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Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia Ministry Of Education Malaysia


Highlights of the 2nd

ASG Opening Ceremony

ASG2 Contingents’ Common Aspiration

By : Sugeetha And Jega
Photo By : Aminina

A iming to succeed in the

games is the common aspira- MALAYSIA
tion shared by all the 2nd ASEAN
Schools Games 2010 contingents.
Teams were seen training diligently
for the events so as to excel.
Winning and losing are part PHILIPPINES
Full of Tune.. and parcel of any competition.
However, it is the spirit of sports-
manship that the games aim to


By : Sugeetha And Jega By : Sugeetha and Jega
Photo By : Aminina Photo By : Aminina BRUNEI
Morning : Sunny
Afternoon : Clear
Night : Sunny
Minimum : 25 °C
T h a i l a n d
emerged as
the champion for
Maximum : 33 °C
the Men Artistic CAMBODIA
Time Event Venue Time Event Venue (M.A.G). They
collected an overall
0900hrs Badminton Kuala Lumpur Badminton Hockey National Sports Council Tun
Thailand Vs Vietnam Stadium 0800 Singapore Vs Thailand Razak Hockey s early as 7.30 am, the Malaysian
Indonesia Vs Malaysia 1500 Brunei Vs Indonesia Stadium,Kuala Lumpur
score of 226.900
Thailand Vs Vietnam 1700 Malaysia Vs Singapore
Women Artistic Gymnastics points. Tailing close SINGAPORE
Indonesia Vs Malaysia Sepak Takraw Precint 11 Community Hall, (W.A.G.) team was seen busy practis- behind was the
Singapore Vs Brunei 0900-1200 Thailand Vs Phillipines Precint 11, Putrajaya ing for the upcoming events at the Malaysian contin-
Philippines Vs Brunei
Indonesia Vs Brunei National Sports Council venue. The gent with 223.200
1500-1800 Semi Finals 1
0900hrs Indonesia Vs Malaysia athletes were fully committed through- points. Vietnam
semi Finals 2
1030hrs Thailand Vs Singapore out the training session. They practised
Netball Olympic Hall, Bukit Jalil Sports bagged the bronze THAILAND
1500hrs Thailand Vs Indonesia 0800-0900 Brunei School,Kuala Lumpur intensively in order to perform well in
1630hrs medals with a score of 212.300 points.
Malaysia Vs Singapore 0900-1000 Thailand the games. Their coach, Mr Mikhil, had
Basketball MABA Stadium, Kuala 1000-1100 Singapore The Thailand athletes displayed a
trained the girls to be fit and ready for
1000hrs Singapore Vs Philliphines ( Girls ) Lumpur 1430 Malaysia Vs Singapore
the games and reinforced their skills performance of amazing technical accuracy in
1200hrs Vietnam Vs Thailand ( Girls ) 1615 Thailand Vs Brunei
and techniques such as smooth landing terms of landing and swings mainly in the
1400hrs Indonesia Vs Phillipines (Boys) 1200-1830 Women Artistic Gymnastic National Sports Council
1600hrs Singapore Vs Vietnam (Boys) Gymnasium 1 & 3, Bukit Jalil, and perfect swings. In brief, this train- floor exercise and high bar components. The
Kuala Lumpur Malaysian, Vietnam as well as Singapore and VIETNAM
Rhythmic Gymnastics National Sports Council ing session was indeed a good platform
1400-1630 Gymnasium 1 0900-1600 Swimming Darul Ehsan Aquatic Center,
for the girls to test their performance. Indonesian contingents also performed to
Golf ( Boys and Girls ) Impian Golf Club, Kajang, Shah Alam,Selangor
0800-1800 Track And Field National Sports Council Stadium, Good luck to all the gymnasts of the their best with commendable enthusiasm.
0800 Second Round Selangor
Kuala Lumpur Malaysian contingent!!

