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Profitable Growth

Through Innovation
A synopsis of the European Best Innovator Club annual meeting

The 2008 meeting of the European Best Innovator Club was held at
the Le Mridien Hotel near the GrandPlace in Brussels. For two days,
winners of A.T. Kearneys annual Best Innovator competition met and
debated how to leverage innovation strategies to drive profitable growth.
Presenters addressed key challenges such as the proper role of innovation
leaders, how to use customers energy to unleash innovation and the
impact of global trends. In breakout sessions, participants discussed ways
to anchor innovation strategies, and outlined ideas for fostering break-
through innovation. The following offers a brief summary of the insights
generated by bringing together some of Europes leading innovators.

Strategically managing innovation sistor, transform societies and propel The most
requires first having an innovation economic growth, which in turn fuel
strategy. But what exactly is an collaboration (see figure 1 on page 2). important factor
innovation strategy and how can it But the sustainability of this
be implemented most effectively? cycle is anything but guaranteed. in developing
Presenters and participants of the Countries and regions with policies
2008 European Best Innovator Club that support talent, knowledge trans- an innovation
identified and discussed ways to build fer and increased R&D spending are
such strategies. well positioned to reap the economic strategy is recog-
rewards of globalization. Its not a
coincidence, for example, that the nizing that
United States has flexible immigration
Global Trends and Their policies and that more than one-third innovation is
Implications for Innovation of U.S. Nobel laureates in the sciences
Paul A. Laudicina over the past 15 years were born not an isolated
Managing Officer and Chairman of the outside the country. Europes Lisbon
Board, A.T. Kearney Strategy is another effort to promote
activity, but
Perhaps the most important factor in innovation through the free movement
developing an innovation strategy is of research professionals and signifi-
rather the result
recognizing that innovation is not an
isolated activity. Its both the result
cant increases in R&D spending.
Looking ahead, the success of
and driver of
and driver of growth and collaboration.
Combined, they create a virtuous
this strategy, and others like it, relies
on the educational infrastructure that
growth and
cycle that weve seen play out through- will create tomorrows leaders and collaboration.
out history. Innovative technologies, innovators. Colleges and universities
such as machine power and the tran- in the United States are awash in
private and federal R&D funding of the United States or Europe. This style of isolationism is not a new
and are the envy of the world. In fact, Chinas investment in R&D has phenomenon. In the 1920s and
according to Shanghai Jiao Tong almost doubled in the past seven 1930s, the United States retreated
Universitys rankings from 2007, 37 years and the World Bank shows from international political and
of the top 50 are from the United that while researchers in Asia have economic life when it rejected the
States. However, while only nine long played catch-up by importing League of Nations, imposed the mis-
European universities qualify for the innovation from elsewhere, they are leadingly titled Immigration Act, and
top 50, their students at the second- now increasingly building upon passed the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act,
ary and primary levels consistently indigenous discoveries. which was enacted despite vehement
outperform their peers in the United opposition by the nations leading
States. Imagine the level of innova- Can Innovation Thrive, Even in economists. These policies are credited
tion if one or more of these regions a Hostile Environment? with the onset of the Great Depression
excelled in all areas of education. The current political climate in the and decades of lost innovation poten-
Still, the locus of innovation United States is characterized by anti- tial. In 2008, the threat of equally
is far from the exclusive province immigration and anti-trade rhetoric. debilitating policies looms large.

FIGURE 1: The new innovation era: focusing on sustainability

Global Mapping Global

GDP population
(trillions) the world Industrializing Digitizing Sustainingg (billions)
$50 1

$45 GDP 9

$40 8

$35 Population* 7

$30 6
$25 5
$20 4

$15 circuit 3
loom Airplane
$10 2
Electric Wireless Light bulb
battery telegraph
$5 engine 1

$0 0
1500 1600 1700 1800 1810 1820 1830 1840 1850 1860 1870 1880 1890 1900 1910 1920 1930 1940 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 2020 2030 2040

Source: A.T. Kearney *Population forecasts are based on differing estimates.

