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Omni-channel Messaging Platform



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Everyone uses messaging!

Big 4 social networks


Big 4 messaging apps

FB Messenger

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Customers exhibit omni-channel messaging behaviour
1123 Mobile Messaging users (MN)

SMS 1123
WhatsApp 184
FB Messenger 147
Skype 133
Non-data 794
WeChat 93
Hike 92
Viber 68
Snapchat 29

Tango 20
329 Kik 14
Kakao 9
Q4 2016 Mobile
Source: TRAI, IAMAI, GlobalWeb Index
Users in India (MN)

Customers expect a Seamless Omni-channel Messaging experience to reach them

Anywhere In Real-time with Personalized Content and Preference
Copyright Gupshup 2016 4
Gupshup is the leading Omni-channel Messaging Platform

Community of
4.5 165
billion billion 36,300
messages messages businesses
per month and counting and growing

Gupshup is the leading Omni-channel Gupshup Omni-channel Messaging Gupshup is is the

messaging platform that handles over platform has processed over leading messaging
4.5 billion messages per month, 165 billion messages and enables platform in India
offering APIs for developers to build enterprises to send mobile trusted by over
Interactive, Programmable, Omni- messages to users across all 36,300 businesses
channel messaging services and SDKs channels such as SMS, In-App, and one of the largest
to enable in-app messaging WeChat, Twitter, Slack, FB in the world

GupShups Omni-channel Messaging APIs have enabled it to grow at a CAGR of over 75% for the last 5 years and
capture over 37% market share of the A2P messaging market in India by providing easy to use messaging APIs that
several leading Enterprises such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, FlipKart, OLA, ICICI, HDFC, DishTV and HUL
are using for mobile consumer engagement

Copyright Gupshup 2016 5

Gupshup enables businesses to enable seamless customer
experiences using Omni-channel messaging APIs


API Simple, flexible

integration for truly
Unified Messaging
Platform Omni-channel Messaging Platform

Omni-channel APIs Instantly turn on presence


21+ Channels in 21+ channels across

mobile, web, digital
SMS Voice Email Web In-app FB Twitter Skype Viber Line Telegram WhatsApp*

Acquire, engage and

Customers retain through customer-
centric interactions
* coming soon
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Our Omni-Channel Messaging Products
Global SMS APIs Voice APIs IP Messaging APIs
Transactional Messaging Missed Call Text (18 data channels)
2-Way Messaging IVR Web (websites, mobile web)
Long Code, Short Code Outbound Dialing (OBD) In-app / Push Notifications
Promotional Messaging Two-Factor Authentication Voice
Cross-Promotion Campaigns Missed Call Verification Bots
Link Tracking Click To Call USSD and Email APIs
Open, Multi-channel Middleware Number Masking USSD
Two-Factor Authentication Toll Free Numbers Transactional, Promotional Email

Copyright Gupshup 2016 7

Global SMS APIs for Omni-channel messaging

Transactional Messaging | 2-Way Messaging | Long Code, Short Code

Transactional Messaging 2-Way Messaging, Long Code, Short Code

These are instant alerts sent to communicate timely information, These are messages sent to users to get instant feedback and
reminders and updates to users enable user communities to interact and engage with each other
using any mobile phone

Features: Features:
Wide API coverage to send Transactional Supports incoming and outgoing
messages via HTTP, HTTPS, SMPP, XML messages using easy-to-use
Supports Long messages, Unicode for interface
special character and regional languages Set up automated Two-way
Inbuilt Message prioritization, Retry Logic, messaging workflows
DVT, Message Threading and Message Use dedicated Long-codes or
Searcher Short-codes for high brand recall
Detailed Reports and Analytics Unlimited keywords, each with a
Secure, Reliable and Scalable platform personalized response message
that handles billions of transactions every Enterprise can send an SMS and
month receive responses over email, web,
in-app, FB Messenger, WeChat

Copyright Gupshup 2016 8

Global SMS APIs for Omni-channel messaging

Promotional Messaging | Cross-Promotion Campaigns | Link Tracking

Promotional Messaging Cross-Promotion Campaigns Link Tracking

These are messages sent to create Influence customer behaviour through up- Embed a short Smart Link and track clicks
awareness of a product or service to a sell or cross-sell of new products at the on the link to gain insights about users and
specific target audience moment of the transaction when customer measure brand engagement
is in a receptive mood.