Published By Training Teacher Division Ministry Of Education Malaysia

No : 3 15 July 2010 No : 3 15 July 2010

2nd ASEAN Schools Games Going Strong Minister’s Arrival DAILY COMPETITION SCHEDULE AND
Medal Tally
Motivates Team
by: Shy & Jiani
photo: Sallehzad Salleh
by: Daniel Chiam

0900hrs Thailand vs Philippines (Boys) 4–1 Kuala Lumpur Badminton

Indonesia vs Singapore (Boys) 5–0
Thailand vs Singapore (Girls) 5–0
Indonesia vs Philippines (Girls) 3–2

Malaysia vs Brunei (Boys) 5–0
Malaysia vs Brunei (Girls) 5–0
1500hrs Vietnam vs Philippines () 1–4
Indonesia vs Brunei () 5–0 VIETNAM
Vietnam vs Singapore () 2–3
Indonesia vs Brunei () 5–0
Malaysia vs Singapore () 4–1
Malaysia vs Philippines () 5–0

“The current progress of this 2nd Mr. Tunas Dwidharto added 1000hrs Indonesia vs Singapore (Girls) 72 – 47 MABA Stadium, Kuala INDONESIA
ASEAN Schools Games is very that the response from all partici- Mr Andi Alfian Malarangeng, the Indonesian 1200hrs Malaysia vs Vietnam (Girls) 112 – 44

good,” said Mr. pants is very good although there is Minister of Youth and Sports

1400hrs Thailand vs Indonesia (Boys) 84 – 76
Tunas Dwidharto, still room for improvement. He put surprise appearance by the 1600hrs Malaysia vs Singapore (Boys) 92 – 64
the President of The high hopes that in the future, the Honourable Mr Andi Alfian HOCKEY
0800hrs Indonesia vs Malaysia 0–5 NSC Tun Razak Hockey
ASEAN Schools participation will increase because Malarangeng, the Indonesian Min- Stadium, Kuala Lumpur
1500hrs Singapore vs Brunei 8–0
Sports Council. He is he believes that through sports, one ister of Youth and Sports, inspired 1700hrs Malaysia vs Thailand 5–0 CAMBODIA
satisfied with the can strengthen the relationship the Indonesian basketball team to SEPAK TAKRAW
effort Malaysia has among nations within Southeast give their all into their game and 0900hrs Philippines vs Malaysia 0–3 Community Hall. Presint
11, Putrajaya
put into the event as Asia. make their nation proud. Brunei vs Singapore 2–1
the host. Also, he Lastly, he expressed the hope Although they had faced a 1500hrs Thailand vs Malaysia 2–1

feels that Malaysia that that this event will be a stepping tough opponent in their first
Indonesia vs Singapore 3–0

has shown warm hospitality to all stone for young athletes to perform match, the Indonesian team left the MAN ARTISTIC GYMNASTIC
High Hopes for
participating teams. better at higher levels such as in Asia
and in the international arena.
stadium with heads held high.
They lost their match to Thailand
Total Score
with a score of 76 - 84. Malaysia 223.200 2 by: Banu Piriya

The ASEAN Spirit Difficult To Predict The Indonesian minister Vietnam 212.300 3 photo: Aminina
said that he enjoyed the game and

Singapore 201.300 4
by: Sugeetha and Jega by: Sugeetha and Jega
photo: Aminina photo: Aminina felt that the Indonesian team has
Indonesia 182.700 5 ractice for
The Techni- he Men’s Artistic Gymnastics event done their level best. Nevertheless,
the Indone-
cal Assis- began today. Five teams took part in he also admitted that Thai basket- FLIGHT PLAYERS COUNTRY DAY 1
sian contingent
tant to the this year’s competition. They include ball team was better.
MALAYSIA 74 this morning
Competi- Indonesia and Singapore who are He hoped that the Indone- Klayut THAILAND 78 kicked off as
tion Direc- participating for the first time. The sian team/contingent will continue Mongkholsamai
Chung Hong SINGAPORE 72 early as 8 am.
tor, Mr. other teams in the to compete fervently for their Zheng
Zambri, competition are forthcoming games. Low Khai Jei MALAYSIA 67
Dinda Defriana,
said that Thailand, Indone- 2
Kwanchai THAILAND 76 17, Nabila
the prepa- sia, Singapore, Kongtavee

