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Tips for Successful Youth Projects and Activities
Have a clear end or completion point
Make sure there is a tangible product (be realistic)

General Activities for all Interns:

Project Activity Tangible Product

Set up a day for your intern to work with another staff member One Page write up

Give your intern a research project (either about a topic you need data Written report or presentation
about OR about the history of the organization/neighborhood)

Allow your intern to interview another staff member at your organization List of questions and answers
about their job and career

Ask your intern to practice job searching skills by finding a list of jobs that List of job listings and requirements to
they would be interested in applying for one day apply

Ask your intern to create a flyer to publicize your organization or an event The completed flyer
your organization is hosting

Ask your intern to create a newsletter for your organization or to write an Newsletter and/or article (s)
article for an existing newsletter.

Allow your intern to order the supplies for the office List of items

Ask your intern to organize a room or closet and create an inventory to Inventory File
track what goes in and out of the room

Allow your intern to sit in on a meeting and take notes/minutes for you. Typed meeting notes
Ask the youth to type them up

Show your intern a form used in your organization and ask them for List of Suggested improvements
suggestions for improvement

Activities for Child Development/Education:

Project Activity Tangible Product

Allow your intern to come up with new activities to lead with the children Activity write-ups

Ask your intern to create or recreate new signage for classroom rules Signs

Ask your intern to take photos of the children/teens and create a collage Collage
to decorate the space
Activities for Information Technology:

Project Activity
Desktop support Server / PC build

Network design / support Help desk

Web / application development (ASP or .NET or Python Access database development amazing how many
or HTML) mission critical access databases are out there in the
client areas
Graphic design Project documentation

Social media (establishing FaceBook, or Twitter Video production / promotional material

Pair interns with a DBA to learn database design and be given the responsibility of updating data dictionary then
follow the project to the DBA and help with the physical build

Activities for Finance:

Project Activity
A financial accounting intern reviews journal entries in An intern working in the tax department calculates sales
subsidiary and general ledgers, and he ensures that entries and payroll taxes, and she ensures that corporate tax
conform to generally accepted accounting principles, or liabilities are paid on time.
He/she has to collect, understand, process, verify and He/she must enter information into the financial
report accounting related-information to his vertical head accounting system of the company

He/she may also be given professional analytical and Competitive analysis and recommendations
management support work assignments

His/her assistance may be required in the preparation of Factory capacity analysis
monthly or weekly financial reports

He/she has to develop and utilize spreadsheets, databases Strategic modeling

and other computer applications

He/she has to manage specialized information, reports, Cost reduction analysis
forms dealing with fees, billing, tracking of projects etc.

Assessments Internship: Tax Policy Internship:
Interns will perform various tasks in support of the Interns will perform various duties such as assisting in
collection of assessment premiums and deposit reporting. the redrafting of policy documents and compiling tax
payment worksheets.

Financial Systems Internship: Accounting Internship:
Interns will perform various duties such as assisting with Interns will assist with the monitoring of accounting
the financial systems support, system access, and the standards and guidelines, the establishing of corporate
FDICs internal IT security program. accounting policy and positions, and the financial
statement compliance with GAAP.

Internal Control Internship: Planning & Budget Internship:
Interns will assist with various tasks related to the support Interns assist with various tasks in support of the
of the Internal Controls section such as business process Planning and Budget area such as retirement analysis
mapping. reporting.

Activities for Hospitality & Tourism:

Project Activity
Tour guide Identify voids in the image coverage, and take steps to fill
these voids

Hotel front desk There are many aspects to a hospitality and tourism
internship, such as: operation management, event
planning, marketing, and customer service

Student will prepare a dining room for service including Assist with the staffing of local festivals and events
table settings for various types of meals, serve as a bus

person, server, host/hostess, expediter, and manager.

Hotel jobs cover various positions including work as hotel management trainee and hotel supervision for food and
beverage rooms, housekeeping, phone sitter front desk clerk, reservations assistant and others. Guests servicing
personnel can also be included in trainee course. It covers waiters, hosts, stewards etc. Trainees also can work as
cooking staff including first level of assistants, supervisors and managerial personnel. Administrative personnel of hotel
can also be included in trainee / internship course. Positions include office clerks and administration, reception
manager, events administration, booking staff etc. Other hospitality positions can cover IT personnel, marketing staff
and sales managers

Activities for Engineering:

Project Activity
Energy audits Under the supervision of one or several professional
engineers, an engineering intern performs basic engineer
responsibilities such as drafting and design. This may also
include basic clerical duties such as filing blueprints and
performing research.

Preparing and reading drawings, inspecting construction The daily duties of a civil-engineer intern prepare them for
sites, responding to contractor questions, attending bid becoming a professional engineer or PE. This includes
openings, and reviewing specifications preparing and reading drawings, inspecting construction
sites, responding to contractor questions, attending bid
openings, and reviewing specifications.

Civil-engineering interns design work can include roads, Mechanical Engineering Internship Job Description:
bridges, wastewater and drinking water ponds, 1. The candidate should assist engineers making solid
underground utility piping, swimming pools, land models, drawings and other engineering
development preparation, parking lots, and other land documents.
based design. While landscape design is a different 2. Should execute tasks assigned by department
profession, they can work very closely with a civil head including developing CADD drawings,
engineer standard details, and production type tasks.
3. Should evaluate, select and apply standard
engineering techniques, processes and criteria in
preparation of engineering deliverables:
calculations, specifications, reports and drawings.
4. Design drawings and bill of materials utilizing Auto
Cad or computer assisted drafting tools.


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