Features: Features: Features:

Send messages to 81 Trigger promotion SMS Track individual user
Million interest based just after or along with clicks via unique links,
opt-in profiles and 750 transactional SMS not just how many
million location based Multiple promotional users have clicked
profiles offers based on Profile customer base
DND scrubbing, message templates with insights on device
Maker-checker panels Business rule engine to model, device type,
with detailed analytics filter campaign based latitude, longitude, click
Compliance with on users location, etc. timestamp, IP, browser.
country-specific Personalize promotion Supports custom
telecom regulations messages branded domains

Copyright Gupshup 2016 9

Global SMS APIs for Omni-channel messaging

Open Multi-channel Middleware | Two-Factor Authentication

Open Multi-channel Middleware Two-Factor Authentication

Flexible, open-architecture middleware that enables enterprises Add a second layer of run-time authentication for new user
to connect to multiple channels and centrally manage messaging verification and website / app transactions using One Time
needs Password (OTP)

Features: API Features:

Easy integration with Enterprise Services Dynamic generation of a
applications and data sources Apps
One-Time Password (OTP)
Multi-vendor and multi-channel to authenticate user
support for global messaging Send OTP via different
Intelligent rule engine for CRM channels such as SMS,
message routing based on Voice and Email
channel cost, performance, ROI Set an expiry time limit for
Powerful real-time analytics on Files OTP authentication to
traffic, cost, channel analyses prevent fraud
On-premise hosting to meet Databases Programmable Retry and
enterprise security needs Fallback options to re-send
OTP via a different channel

Copyright Gupshup 2016 10

Voice APIs for Omni-channel messaging

Missed Call | IVR | OBD

Voice APIs allow adding additional PRI capacity by interfacing with

disparate voice messaging systems. This is useful in handling
peaky traffic and volumes.
We allow easy configuration of OBD / IVR with:
Call handling capacity of more than 5 million OBD / IVR
calls per day and can scale up quickly at short notice
Superior voice quality with text-to-speech capabilities
Plug-and-play Voice APIs with real-time detailed reports
Expert creative and campaign management services to
execute OBD, IVR and Missed Call campaigns
Missed Call Provide important information to the customer via IVR and
OBDs in real-time helping break language barriers
IVR Promote various products and deals even in Rural areas
via voice options like OBD and IVR
Intelligent IVR using automated Voice Bot
Create custom Missed Call, IVR, OBD, Click to Call options
OBD on Weband various other Omni-channel workflows

Copyright Gupshup 2016 11

Voice APIs for Omni-channel messaging

Two-Factor Authentication | Missed Call Verification

OTP is Voice Authentication APIs allow easy configuration of secure two-
492174. factor authentication mechanisms within your website or app.
you! We offer multiple channels to carry out voice-based authentication:
Time-based One-Time Password is spoken out to the
customer using OBD calls in real-time and in their regional
language to reduce transaction drop-offs
Missed Call verification dynamically assigns a missed call
number to the users mobile number, to ensure maximum
Voice-based Two-Factor Authentication security and minimize fraud risks
OBD and Missed Call can also be used as failover
channels to implement verification, in case OTP SMS is not
Create custom Missed Call, IVR, OBD, SMS authentication
options on Web and in-appand various other Omni-
channel workflows

Missed Call Verification

Copyright Gupshup 2016 12
Voice APIs for Omni-channel messaging

Click to Call | Number Masking | Toll Free Numbers

Voice APIs specially designed for customer service, sales and

Loan Offers on Thank you Message support faciliatate real-time conversations between businesses and
Website customers to offer a personalized, high-touch customer experience.
Dear Customer, thank you for
your interest in Home Loans.
Our easy-to-integrate VoiceConnect APIs enable:
Your advisor will contact you Call patching triggered via clicks on website/app, Missed Call,
very shortly on your mobile Pull SMS to get genuine leads and them convert quickly
number 98xxxxxxxx
Number Masking in online marketplaces to keep buyer and
Click to call seller identities confidential and guarantee controlled
Use of easy-to-remember Toll-free numbers for your call centre
or sales agents
Configure a pool of agents to answer calls so customer
Picked by agent responsiveness is always high
and customer
Secure and Scalable solutions to support large call volumes
Call distribution based on location and in-built retry logic to call
back in case agent or customer is busy
Customer Agent
Detailed Call reports to track call duration and conversions