Vietnam and
Mohd Qawim BRUNEI 89 Evandestiara,
rations for Prayer Time (Kuala Lumpur) Hj Aslimon

the Artistic Malaysia. 15, Megat Mega

Imsak : 05:38 Mohd Thaznim MALAYSIA 75
Susilowati, 17,
Gymnastics are going on well as the The high level 3 Hamdan

committees are working hard to of competitiveness Subuh : 05:48

and Magdalena
make sure the events run smoothly. amongst the participants impressed Kow Elki INDONESIA 79
Yolanda, 17 are
Syuruk : 07:10
In addition, he hopes all the many in the crowd. “I’m extremely Lim Wei Jim MALAYSIA 78 all hyped up for
contingents will do their best. He happy to see the fighting spirit and Zohor : 13:22 Peter Gumulia INDONESIA 80 team competitions starting tomorrow.
reiterated that winning and losing is commitment shown by the gym- Nicklaus Chiam
Yew Chun
Coach A.N. Negaka said that prepa-
nasts,” said Mr. Ramly, who was one Asar : 16:46
the tradition of any game and rations are going good so far and hopes
upholding the ASEAN spirit is what of the judges for the competition. Magrib : 19:30 5
Bobi Cahyo
that her girls win the bronze medal in the
matters most to him. He went on to say that it Voramate THAILAND 73
Aussarassakorn team component.
would be difficult to predict who will Isyak : 20:45 Bryan Chiew BRUNEI 90
Chun Hao
win after seeing them perform.
No : 3 15 July 2010 No : 3 15 July 2010

Five for Fighting Who will win ?

by: Alicia Lim photo: Riza
Beware of the Petite One
by: Alicia Lim
by : Khalid Termizi photo : Suhaib
Photo: Riza
What is Satay? playing defensively.
Similarly, the attack-minded Maetanee
Indonesian doubles pair, Ericson Rus- Phattanaphi-
dianto and Selvanus Geh, under the toon, 16,
tutelage of Hadi Sugiyanto with his from Thai-
unassuming motto, “Merah Putih land, may be
Selalu di Dadaku” won their matches small in stat-
against Singapore and Brunei.
ure but
When interviewed, both the
Malaysian and Indonesian doubles
pairs were confident that they would beware!
emerge triumphant when they meet With her skilful moves and her
Malaysian doubles pair, Teo Ee Yi each other next. crafty net play, she won her match
Satay - grilled, skewered meat and Nelson Heg Wei Keat won So, let us brace ourselves for a pulsat- against her much taller and stron-
served with tangy peanut sauce, their matches against Brunei and ing match between Malaysia and ger Singaporean opponent, Citra

fresh cucumber and onion slices. Indonesia that awaits us... WHO WILL
he Malaysian hockey team ril, Hairulnizam Maizan and Faridzul Singapore. They stated that they Putri Sari. She emerged the victor
That’s how dictionary would focused their game more on attack- WIN???
started the tournament with Afiq in the first half. Malaysia contin- define it. At the Haji Samuri
with a score of 21-13, 21-13.
a morale boosting 5-0 win over ued their goal scoring streak with ing their opponents rather than
Satay Restaurant in Kajang, the
Indonesia. Malaysian captain, another by Rasul Yusof. When asked,
Kavin Kartik, gave his team the Kavin Kartik revealed that their
definition of satay is more
JUNIOR EDITORS Determination,
specific. The meat needs to be of
early lead with a penalty corner tactics were to keep the game as prime quality and it is grilled by: Atiqa and Hani photo: Hani the key to success!
goal just two minutes after the simple as possible. He added that by: Alicia Lim Photo: Riza
over charcoal flames in the old winners of a Sports
game started. Three goals were they also used the game to expose all Boonyakorn
traditional way. Quality ingredi- Media Competition.
added to the tally by Mohd Shah- the players. Thumphan-
ents are used for the peanut Led by Mr. Matthew,
Stand Up and Fight! gravy, the secret recipe of which
has been passed down from
the editor-in-chief, this
7-member team has an
ichwong, 17,
from Thai-
by: Khalid Termizi photo: Suhaib land, admit-