2 profitable growth through innovation | A.T. Kearney

In the context of increasing resource challenges and respond with and short-term versus long-term
international tension, maintaining innovative approaches will outper- projects. Because most companies
the innovative economy requires that form those that dont. are pursuing a portfolio of innovation
companies engage policy leaders projects at any moment in time,
about the importance of openness. rather than leaving the portfolio
Rising competition for knowledge composition to happenstance, an
workers means that companies must Breakout Session: innovation strategy can help achieve
attract and support employees by Developing an Innovation an ideal ratio of risks and project
encouraging their passions and Strategy timelines. Again, the perfect balance
expanding their contributions. Strategy is as much about what you depends on the business strategy. For
Companies must also aggressively do as what you dont do. This tenet
innovate to tackle sustainability, also applies to innovation strate-
because those that do will not only giesas such strategies must be Innovative technolo-
improve the prospects of optimal, linked and aligned with the overall
global environmental conditions but business strategy. Doing so requires gies, such as machine
also gain competitive advantage for defining which quantitative goals
the long run. (profitable growth) and qualitative power and the
goals (brand reinforcement) are to be
Innovation and Its Impact on achieved through successful innova-
transistor, transform
Sustainability tion. It also requires defining what
societies and propel
The biggest challenge of our time, types of innovation and what degree
which will require more creativity and of innovation are needed for different economic growth,
innovation than any other, is that of market segments. Once defined, the
sustainabilityhow do we manage to role of innovation for the business which in turn fuel
meet the legitimate needs of a grow- strategy must be communicated by
ing population with limited resources the words and actions of top manag- collaboration.
and a stressed environment? A brief ers. Such actions will include allocat-
calculation illustrates the urgency of ing budgets to encourage innovation
this issue: If per capita oil consump- and then handing out corporatewide example, a business in a turnaround
tion in China and India were to rise innovation awards. situation will justifiably focus on
to the current level of the United Before a firm can allocate budgets short-term, low-risk projects, while
States, the total world demand would for innovation it must first establish an otherwise healthy business facing
deplete remaining proven reserves priorities to focus on the best ways to long-term stagnant growth in its core
fully in just 15 years. How do we generate ideas. A certain balance must markets might want to focus on
avert the prospect of this economic, be struck between too much focus higher-risk, longer-term projects.
social and environmental disaster? which may blind companies to unex- Importantly, a good innovation
The answer lies partly in the pected opportunities left and right of strategy establishes the appropriate
behavioral changes needed and partly the direction they are headingand application and management of time.
with innovationfrom new technol- too little focus, which results in scat- This can take several forms. For exam-
ogies to curb consumption and yield tered, uncoordinated and ultimately ple, development projects can be
more efficient use of resources to unsuccessful innovation activities. planned backward from the optimal
improved education infrastructure True innovation also requires launch dates for winning in the
and new environmental regulations. determining the right balance marketplace. Leading innovators use
Companies that understand these between low-risk versus high-risk roadmapping to temporarily link

A.T. Kearney | profitable growth through innovation 3

internal and external technology devel- specific attributes that distinguish for sharing that passion with their
opment with product development. them from other types of senior staff. The ability to balance the
Finally, one of the most effective tools corporate leaders. Such leaders different demands together is the
in innovation management is to give combine a talent for creativity with hallmark of a true innovation leader.
your high-talent teams stretch targets firm process discipline. They can
with ambitious timelines. Such teams accept risks and failures, but also Innovation Leaders: Is the Perfect
will always answer the call of innova- encourage their staff to learn from Balance Possible?
tion (see sidebar: Innovation Strategy them. And if a project isnt going to However, not all innovation leaders
at Henkel: A Case Study). succeed no matter the effort, these are equally talented at steering the
leaders have the courage to stop it fuzzy front end of innovation,
discerning when to persist versus where the emphasis is on applied
when to pull the plug. Innovation creativity, and the speedy back end,
The Critical Attributes of leaders are also able to build and steer which requires sound discipline
Innovation Leaders winning teams, and have a knack for regarding implementation. Perfectly
Jean-Philippe Deschamps attracting and retaining innovators. balanced innovation leaders should be
Professor of Technology and Innovation They are open to external technolo- able to steer innovation projects from
Management, IMD Lausanne gies and ideas, and have the urge to A to Z, but there are very few of
Innovation leaders are senior execu- get their staff out to broaden their them. Most leaders have a default
tive champions who stimulate, horizons. Finally, innovation leaders mode of operation.
support, steer and sustain innovation are driven by a passion for their On one hand, front-end leaders
in their companies. They share six mission and innovation, and an ardor tend to focus on exploration and
experimentation. They encourage
the search for unarticulated customer
needs and promising technology ideas,
Innovation Strategy at Henkel: A Case Study and tend to authorize innovators to
break rules and create a challenging
Henkel is a leading global manufacturer of laundry and home care products, environment. Back-end leaders, on the
cosmetics and toiletries, and adhesive products. Henkel launched a campaign in
other hand, are process and execution-
2006 to build an innovation culture and fill its innovation pipeline. As part of this
campaign, senior leaders defined an innovation strategy with five key elements.
oriented people who have the disci-
Having deemed innovation strategy as a priority, some companies then pline, operational knowledge and the
struggle to define the right balance of top-down guidance from management urge to commercialize innovation.
versus bottom-up participation in the strategy process. Henkel solved this Both front- and back-end leaders
problem by creating InnoPower Teams. These teams are responsible for spe- share some common characteristics,
cific product categories and all innovation projects relating to these categories. notably strong personal credibility
The teams are chaired by a product category leader and include representatives based on their innovation track
from all major functions. Henkels senior managers made participation on these
record, a personal attachment to their
teams a requirement and part of the career path for high-potential employees.
The teams were given real responsibility over the innovation strategies of their
products, services and customers and
categories. The strategies were developed by the teams in consultation with a similar level of passion, even though
senior management, approved by senior management in the annual planning it may be expressed in very different
process, and then implemented by the teams. ways. Innovative companies should
The benefits of anchoring an innovation strategy in the organization are just make sure they have an adequate
beginning to show. In an annual internal employee survey, innovation at Henkel and balanced number of front- and
went from being seen as an add-on with little importance to a top priority. back-end leaders in their top manage-
ment group.