Copyright Gupshup 2016 13

IP Messaging APIs for Omni-channel messaging

Text | Web | In-app

Our Omni-channel IP Messaging APIs enable businesses to easily

push messages to all data channels such as web, app,
messengers, etc. for maximum reach and engagement
We support simple configuration of IP Messaging APIs to enable:
Interaction with customers through quizzes, polls using
Data channels across screens (mobile and web)
Deliver important transactional messages via all channels
(Data, SMS, Voice, Email) or as per customers preference
Create server-less webviews or forms on the fly and
embed as Smart Links in IP messages to collect customer
Android / iOS Push feedback etc
Build a unified view of the customer by tracking user
Web Push behaviour across all channels, screens and devices
Enterprise can send an SMS and direct further customer
interactions to messengers like Facebook Messenger,
Twitter, WeChator In-app and Web

Messenger App Push

Copyright Gupshup 2016 14
IP Messaging APIs for Omni-channel messaging


Intelligent Voice Assistant Actions on Google Home Amazon Alexa

Customers can call into a landline or virtual Users can shop, pay bills, book flight Voice assistant in the home or office to
mobile number and speak to an intelligent tickets, get appointment reminders, etc. recommend products to buy, get latest
virtual assistant who can understand natural through voice-activated interactions on news, play music, turn appliances on/off,
speech and provide 24 x 7 support. Google Home. etc.

Hey Alexa, can you

Hi, how can I help? suggest what I
should get my mom
Hello and welcome.
for Mothers Day?
What can I help you
with today? Ok Google, order
the usual from Sure, I think jewellery
Dominos always hits the spot.
I want to know my How about a platinum
account balance pendant?
Sure, your account Done. One medium
51823490 is one lakh pepperoni pizza with Ive sent a couple of
and twenty seven a diet coke, coming options to your phone.
thousand rupees up in 30 minutes

Copyright Gupshup 2016 15

Bots Intelligent Automated Messaging
A Bot is a Conversational Messaging Interface that is Intelligent and Automated
Conversational Messaging Interface (Cross-platform with InterBot communication)
o Compose, Collaborate and Communicate using conversational interfaces with Chat and Voice Bots
over 21+ messaging channels and simplify user interfaces using bot-to-bot communication
Intelligent (NLP + AI)
o Extract Entities and Intents from user queries using Semantic Search and Deep Learning algorithms
Automated (Self-updating and Self-aggregating)
o Get Automated relevant responses from Bots that Self-update and Self-aggregate relevant information

Template Bot Builder for Flow Bot Builder for IDE Bot Builder for
Businesses Marketers Developers
Copyright Gupshup 2016 16
USSD for Omni-channel messaging


Instant Reply: USSD enables instant replies as it is session based

Survey/Feedback: Allows interaction with customers via surveys,
feedback menus or call-to-action sessions that can be initiated using a
an advertised Missed call number
Informational: Provides important information to the customer in with a
menu option including special offers
Transactional: Enables transactional interactions such as mobile
banking using a dedicated call-in number
Session-based Store and Forward

Displays directly on phone screen Access SMS through Phone Menu

Shorter response time Longer response time

Not stored on the handset, present in Present in the handset, can be stored
the virtual mobile home environment and forwarded
Menu driven interface facilitates Interactivity requires user to send a
interactivity separate response SMS
Copyright Gupshup 2016 17
Email APIs for Omni-channel messaging

Transactional Email | Promotional Email

Transactional Email Promotional Email

These are transactional or informational updates to customers These are primarily lead generation emails using affiliate email
like account statements, bill reminders, etc. as well as customer marketing.
engagement emails to inform about latest offers, surveys, etc.