generation to generation of fami- innovative way of pub-
lies in Malaysia. It is this com- lishing their news: via ted that he
mitment of quality that has Facebook. Their reports felt anxious
We need to improve made Satay Malaysia a success. will be sent to various after losing
All chicken and beef satays are the first set
our teamwork in order to 100 percent hand skewered
newspapers in Singa-
pore to be published. A for the boys’
win the next game,” using truly authentic Malaysian team member, Mr. Ryan singles against the Filipino shuttler,
ingredients. A fact you’ll soon mentioned that, “To be Peter Gabriel Magnaye, 18. However,
- Nanda. discover yourself. here reporting news has it did not dishearten him as it made
always been a meaning- him even more determined. He
Despite Indonesia’s 5-0 loss to this is not the time to lose hope. changed his tactics and avoided
Among the media representatives ful experience as this 2nd ASEAN
Malaysia in their first hockey Instead, they should consider it as a making unforced errors. His efforts
from Singapore are secondary Schools Games brings the ASEAN
match, their captain, Nanda useful learning experience and were rewarded as he won the match
students from Victoria High School nations together.”
Ibnasia, is satisfied with their prepare for their upcoming games. with a score of 20-22, 21-17, 21-15.
who are here because they are the
performance. He reiterated that
A clash between titans Rhythmic Gymnastics Prepares
by : Daniel Chiam photo : Jaja
by : Banu Piriya photos : Aminina
The all boys basketball match ever, toward the end of the game, Preparations were on at full-swing spondence of the
between the defending cham- Thailand stood its ground and made it at the National Sports Council rope to the athlete’s
pion Thailand and the runner up an 8 points lead. The match between Gymnasium today, pending the height. Quarter
Indonesia shook the these two giants was consid- much-anticipated team competi- Masters were seen
MABA stadium. The ered to be highly challenging tions starting tomorrow. According assisting in arrang-
game ended with a slim and outstanding performance to spokesperson, Rozila Ghazali ing paraphernalia
win of 84 to 76 by the Thai in basketball. from the venue management com- and labelling posts
team winning the game. “There were many tall players mittee, one of the most important at the competition
Despite being 11 points in the opponent’s team” said facilities to be readied were the area. All in all, a
behind, the Indonesian William S., the Indonesian technical properties of the competi- spectacular event
team did not give up but captain. His motto is “Even tion apparatus. This included the without a hitch is
pushed on to close the gap though we face giants, we must not be weight of the ball, measurement of expected tomorrow.
between the two teams. How- scared but just be ourselves.” the hoop and ribbon and the corre-
No : 3 15 July 2010 No : 3 15 July 2010

