss Ashley Garneau since September 2014. Miss Garneau was a student in my AP
Human Geography class during the 2014-2015 school year.

Miss Garneau is a very personable, trustworthy and caring young lady who is very easy to get
along with. She never let anything get her down or upset. Over the past two years she has matured
and grown into a responsible young adult. I believe that Miss Garneau will do very well in your
academic and social environment. She is a very curious young lady who will not withdraw from
others or new situations.

In my class she faced a very steep learning curve. However her tenacity turned out to be her
strongest attribute. Giving up was not something that she thought of. When mistakes were made in
class she used them as learning experiences. When she set goals in class they were usually
accomplished and she was not afraid to experiment with different ways of studying. She was
instrumental in forming a study group for my class. It was not unusual to see her in the halls
during her study block reviewing AP Human with other students. I can say that I have never had a
student work harder in any of my classes. Her perseverance and enthusiasm were instrumental in
her being successful in my class. The more she understood the more her curiosity increased. Her
participation improved. As she began to believe more in herself, it enabled her to take more risks
without being fearful of failure. In September she had been a quiet student whose confidence was
lacking: however, by the second semester she had grown as a student and a person. She had
learned to go after what you want and to never give up. She found a way to be successful.

She is a young lady with outstanding moral character who is well liked by all who have the
opportunity to know her. Her work ethic, personal interests and abilities along with her dedication
to being a responsible person are very refreshing. Miss Ashley Garneau will be a valuable asset to
any institution of higher learning.

If there are any questions please feel free to contact me.

Bernard Belan

Teacher: AP Human Geography