4 profitable growth through innovation | A.T. Kearney

FIGURE 2: The dimensions of an innovation strategy

Where to innovate?
Product or service System

New business creation Radical

New product category New business model

New service offering New business system

Objective Intensity
Why How much
innovate? to innovate?

Business reinforcement Incremental

New or improved product or process New or improved customer solution

New or improved service offering New or improved customer system

Internal* With partners**

With whom to innovate?
* Including with outsourced or partners technology
** Typically with external complementers
Source: Jean-Philippe Deschamps, Innovation Leaders: How Senior Executives Stimulate, Steer and Sustain Innovation (Wiley/Jossey-Bass, 2008)

Different Types of Leaders for Intensity. How much to innovate? ingproviding resources and top
Different Innovation Strategies Radically or incrementally? management support to the teams,
Characterizing innovation leaders shielding these teams from the tradi-
Boundaries. With whom to inno-
according to their generic traits and tional encroachment by the prevailing
vate? Internally or with partners?
their front- or back-end orientation is administration that would divert them
not sufficient, because innovation Answers to these questions from their objective, and coaching
does not come in a single flavor. determine four broad thrusts of inno- them through the usual ups and
There are different types of innova- vation, with different types of leaders downs of most innovation projects.
tion strategies and each requires a and leadership styles required to New business model or business
different type of leader. The four implement each thrust. Lets discuss system. For steering totally new
dimensions of an innovation strategy each one in turn: business models or system innova-
are shown in figure 2: New product category or service tions, companies need architects,
offering. For creating new products or visionary but pragmatic leaders who
Objective. Why innovate?
services, companies need mentors, are able to assemble internal and
To reinforce a current business
trusting but challenging leaders capa- external providers of system elements
or to create a new one?
ble of setting up and steering venture and make them work smoothly
Focus. Where to innovate? teams and leading them to market. together. Their focus should be on
Products, services or systems? Their focus should be on sponsor- visioning, because innovative new