“We’ll meet again in the finals…” Merry morning… “Good strategy Champions of round 1 - basketball
and steadiness”
by: Yasmin by: Yasmin by : Daniel Chiam
photo: Mohd Hanafee photo: Mohd Hanafee photo : Jaja Wan Din
Malaysian team is not disheartened as by: Daniel Chiam the Singaporean.
they believed they will meet Thailand photo : Jaja Wan Din Indonesian coach commented
again in the finals on the 15th July that it was a team effort that led them
2010. The manager of the Malaysian to win the game. Players like Sarce
sepak takraw team, Mr Razuki Abdul Nensi Buaim, Ivonne Febrriani S.
Rahim, reiterated that, what is needed and Nathasa Deby C. made a differ-
now is a change in the arrangements of ence and boosted the spirit of the
the players and a strong determination team.
to win. One of the key players Sarce
Thailand won 2-1 against Malay- Thailand plays the Philippines Nensi Buaim said,“ I am thankful to
sia in a hard fought sepak in the next round of the team category. Two sepak takraw games were God , my trainer and team for the
takraw team competition. Ma- held simultaneously at Putrajaya’s Indonesia emerged as victors at the success today.” She scored 40% of the
Many may predict it to be an easy
laysia won the first regu, how- Precinct 11 Community Hall this opening basketball match against field goals during the match.
match for Thailand, so the onus is on
ever the Thais dominated the morning. The Philippines played Singapore at the MABA stadium. On the other hand, the Singa-
the Philippines to prove otherwise.
other two regus with their excel- against Malaysia, and Brunei The match was action packed porean coach commented that the
lent service and deadly “Talent wins games, but team- leaving the fans on the edges of their team needs to train harder and do
played against Singapore in the
work and intelligence wins
adjacent court. Malaysia won the “Good strategy and steadiness”. seats. Despite being beaten in the first better in the next match against the
Despite the loss, the match convincingly with a score of That was the Malaysian team’s key and second halves of the match, the Philippines.
3-0. Singapore put up a good fight to the successful win against Singa- Indonesian team won 72 - 43 against
“Malaysia is stronger…” but lost their match to Brunei with pore at the MABA stadium. The
by: Yasmin
photo: Mohd Hanafee
a score of 2-1. Malaysian team put together a
strong front and led to a 92 – 64
A Resounding Victory
by: Khalid Termizi
A spectator in the Precinct 11 Invincible victory.
Both teams showed their
photo: Suhaib
Community Centre, Putrajaya, Singapore started their first match
Mrs. Raja Hamizah binti Raja Thailand aggressiveness as well as good
coordination in the showdown at
against Brunei. Lim Kwok Ken scored
Harun, guessed that Malaysia by: Atiqa and Hani the first goal for Singapore at the 14th
will win against Philippines in
photo: Hani the stadium. The tempo of the
minute. After three minutes, they
the match of Philippines versus game was not quick and the play-
doubled their lead with a powerful
Malaysia due to Malaysia’s past ers showed no sign of tiredness
shot by Shahid Manap. Singapore
promising performances. As even at the third quarter of the
went three goals up by the 18th
predicted, the Philippines sepak game. However, the Malaysian
minute through a goal by Mohamed
takraw team lost 3-0 to the team displayed excellent skills by
Rifqi. A few minutes before the first
Malaysian team in straight set only selected 2 weeks ago. He added collecting 44 percent of the
half ended, Karleef Sasi Abdullah
throughout all three regus. that they have tried their level best in rebounds and created the biggest
scored another goal. more goals in the 48th, 50th and 63rd
The Philippines’s team this first game and he is satisfied with lead of 29 points.
When the second half minutes by Lim Kwok Ken, Goh Wen
coach, Mr. Camilo Apdon said, their performance. Philippines next The Malaysian coach said
resumed, Karleef Sasi Abdullah Cong and Muhammad Syakiran
“Malaysia is stronger than us.” killer challenge would be the match that “even though the players were
Both Singapore and Brunei golf added to his tally with another goal. respectively for a resounding 8-0
He added that the team lacks of against Thailand, last year’s gold med- still recovering from previous
teams agreed that Thailand is Singapore subsequently scored three victory.
practice since the players were alist. championships, they played hard
almost unbeatable since they are
and well enough.”
the champions at the previous
WE ARE team manager, Mr. Marvin Chan, the
team have prepared themselves by
ASEAN Schools Games. According
to the Singapore Team Manager,
Victory for Malaysian 112 – 44 victory. They displayed amaz-

PREPARED! training on different golf courses and Mr. Marvin Chan, Thailand is Cagers ing stamina and accuracy in their
game. Quick to intercept their
by: Atiqa and Hani undergoing intensive training undoubtedly the favourite team for by : Daniel Chiam
opponent’s passes, they did not miss
photo: Hani sessions. Since most of the golfers are this event. Singapore aims to win With loud cheers and support from any opportunities given. Despite being
seasoned, they have a high-level of 2nd place for both boys and girls the home crowd, Malaysia has tired and weary, the Vietnamese did
confidence as they have played at teams. Also, the team manager for emerged victors over Vietnam in an not give up but pushed on to finish the
numerous regional and international Brunei, Mr. Ajamain Hj. Othman all girls basketball match at the game. They showed great sportsman-
level tournaments. Meanwhile, the mentioned that Thailand’s golf MABA stadium. Malaysia has ship and team spirit.
golf team from Brunei is very serious team is very experienced and made its mark at the 2nd ASEAN “We have the physiological
about getting gold medals as they should win this event but he also School Games! advantage in terms of height and that the group.
have trained their golfers for almost a feels that Malaysia has the poten- The Malaysian players caused us to make good rebounds” “The Malaysian team played
Singapore’s golf team is ready to year and a month. They have high tial to win medals as they have the played a swift and agile game in commented one of the coaches for the very well and we would like to study
compete in the 2nd ASEAN hopes for Muhammad Hariz Hashim advantage as the host country. turning the tables during the first Malaysian team. She also commented their styles,” said Nguyen Van Son,
Schools Games. According to the who is Brunei’s top youth golfer. quarter of the game and sealed a that they worked hard to be the top of the coach of the Vietnamese team.