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Maryland Latin Dance Club (MLDC)

Executive Board and Chairmen Responsabilities

Executive Board Members
The Executive Board make the primary decisions on behalf of the
entire club and meet on a weekly basis to ensure all duties are carried out in
a timely manner.
Oversees the board and all aspects of the club
Serves as primary point of contact between the club and the University
Maintains relations with the clubs faculty advisor, SORC and the SGA
Hosts weekly and monthly board meetings
Hires local Instructors and DJs, and reserves all rooms
Primary email checker (forward to respective positions if action is
Organizes and updates Google Drive, and Club Constitution
Vice President
Assumes all responsibilities of the president in his or her absence
Remains up-to-date on all club affairs
Sends out weekly listserv to club members, including weekly classes
and local events
Oversees recruitment efforts
o Organize the First Look Fair and StampFest Table (display, flyers,
sign-up sheets)
o Run interest meeting at the beginning of each semester
o Assists the President with running elections at the end of the
Performs other duties as directed by the President
VP of Finance
Create yearly and monthly budgets
Submit SGA budget applications on a monthly basis
Keep track of all bank accounts (SECU, SGA, and CRS) and all spending
Work with the VP of Fundraising to ensure all club events are properly
Coordinate entrance fees for all classes and events (students vs.
alumni vs. non-students)
Negotiate student prices for socials, congresses, festivals attended by
Write checks and reimbursements

Keep meeting minutes and send out weekly meeting recaps to the
Keep track of attendance at club classes and events
Develop contracts for instructors, DJs, and all other contractors
Update listserv regularly and removes those who wish to unsubscribe
Update Google Calendar with club events and performances

Board Chairmen
Each officer is responsible for carrying out his or her respective duties and
keeping the Executive Board updated with any progress and concerns. These
positions will meet once each month with the Executive Board.
Performance Team Captain
Serves as primary liaison between the club and the performance team
Point of contact for performances on and off campus
Oversees the performance team and the general well-being of its
Holds and leads team practices
Oversees Fall and Spring auditions and makes final decision
Appoints officer positions within the team as needed
VP of Marketing
Design and print club flyers and posters via the SORC Resource Room
o Distribute using Stamps Marketing Office resources (chalking,
handouts, posting flyers)
o Post on campus buses (via DOTS)
o Promote on Stamp TVs (via Marketing office)
Always be on the lookout for new, effective ways to market the club
VP of Public Relations/Social Media
Manage clubs social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter, and
Keep club website & Orgsync up to date with instructor bios, and class
Responsible for promoting events on all platforms
Respond to all messages in a timely manner on all platforms
Respond to and send out co-sponsorship requests

VP of Fundraising
Work with the treasurer to raise necessary funds
Organize fundraisers and ensure we have enough people signed up
Work with the Social Media Chair and Marketing chair to publicize
Always research new fundraising opportunities
Take pictures at all club events and upload to Dropbox
Design and update the clubs tri-board as needed
Create slideshows to be played at club events and interest meetings
Design and finalize Stamp Display Case a week before any major club