A.T. Kearney | profitable growth through innovation 5

business models are generally the fruit are able to motivate their teams day- as IKEA, picking up their orders from
of developing a compelling vision, in and day-out to exceed their develop- the warehouse and assembling the
master-planning to ensure all imple- ment objectives in terms of quality, furniture themselves. People expect to
mentation steps are recognized and time and cost. Their focus should be be compensated monetarily for their
handled, and partnering with all on challenging their teams, forcing efforts; products must be cheaper
external system component suppliers. them to keep upgrading and speeding than those offered by full-service
up their process, setting stretch goals competitors. Companies that were
and measuring performance against able to adapt to these developments
To improve the these goals. profited from a win-win situation as
they integrated customers into the
product development Role of Corporate Management last links of their value chains.
It is the responsibility of corporate Today, customers are using
process, companies management to ensure that the the power of technology (from the
need sports coaches, leadership style of its corporate offi- Internet to Web 2.0 and beyond)
cers is compatible with, and support- to take their participation in value
supportive but tough ive of, its innovation strategies. Each chains to altogether higher levels.
company should make its chosen In doing so, they expect more than
leaders who are able innovation thrusts clear to its entire cost savings. They expect better value
staff, and assess whether it has the as well. The much deeper interactions
to motivate their necessary cadre of leaders to lead that are enabled by todays technolo-
teams day-in and these thrusts. gies mean customers are direct par-
This presentation summarizes the ticipants in more stages of the value
day-out. main theme of Professor Jean-Philippe chain, not just the last few stages.
Deschampss new book, Innovation Customers are intimately involved in
Leaders: How Senior Executives Stim- the design and configuration of prod-
New or improved customer solu- ulate, Steer and Sustain Innovation ucts, andthis is the really interest-
tion or system. For the conception (Wiley/Jossey-Bass, 2008). ing parttechnologies such as Web
and delivery of new or improved 2.0 allow customers to unleash their
customer solutions, companies need collective strength. Customers not
conductors, diplomatic but de- only take over or contribute to parts
manding leaders who will bring the Customer Energy: Unleashing of a companys value chain but also
solutions to life. Their focus should the Forces of Innovation do the job better than the company.
be on interpreting customer or con- Martin Fabel Collective customer strength
sumer insights to address and enhance Principal, A.T. Kearney allows customers to put their interests
their real experience, orchestrating For years, customers have been first rather than the companys. For
the interplay of different actors (who involved in corporate value chains to example, someone who has questions
provide an element of the solution) get their products or services for about a camera before purchasing it
and integrating their input to make lower prices. They pump their own can post inquiries on a photographers
the solution truly seamless. gasoline to save on the cost of involv- forum and get answers from people
New or improved product, pro- ing an attendant. They do without who have the same camera. The
cess or service offering. To improve bags at the grocery store if it means answers arrive faster and are easier to
product development performance, lower prices and a cleaner environ- obtain than thumbing through the
companies need sports coaches, ment. They shop at do-it-yourself manufacturers FAQ page or calling
supportive but tough leaders who (DIY) stores and furniture stores such the customer service department.

6 profitable growth through innovation | A.T. Kearney

As more customers and customer then uses these reviews to recommend ings confirmed what we suspected,
groups are invited inside corporate films to other Netflix customers, par- that customers could be segmented
value chains, the line between ticularly those interested in the same into three categories: creators, con-
customer and company blurs. The genre. Customer Energy is also an tributors and viewers.
needand the challengeis for essential part of the LEGO company. Creators are typically a small group
companies to harness this Customer For years now, a select group of of high-energy customers who provide
Energy and turn it into profits. LEGO enthusiasts has been an inte- the majority of the input and create
gral part of product development, par- the majority of content. This energy
The Collective Customer ticularly of LEGOs MINDSTORMS can take many forms, from providing
Customer Energy is not only about NXT programmable LEGO compo- specific input for new product devel-
getting more for less, it also represents nents. Customers go to the LEGO opments to creating new online con-
real value and an opportunity for Factory website to design, share and tent in a wiki or blog. Contributors are
businesses to capitalize on (or appro- buy their own customized models and a larger group of customers who con-
priate) this value up and down the to the LEGO Gallery to show them tribute occasionally. Viewers typically
value chain (see figure 3). off to other customers. represent the largest group of custom-
For the most part, companies are ers, and they benefit from the work of
addressing this new reality and actively Global Customer Energy Survey creators and contributors but are not
chasing the benefits inherent in the To gain a better understanding of the active participants themselves. In many
collective customer. Nike and Reebok phenomenon of Customer Energy cases, creators account for about 1 to 5
have set up online runners communi- and how companies are using it, percent of the user base, but contribute
ties and monitor these chat rooms A.T. Kearney recently conducted a large part or even all of the content.
to listen for new ideas. Netflix asks a global survey, querying both busi- Clearly, high-energy customers,
customers to review films online and ness people and consumers. Our find- especially creators, represent an

FIGURE 3: Customer energy can be triggered across the entire value chain (examples)

Procter & Gambles product testing online Consumers voted for their favorite pudding flavor D-Link improves after-sales support by providing
community called Vocalpoint is a place where via text message or on a food companys website. a mutual forum for customers and experts to
moms use and review P&G products. P&G More than 1 million people voted within three and discuss D-Link products. The platform, operated
sends them potential products to try out in their a half months. by users, reduces call center costs.
homes and as part of their everyday lives.

Research and Purchasing

production Marketing and Sales and Customer care
development communications distribution and after sales
pretests and quality

Consumers buy tickets online, print boarding FON distributes a special WLAN router that con- eBay set up a free online community of discus-
passes, check in luggage and board with little verts private broadband connections into access sion forums that offers tips on bidding and auction
interaction with airline personnel. Staff and points that can be used by other Foneros. The strategies. People who visit this community
counter space in airports can be reduced. worldwide network consists of 150,000 hotspots participate twice as often in auctions and spend
and is growing by about 900 spots a day. up to 54 percent more than those who do not visit
the community.

