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1 Laboratory of Shizuoka University: Laboratory of Cell Biology and Animal


2 Present Research Activity: Now I'm examining about the existence of

Silverleaf whitefly biotypes and Begomovirus transmitted vector in some cash

crops (Cucumber, Melon, Watermelon, Tobacco, Pepper, Chili and Tomato) for

Yogyakarta, Central Java and East Java area. I am aiming to find Silverleaf

whitefly and Begomovirus diversity in each area. Silverleaf whitefly along with

Begomovirus is a huge obstacle in my areas. Some cash crops cannot be harvested

or a little harvested due to Begomovirus and Silverleaf whitefly attacking. Q

biotype have been known as insecticide resistance pest and Begomovirus

detection is also hard on Silverleaf whitefly because not expressed its viral

symptoms. I do Begomovirus detection using PCR and biotype detection using

specific primers. PCR products were sequenced to determine the nucleotide base

composition and homology.

3 What the applicant is expecting to study during 3 months stay in

Shizuoka: During my stay in Shizuoka, I hope to learn and practice in the use of

molecular techniques application deeper for Silverleaf whitefly and Begomovirus

including Fluorescent In Situ hybridization, PCR and sequencing. Diversity of

Silverleaf whitefly and Begomovirus found in Indonesia is not able to be

accommodated fully by the university and the government. Therefore, the

cooperation with the Shizuoka is needed in order to support the local Indonesian

communities in the field of agriculture.

4 Relation between the contents of (3) and local environment of original

country: Cash crops play an important role for the people survive. Cash crops

yield losses due to Silverleaf whitefly and Begomovirus can reach 100% disease

intensity. Local communities cannot meet consumer needs and life necessities.

Addressing these issues, I look forward to helping local communities in Silverleaf

whitefly biotype detection and Begomovirus. Q biotype have been known as

insecticide resistance pest and Begomovirus on Silverleaf whitefly is so difficult

to detect because they do not display symptoms and can exist in whole life

nevertheless plants that are still affected by the compatibility and structure of

plant resistance. The impact of this research, the data will be used as policy

makers in making good control of genetic engineering, drafting resistant seeds,

antagonist, an increase of natural enemies and so on.

5 Name of Present Counselor (e-mail address): Prof. Dr. Ir. Siti Subandiyah

M.Agr.Sc. (

6E-mail Address: /