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Use this form to document quotations in conjunction with procurement of items under $30,000


Item Description/Specification # Units
Van Rental 1

Notes: All -in package except for toll fees, parking fee and
Date of phone call: 02/24/17 food. 10hrs service with a 200/hr overtime charge

Vendor name & Address: Sta. Rosa Laguna

Name of contact: Erik A. Capule

Vendor Recommendation:
Contact telephone 09052157049 (Vendor selection is based on best value through an
number: evaluation of the quotations against the Item
Price quoted: 5,500 Description/Specification listed above.)

I recommend choosing Item 1, Item 2 is fully booked and

Notes: Van, Driver, and Fuel is included + 10 hours of
Item 3 is much more expensive
service with a 200/hr charge for over time, Toll fee,
Parking and food must be provided by costumer

Date of phone call: 02/23/17

Vendor name & Address: Isolde Transit/Rental

Name of contact: Diane L. Diana

Contact telephone

number : 09265453551
Price quoted: 6,000

Notes: Not Available

Date of phone call: 02/24/17 Type of Business (for US Procurements only):

Vendor name & Address: URVY Travel and Tours For Profit Large Business
For Profit Small Business (Specify
Name of contact: Rhea Bawic type of small business, request
certifications if US)
Contact telephone 09082426668 Not for Profit, non US
number :
Price quoted: 7,500


I certify: (1) I have contacted the above vendors and received the listed quotations; and (2) I have complied with the additional
requirements of the ACDI/VOCA procurement manual.

Printed Name: _______YASSER S. ELARDO__________________________ Title: _PCBi M.I.S. Officer / Project Team______

Signature: _______________________________________________________ Date: ____02/21/17_________________________

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