Source: A.T. Kearney

A.T. Kearney | profitable growth through innovation 7

the tentacles of digitization spread
through every part of business and
Is Breakthrough Innovation Possible on Demand? industry. Already, sales of staple
goodsproducts as simple as marga-
In the past, some companies have attempted to achieve breakthrough inno-
vation through TRIZ, a theoretical approach to inventive problem solving. rine or toothpasteare being influ-
Mainly linked to technical inventions, some TRIZ tools were designed to help enced by personal opinions shared in
predict future trends and solutions. But in practice, the results were sometimes Internet communities rather than by
disappointing. However, the difficulties with TRIZ may have less to do with classic TV advertising. Are companies
the theory and more with resistance to change or a lack of business perspective. prepared for this paradigm shift?
With this in mind, A.T. Kearney has helped clients achieve breakthrough Some arebut others are not as pre-
innovations by combining the theory of TRIZ with change management,
pared. There are 100 million websites
business perspective, external competencies, and an accelerated and systematic
populated and created by customers
evaluation of new out of the box ideas.
As an example, we were enlisted to help an electronics hardware manu- who leave tracks that can be
facturer overcome a patent threat from a competitor. The competitor cleverly recorded, evaluated and used to
foresaw a trend and protected rather obvious combinations of existing tech- harness Customer Energyand
nologies. It was a trivial yet effective way of covering every aspect of the idea. not just by companies operating in
At stake: more than $6 billion in sales, 21 critical patents, and two years trying the digital economy.
unsuccessfully to find a solution.
Based on a thorough analysis of 23 independent and several dependent
patent claims, we helped the manufacturer develop new technology solutions.
Following extensive discussions with R&D, marketing, product management
and strategy, the solutions were refined for use in patent applications. Breakout Session:
While a few of these solutions served as quick fixes to reduce the compa- Achieving Breakthrough
nys legal exposure, the main concepts provided new breakthrough technologies Innovation
central to the companys product. The first could be implemented immediately Despite the overall progress in inno-
and at the same time improve customer value, while the other technologies vation management, breakthrough
outlined concepts relevant for the long-term development of the industry over innovation remains elusive, with
the next 10 years.
unclear definitions, questions about
its manageability (or is it just a matter
of luck?), and a plethora of potentially
useful approaches for its breeding,
enormous potential for companies share but do not know which chan- development and implementation.
that can reach them. These customers nels to use to share them. These large The presentations and discussions
are willing to invest significant time gaps between high-energy customers at this years event show that there is
and energy into products that are and their favorite brands represent a still hope for actively nurturing break-
meaningful for them. potential competitive advantage for through innovation. Although we are
However, the survey results indi- companies that are quickest to close all familiar with breakthroughs such
cate that more than 50 percent of these gapsand a severe disadvan- as YouTube, no-frills business models
companies do not know their highly tage for companies that do nothing. (in travel with easyJet, Formule 1
energetic customers and therefore hotels and Expedia), coffee as an
cannot approach them. Furthermore, Harnessing Customer Energy experience (Starbucks, Nespresso),
about 80 percent of customers say For years, largely closed value chains and most recently Indias low-cost car,
they question whether companies have given companies considerable the Tata Nano, it is less clear how to
understand their energy level, and 60 space in which to rest on their laurels. properly define breakthrough innova-
percent say they have lots of ideas to This space has become narrower as tion. From our discussions, we came