Features: Features:
Industry best open rates of >12%; Target 67 Million city-wise profiles
click-to-open rates of >8% and 54 million demographic and
High volume support of 60 Million interest-based profiles
emails / day with 500 TPS Personalize email content and
Flexible WYSIWYG HTML editor add rich-media or live content for
to design stunning emails higher open rates and CTR
Optimized Deliverability through Expert consulting services for
ISP monitoring, DKIM, FBL email creative design and inbox
Send 5 customized attachments deliverability optimization
(xls, pdf, word, ) each of 5MB Support multiple models such as
Real-time campaign-wise and CPM, CPC, CPV, CPA to best suit
recipient-wise analytics with IP, business needs
location tracker, spam, bounces
Copyright Gupshup 2016 18
Gupshups Omni-channel Messaging Platform

GupShups Omni-channel Messaging Platform helps businesses deliver personalized customer experiences
at scale, by crafting and automating optimal customer journeys throughout the customer lifecycle.

1 360 Customer View

Deeply understand your customers their intent,
preferences and context by unifying customer
data from all sources, both internal and external.

2 Omni-channel Marketing Automation

Engage seamlessly across multiple channels by
automating marketing workflows that trigger real-
time responses to customer needs.

3 Data-driven Personalization
Use customer insights from data to send the
right content, at the right time and through the
right channel.
Copyright Gupshup 2016 19
Use Cases for Omni-channel Messaging: Customer Acquisition
Lead Generation Consultative sales Referral Campaign via
via SMS via Twitter Facebook Messenger
Generate genuine leads by targeting 81 Convert hot leads from digital marketing Acquire new customers through a
Million interest based opt-in profiles and ads quickly by engaging them in Share a Deal referral campaign on
750 Million location based profiles conversations with a Twitter bot your Facebook Messenger Bot

Customer Mary

Friend Dylan

Free Dental
Checkup by Full Time MBA
expert dentists Admissions Open!
at My Dental
Clinic. Book Talk to an Expert
online now
Every user who
clicks the link is a
lead. Plus get a
detailed user profile
with contact details,
device model, OS,
location, etc.
Copyright Gupshup 2016 20
Use Cases for Omni-channel Messaging: Customer Engagement
Customer Feedback Poll via Voice Consumer Interactions via
via SMS Facebook Messenger
Capture customer feedback through a Gauge customer opinion through a Help customers know their account
Smart Message form, after she receives the poll on outbound IVR, on latest information by chatting with your
order placed on an e-commerce website government policy changes Facebook Messenger bot

1 Please voice your
opinion. Do you think
2 demonetization was a
Order good move for India?
AX12788 3 Press 1 for Yes
delivered. Press 2 for No
Thank you for Press 3 for Undecided
shopping with
us. Click to
give your

Copyright Gupshup 2016 21

Use Cases for Omni-channel Messaging: Customer Retention
Omni-channel Reactivation Customer Support
Notifications campaign on Website
Notify customers about the status of their Revive inactive customers by sending personalized Automate responses to customers
transactions on 21+ channels of their choice promotional offers successively on multiple frequently asked questions through Web
through a single API channels to gauge customer interest chat widget

Build Segment:
Customers last
purchase > 3 weeks ago

Customer Transaction 1 App Push

successful Notification

Wait Wait
2 days 2 days

1 day
SMS Skype
notification notification
notification FB Messenger Promo Promo
Push notification Email SMS
Copyright Gupshup 2016 22
Our Experience Spans Various Customer Segments
Banking, Education,
Online Media, Retail and Entertainment Hospitality
Financial Government,
eCommerce Consumer and Media and Travel
Services Real estate

Omni-Channel Alerts, Global direct connectivity, Dedicated TPS for Custom, Interactive Omni-Channel
Guaranteed Latency, campaigns, Omni- Omni-channel Engagement, Direct
High-Availability, Scale, Advanced Campaign
Uptime , Security Channel Promotions, DB workflows, Reporting connectivity,
Custom Analytics, Support Mgt and Analytics
Guaranteed Delivery,

Copyright Gupshup 2016
Gupshup is led by an experienced team with strong backing

is a company founded by seasoned valley entrepreneurs, led by experienced

executives with global expertise and staffed by the best engineers available in India.

CEO COO VP Engineering VP Finance

Beerud Sheth Ravi Sundararajan Kunal Patke Amit Shrivastava

Founder of Elance, General Manager-Akamai, Engineering Management Citigroup, Tata AIG

Merrill Lynch, MIT Media Lab, VP-Palm, McKinsey, Positions with CMC and HCL
IIT Bombay (Silver Medal) Harvard MBA America Inc

Backed by credible venture-capital funds


Copyright GupShup 2016 24

Leading Omni-Channel Messaging Platform