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Sugar Control Diet

From The Sugar Control Bible and Cookbook by Dr. Jacqueline Paltis, D.C., N. D.

This diet is to help you re-establish your sugar control Refer to The Sugar Control Bible and Cookbook by Dr.
mechanism. Please follow it very closely. As your Jacqueline Paltis, D.C., N.D. if you want further clarifica-
condition improves, your doctor will add various foods. tion or recipes. Copies are available at the front desk at
The object is to return you to a normal, well-balanced Optimal Wellness Center, bookstores, or at the library.
diet as soon as your body will allow it. The closer your ISBN: 1-892241-02-1.
follow this diet, the sooner your body will respond.

Drink Water Limit Your Intake Of Grains

MANDATORY: 32 ounces per 50 pounds of body weight Two slices of rice bread or sprouted grain bread (e.g.,
daily. (1 liter per 24 kg of body weight per day.) Ezekiel 4:9) may be eaten per day.

Water means pure water with nothing added. Basmati rice or roasted rice may be used. Place rice in a
dry skillet and brown to a golden brown. Some kernels
Reverse osmosis water is recommended. may pop. Cool. Store or cook as needed. Roasting
changes the utilization of the rice within your body.
Include 8 ounces warm water with freshly squeezed
juice of half a lemon first thing in the morning.
Avoid Sugars Of All Kinds
Eat Whole Foods Sucanat (or Splenda), a derivative of cane syrup, may be
used as a sweetener in small quantities.
You must eat every 2 hours of your waking day.
Processed fructose is deadly and honey is a medicine, not
Unlimited proteins including eggs and dairy. a food.

Milk products as desired unless either overweight, have Nutrasweet (Equal) is not suitable. It is 10% methyl alcohol
a skin problem, or tend toward constipation. and breaks down in the body to formaldehyde formic acid
(all of which are poisons) and phenylalanine which can be
You must eat at least 9 ounces (300 g) red meat per a nerve poison even in moderate amounts.

Unlimited green vegetables.

No Caffeine
Limit coffee and tea. Decaffeinated coffee/tea or herbal tea
Yellow vegetables in moderation. 1-3 cups daily. (Does not count toward water intake per
Unlimited fresh fruit.

Fruit juices must be labeled "NO ADDED SUGAR". Combine Foods Appropriately
Those labeled "unsweetened" or "sugar free" may
To avoid stomach discomfort and more efficiently digest
contain added sweeteners. Dilute juice 50/50 with water.
your food, do not eat proteins or fats with carbohydrates.
See detailed list of appropriate foods on last page. The starch from the carbohydrates shuts off acid produc-
tion in the stomach; your body needs the acid to digest
If the food is modified and packaged, you don't want to proteins. Vegetables may be eaten with proteins, fats, or
eat it. carbohydrates. Eat fruits alone and on an empty stomach;
wait 20 minutes before eating other foods.
Do Not Eat

(Any)-ose Bagels Arrowroot Alcohol: All Baking Powder

Barley Malt Biscuits Burdock Root Caffeine Baking Soda
Carob Bread Cauliflower Canned Foods Barbeque Sauce
Cocoa Cereal bars Corn Cheese Extracts
Corn Syrup Cereals Jerusalem All Processed Ketchup
Cyclamates Crackers Jicama e.g. Velveeta, Margarine
Dextrose Frozen Foods Parsnips Singles Mayonnaise
Equal Granola & Granola Bars Potatoes: All Dried Beans, Nut Butters
Fruit Juice Pasta incl.: Peas, e.g.Peanut,
Concentrate Protein Bars Irish Potatoes Lentils Almond
Fruit Spreads Rice Crackers Potato Starch Dried Fruit Salad Dressing
Fructose Wheat Products Red Potatoes incl. Raisins Shortening
Glucose Sweet Fried Foods Starch
Honey White Frozen Foods White
Malt Rutabaga Fruit Concentrates Potato
Mannitol Turnips Corn
Maple Syrup Yam Table Salt
Molasses Sea Salt-OK
MSG Vegetable Oil
Nutrasweet Incl. Crisco
Rice Syrup Worcestershire Sauce
e.g. Candy
Incl. Breath Mints
Chewing Gum
Ice Cream
Inc. Soy, Rice
Soda Pop, Incl. Diet
Soy, Rice Milk
Yogurt, Flavored
Yogurt, Frozen
Recommended Foods


Red Meat: (All) Alfalfa Sprouts Mushrooms 4-6 oz portions Fresh, 100% Fruit Cold Pressed Oils
at least 9 oz (300 g) / Anise Root Mustard Grns 4-6 times/week only. Incl. but not Almond Oil
week: Artichokes Nasturtium Lvs Artichoke Hearts limited to: Barage Oil
Beef Asparagus Olives Bamboo Shoots Berries (all) Canola Oil
Buffalo Bean Sprouts Onion, Raw Beets (Fresh only) Blackberries Evening Primrose
Lamb Beans, Green Parsley Brussels Sprts Blueberries Flax Seed Oil
Organ Meats Beans, Wax Peppers: All, Incl. Carrots, Cooked Boysenberries Ghee
e.g. Liver, Kidney Beet Greens Hot Celeriac Cranberries Olive Oil
Venison Bibb Lettuce Pickle, Dill Leeks Huckleberries Peanut Oil
White Meat: All Boston Let. Pimentos Okra Loganberries Rice Oil
Seafood: All Bok Choy Poke Greens Onions, Cooked Raspberries Safflower Oil
Eggs: All Broccoli Radishes Oyster Plant Strawberries Sesame Oil
Dairy: All Brussels Sprouts Sauerkraut Peas Apples Walnut Oil
Butter Cactus Watch Ingredients Pumpkin Apricots Grains
Buttermilk Carrot, Raw Snow Peas Rutabagas Avocado 100% Sprouted
Cream Cheese Capers Sour Grass Scallions Banana Basmati Rice
Milk Cabbage: All Spinach Squash, Winter Caimito Rice: Cooked
Cow,Goat,Sheep Celery Squash, Summer Acorn Cherries Properly
Sour Cream Chicory Cassera Banana Coconut, Raw No Instant Rice
Yogurt, Plain Chili Peppers Chayote Butternut Dates, Fresh
Cheeses/All Aged Chinese Cab Cocozeile Calabaza Figs, Fresh Ingredients,
Sauces and Spreads:
Nuts: All, Raw Chives Cymling Des Moines Grapefruit
Food Cooked in
Especially: Collard Greens Pattypan Gold Nugget Grapes
Almonds/Not Initially Comfrey Leaves Scalloped Hubbard Guava, Kiwi
Brazil Nuts Coriander Leaf Spaghetti Peppercorn Lemon, Lime
Cashews Cucumber Straight Table Queen Mango
Pecans/Not Initially Daikon Crookneck Danish Turban Nectarine
Sea Salt
Seeds: All/Not Initially Dandelion Greens Veg. Marrows Turk's Turban Orange
Tofu Flowers, Edible Zucchini Papaya
(Watch Ingredients)
Eggplant String Beans Paw Paw
Vinegar: All
Endive Summer Savory Peach, Pear
Yeast: All
Escarole Sunflower Pineapple, Fresh
Fennel Greens Plums
Fiddlefern Swiss Chard Tangerine
Undried Beans
Finocchio Truffles Tomato, Raw
(Not Initially)
Garlic Turnip Greens Ugli Fruit
Gherkins Watercress Melon: All
Grape Leaves Winter Melon Cantaloupe
Kale Casaba Melon
Kohlrabi Honeydew
Lettuce (All) Muskmelon