8 profitable growth through innovation | A.T. Kearney

to a consensus that for an innovation complexity of the challenges, achiev- radical new technology. Finally, mon-
to be defined as breakthrough it ing breakthrough innovation is more itoring progress, to a larger extent
must offer something new or unique about creating the right conditions based on nonfinancial rather than
and have a significant, game-changing rather than planning a breakthrough traditional financial parameters, was
impact in one or more of the following using a specific tailored process. Five mentioned as a success factor.
areas: perceived value, production and points appear particularly important: In summary, and although there
service performance, or cost (although leadership, flexibility, people, is no obvious silver bullet approach,
not necessarily technology-based). openness and monitoring. the discussions at this years Best
The greatest challenge associated Leadership in the form of top- Innovator Club show that some gen-
with developing and commercializing down support and budget allocations eral key success factors can be identi-
breakthrough innovations appears to was identified as a necessary pre- fied. We therefore concluded that
be its competing nature in relation to condition and key success factor. breakthrough innovation does not
normal businessfor example, the Flexibility for changes and alternative have to remain an elusive dream, but
threat of cannibalization that it exerts solutions for instance, trial and can be turned into reality for those
on the existing business model. Issues error is necessary to address the companies willing to follow the
therefore arise in terms of leadership high levels of uncertainty associated appeal of Mark Twain: Twenty years
and support (or lack of ), risk accep- with breakthrough innovations. from now you will be more disap-
tance and challenges to the status quo. Passionate people with the right pointed by the things that you didnt
We must also consider differences in (and complementary) skills and moti- do than by the ones you did do. So
skills, cultures and resilience, as vation are vital to success. It was also throw off the bowlines. Sail away
breakthroughs typically require time agreed that breakthroughs often from the safe harbor. Catch the trade
to overcome failures (see sidebar: Is require an open approach, integrating winds in your sails. Explore. Dream.
Breakthrough Innovation Possible on external idea sources and partners to Discover.
Demand?). Due to the magnitude and operationalize and implement the

About the European Best Innovator Club

The mission of the European Best Innovator Club is to build a unique and dynamic group of European thought leaders
in the field of innovation management. The Club is open to former winners of A.T. Kearneys European Best Innovator
competition, and includes senior executives involved in innovation management, technology management and research
and development from industries and organizations across Europe. Members meet once or twice yearly in retreats designed
to encourage networking and the exchange of experiences and ideas. Participants reflect on todays important issues and
explore the latest trends and best practices in innovation management.

Kai Engel is a vice president and head of the firms European innovation and R&D management practice. Based in the
Dsseldorf office, he can be reached at
Joshua Hubbert is a consultant in the firms innovation and R&D management practice. Based in the Berlin office, he can
be reached at
Reine Wasner is a principal in the firms innovation and R&D management practice. Based in the Zurich office, he can
be reached at

A.T. Kearney | profitable growth through innovation 9

European Best Innovator Club

2008 Participants Evelyn Gessler Thomas Mller-Kirschbaum

and Guests Deciders Henkel KGaA
Managing Director Vice President and Chief Technology Officer
Rudy Aernoudt
European University College Brussels Dietmar Hglin Guido H. Petit
and Hogeschool Gent Ciba Specialty Chemicals Inc. Alcatel-Lucent
Professor of Economics Head of Research and Development for the Director of the Alcatel-Lucent Technical
Home and Personal Care Segment Academy
Philippe Aumont
Faurecia Andreas Ifflnder Peter Pokrandt
Vice President of Product Planning BSH Home Appliances Corporation Hirschmann Automation and Control
Innovation Manager, Zentrale Technik, GmbH
Delphine Cordi Koordination und Engineering Head of Development for INET
TAG Heuer SA
Innovation Brand Manager Gilles Le Calvez Gilles Samyn
Valeo SA Solvay Business School Alumni
Miguel del Marmol Director of EDGE Association
Total Belgium SA Chairman
Chairman Jean-Yves Lonnec
France Telecom Marco Spinetto
Jean-Philippe Deschamps Director of Strategy Forecast Pirelli Tyre S.p.A.
International Institute for Management Manager of Standard Regulations
Development (IMD) Lausanne Yves Lobet and Project Planning
Professor of Technology and Innovation GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals
Management Director of the Clinical Franchise Bruno van Pottelsberghe
Universit Libre de Bruxelles
Daniele Donato Egbert Lox Professor of Economics and Innovation
ULSS 16 Umicore Management
Director of Health Services Vice President of Research and Development
Thomas Werder
Amid Faljaoui Pierfrancesco Morganti Credit Suisse
Trends/Tendances Mavi Sud S.r.l. Director
General Director President
Berit Wessler
Rod Franklin Gianni Morra OSRAM Opto Semiconductors GmbH
Kuehne + Nagel Management AG Centro Ricerche Fiat S.C.p.A. Innovations Manager
Vice President of Product Development Quality Director

A.T. Kearney Facilitators Kai Engel Paul A. Laudicina

Vice President and Head of European Managing Officer and Chairman of the
Matthieu de Chanville Innovation and R&D Management Practice Board
Martin Fabel Luca Olivari
Eva Diedrichs Principal Principal
Joshua Hubbert Reine Wasner
Laurent Dumarest Consultant Principal
Vice President

10 profitable growth through innovation | A.T. Kearney

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